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  1. NFL 2017 Adjustments (New teams added 12/7)

    What template do you use, and how could i get it. It looks beautiful!
  2. Baker Mayfield Bills Wallpaper

    For what NFL team?
  3. Brett Favre Sticker

    Southtowns got hit hard... its too bad i was hoping for a snow day as well. Looks Great!
  4. Baker Mayfield Bills Wallpaper

    I'm hoping we trade up for Baker. I don't care about his issues he's a fantastic quarterback. If you want anybody else with a transition like i made, I will take requests.
  5. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 6 Voting

    10 2 4
  6. 72Freebie's NLL Redesign (Toronto added 4/11)

    Yes i love when someone does the NLL Will you be doing the seals and wings too?
  7. College Football Team Cougars concept

    I think you have alot of potential, and it looks great my only issue is that the cougar looked liked he just sneezed and was surprised at the same time. Maybe changing the eyes a bit to make him look more ferocious
  8. NHL By Nike

    The black and red needs to happen in my lifetime... Just WOW! Put that on the ice
  9. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 5 Voting

    1 10 18
  10. The NFL According to Danny

    Youtube is an amazing tool
  11. The NFL According to Danny

    Inkscape is free and so is gimp even though that is weird not a fan.... but Inkscape is free and can help you so much.
  12. The NFL According to Danny

    Seriously I would try and help you by making a template for you but you are in theory just using Microsoft Word. Whats your operating system? Microsoft? Apple? Linux?
  13. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 4 Voting

    16 17 5