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  1. concepts for D1 colleges without football teams

    For Hartford, I would suggest shrinking the helmet stripe and getting rid of the red helmet, putting the white helmet in use for both home and away. Also, I would like to see what you could work up for Xavier, Marquette, and Wright State, when and if you get the chance.
  2. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1981

    I would imagine 2x6 just based off geographical alignment, if there were 3 divisions the two teams that are to be rivals in Saskatchewan would most likeliy have to be separated
  3. Ohio State Football Concept

    everything except the gradient numbers...it makes it look as if it's a division 3 team
  4. LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - Event 5 Voting

    G: 1 S: 8 B: 4
  5. LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - Event 4 Voting

    G: 17 S: 13 B: 14
  6. LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - Event 3 Voting

    G: 1 S: 4 B: 12
  7. LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - Event 2 Voting

    G: 2 S: 16 B: 8
  8. LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - Event 1 Voting

    G: 21 S: 3 B: 2
  9. Any Given Sunday - franchise redesigns

    These all look great! One question though, is the Albuquerque text above Aztecs supposed to be off center?
  10. Lights Out's MLB: Entire League Complete!

    Tampa Bay is looks fantastic, philly looks great, for boston get rid of the grey text, for washington use the current "w" cap logo, and lastly for Miami i'd suggest slimming the options for alternates down to three and include some teal somewhere, others look good
  11. Las Vegas Knights (Updated)

    I think you nailed there's nothing else i would change
  12. Tampa Bay Rays: Back to 1998

    your designs keep getting better and better
  13. Las Vegas Knights (Updated)

    white jersey looks fantastic, white numbers on black jersey would be better
  14. State/Team Pride Design - UPDATED

    Cincinnati Bengals...and Ohio State
  15. Most popular Teams in your City.

    Dayton, OH: 1. UD Basketball 2. Ohio State Football 3. Cincinnati Reds 4. Cincinnati Bengals 5. Cleveland Cavaliers 6. Cleveland Browns 7. Columbus Crew 8. Ohio State Basketball 9. Wright State Basketball 10. Dayton Dragons Rochester, NY: 1. Syracuse Basketball 2. Buffalo Bills 3. New York Yankees 4. Pittsburgh Steelers 5. New York Giants 6. Buffalo Sabres 7. Rochester Red Wings 8. Pittsburgh Penguins 9. Boston Red Sox 10. Rochester Rhinos