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  1. Would the Chargers set be any better if I used the navy jersey as the home and the powder blue as the alternate? And, I'm keeping the helmet as is, because I wanted something different that tied in more with the popular throwbacks, and white was the best color without going totally overboard with the powder blue.
  2. OK, I changed the wordmark to a recolored version of the current wordmark. And, I wasn't a fan of the Chargers royal blue look. Something about it looked a little cheap to me.
  3. I definately understand where you're coming from with the script. Here's some concepts using the current script... tell me if any of these are better.
  4. OK, so we know how the Chargers used the bolt and the horse. So, any more C&C?
  5. Thanks for being clean about Arizona State. I have several friends in the Pride of Arizona Band, and they have far worse things to say about them.
  6. REALLY? Always happy to see fellow trombone players out there!
  7. I don't know whether to take that as an insult for the 3-0 loss or as a compliment for the other form of talent that you could be refering to.
  8. Yeah, that's what I've been saying. Who knows who would have voted for him before he was included? And, it would have been way too confusing to subtract and replace votes. Then again, this isn't the first time one of these contests ended in a sea of confusion. Remember the Predators "who won 3rd?" dilemma?
  9. Better, but I am not liking the sideways fleur-de-lis at all. Keep the position of it the same.
  10. The purple looks really out of place, like it was forced into the concept.
  11. I'm not gonna argue. I was just going by what Chris had listed.
  12. Actually, it was used from 1974-1987, but I just associated it with that time period.
  13. Now I'd just like to see them standardize the gold, and the logo. I mean, gold or yellow, which is it? And, I'd really like to see them go back to the newer bear logo instead of the Ucla script, seeing as how it's UCLA, not Ucla. Then again, I have a grudge against UCLA for sending me the good ole rejection letter, so my opinion might be biased a bit. But, needless to say, I can't help but smile when LMU and USC beat them.
  14. Well you sure couldn't tell by the looks of today. Yeah, the only thing I can think is that the Chargers didn't want to share the horse image with the Colts and the Broncos. They stopped using the logo in 1973, but is was modernized for the 35th anniversary patch, which is the version I used. Here's the original.
  15. Yeah, the horse was in their original logo in the 60s, and I think it has something to do with horsepower or something of that nature, since the team began in LA, and I know there was a model of car called the Charger back then. If anyone else has any background on that, I would appreciate that.
  16. OK, I fixed the numbers, so that the alternate has white numbers with a gold-powder blue outline. And, in terms of the wordmark, I used the old one just because of this concept being more of an old/new meld, since I used the modernized horse/shield logo from the 35th anniversary patch, and I recolored the current unis so that navy would still be incorporated in the set. However, went ahead and made a tweak to the wordmark, in order to add a modern element to it.
  17. Won't work, especially with the school adopting the interlocking SU logo as the universal athletic logo.
  18. I was trying to switch to the powder blue, but without going completely overboard. I kept navy as one of the official colors, and I reintroduced the horse shield and the wordmark from the 60s and 70s. Comments? Suggestions? And, just for kicks, here's the field.
  19. I present, for your viewing pleasure, the updated San Diego Chargers.
  20. If there was a smilie for fainting, i would use that. Those are just too great. Especially the tertiary. I will, however, give you this:
  21. All I would suggest is that you might consider adding in more gold/brass to the wordmarks. Otherwise, those are beautiful.
  22. Get rid of the silver. The Colts look so much better in blue and white.
  23. maybe it would be easier to just start a new link for this, since sorting out who voted for who would get quite messy.
  24. I'm in. I guess that if I'm in LA, the closest would be the Chargers, so put me down for them.