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  1. Danny the Sheeb

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Well...at least they're tolerable. I am surprised that, after all the talk about black, it's only on the home collar (and obvious alt). On the other hand, Virginia Tech and Iowa State have both moved away from UCLA stripes, so maybe this is a (disappoining) trend...
  2. Danny the Sheeb

    Los Angeles Lakers 2018-19 Uniform Discussion

    I love the last set, but these will probably be an improvement. I don't see any drop shadow on the leaks, but some people have been saying that they do.
  3. Danny the Sheeb

    Nuggets Evolved: Unveil New Logos, Colours, Uniforms

    I don't hate them, but they look way too much like a college team. Not to mention all that fuss about maroon and then they barely use it. The "Mile High City" uniform isn't great, and the wordmark looks incredibly awkward (not to mention my hatred of nicknames on jerseys). The major killing factor, in my opinion, is the color balance. Way too much white on the blue, way too much blue on the white, barely any maroon (not that that's an awful thing), and little yellow. Definite C.
  4. Agree with you on the black and blue. The other three did a really good job of taking some classic ideas and melding them into a great modern set. I don't care for the "CAVS" wordmark on the yellow alt, but the other two were great. Not only are the Finals really boring now, but the Cavs can't even do us a favor and look good (or the Dubs for that matter when they wear anthracite).
  5. Maaan, sometimes I feel so alone in the "I love these" club.
  6. Enough said. EDIT: Hadn't even checked the beginning of this thread, dangit. But in my opinion, these are definitely worth listing twice.
  7. Danny the Sheeb

    Pittsburgh Steelers Unveil 1979 Throwback Uniform

    Sadly, I'm not old enough to have seen them wear these regularly, so whenever I see them, I think of Iowa.
  8. Danny the Sheeb

    Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    I didn't realize the Argonauts had joined the NFL... Honestly, the only salvageable thing is the helmet, which is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, in spite of the gray mask.
  9. Danny the Sheeb

    Welcome to the 90's

    If so, I've never seen them.
  10. Danny the Sheeb

    Welcome to the 90's

  11. Danny the Sheeb

    NCAA Division I FCS Concept Uniforms (COMMENTS NEEDED)

    Dartmouth: Perfect except for the helmet, but that isn't really your fault. Harvard: Cut the black and maybe drop the khaki pants, too. Penn: Good except that the shade of red looks weird. Princeton: The four sleeve stripes may look awkward on an actual jersey. Other than that, spot on. Yale: If you're going to go with a gray set (I wouldn't), add a gray helmet. Perfect otherwise. Bethune-Cookman: *applause* Delaware State: Not a fan of the helmet logo or the honeycomb-gradient thingy. But not terrible.
  12. Danny the Sheeb

    NCAA Basketball Uniform Concepts (Done in Apps)

    DePaul looks sweet! A red alt would be better than the black one, though. Georgetown, Marquette, and Providence all could use some collar and/or armhole trim. Keep 'em coming!
  13. Danny the Sheeb

    NCAA Basketball Uniform Concepts (Done in Apps)

    West Virginia's same-color wordmark and numbers are brutal. Which is disappointing, given that the rest of the set is good. I don't like navy and black together, but at least Butler's road jerseys are navy. Which they SHOULD be... Creighton's number font is a little too weird. But other than the gray alt, no real complaints.
  14. Danny the Sheeb

    NCAA Basketball Uniform Concepts (Done in Apps)

    Man, I've been out of the loop for a while. KU: Eh. Okay. KSU: Aw, now I'm sad. OU: Great! Except maybe the logo between the stripes. OSU: Whoa, a bit too much going on with the shorts. But the jerseys aren't terrible. TCU: Everything's 25% too big. The side stripes, the wordmark, the shoulder stripes, etc. TEX: Good except for the alt. TTU: Love the creative striping above the wordmark. But I don't like the two logos on the shorts.
  15. Danny the Sheeb

    NCAA Basketball Uniform Concepts (Done in Apps)

    WIS: Good except for the daggum black alternate. Unnecessary. BAY: I can't get on board with the number font, black, neon, or paw motif. Sorry. ISU: Perfect. Just what they should look like. Hoping for something good for my K-State Wildcats!