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  1. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    By no means did I think State would wear a striped helmet. The helmets in this graphic are simply place markers to hold color or design for said game, yes you are correct. But sometimes, the team will correspond to to the crowd, not always. I was simply pointing out the possibility of the cream and maroon uniform that has been conceptualized and rumored to exist some time now that has that same color/striping combo. It can be seen here in the bottom right corner, and this photo comes from the Hail State Uniform tracker.
  2. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    Looks like we will be seeing the Mississippi State maroon and cream striped "throwback" for their homecoming game against Samford. Interested to see how this comes out, because done right I think it has some potential. But then again, it is Adidas.
  3. 2016 Schedule Posters

  4. Best College Baseball Hats

    Homer picks. Two baseball only logos used.
  5. Nike Vapor Untouchable Template PSD

    Is there any away I could get an email with this again? Computer got wiped, lost the other one. huntermatthewjones13@gmail.com
  6. Best Uniform Combo

    Ole Miss Home Road Alternate
  7. College Baseball - 2016 Season

    Full retro here at Swayze. Ole Miss in Powder Blues, Louisville in the sunset uniforms, or whatever they are called.
  8. College Baseball - 2016 Season

    Anybody know what in the world Louisville is thinking with these L's on the back of each leg? And who actually got paid to design this?
  9. College Baseball - 2016 Season

    Ole Miss going with a Powder Blue jersey and Pants today.
  10. College Baseball - 2016 Season

    Ole Miss' uniform combo for Opening Day. The best combination we have IMO. I just love that Navy jersey and Rebels script for some reason.
  11. College Baseball - 2016 Season

    Ole Miss is rumored to be breaking out a powder blue "throwback" hat. I imagine it will be just like football, just randomly throw it on over any of the tops.
  12. Nike Vapor Untouchable Template PSD

    huntermatthewj13@yahoo.com PSD please.