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  1. Since Phoenix is a mythical bird, it always seemed ridiculous to name a pro football team after 2 different birds.
  2. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    Not much different than this one:
  3. Preseason night home games in Miami, the Dolphins wear their aqua jerseys. Been that way for as long as I can remember...
  4. Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    we won't screw up the first game like we screwed up the video. LOL
  5. Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    stuff is falling from the sky!
  6. Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    this looks so bush league,,,
  7. Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    please stand by...
  8. Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    bad start for a new franchise
  9. Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    the tv announcer was talking to someone and they think the unveiling will be about 9:25
  10. Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    was that the little sword fight that was going on a few minutes ago?
  11. Las Vegas NHL Expansion
  12. Dolphins/Bills is going to look like a late 70's matchup
  13. First time the Dolphins aqua for a 1:00 home day game since 12/15/1973 vs Detroit.
  14. Dolphins wearing white today in Tennessee
  15. New Browns uni coming 2015

    What do you mean? At least the Browns didn't all but eliminate one of their iconic colors (yes, I'm talking about the lack of orange on the "Aqua Fresh" Dolphins uniforms). I miss the orange, and the helmet on the Dolphin, but at least the unis don't have FINS down the sides of the pants. I do like the return to the lighter aqua shade and the clean appearance of the all white unis for Miami. And no 3rd color pants to totally muck up the unis.