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  1. Just for the record, we’ve unofficially adopted a zero tolerance policy towards blazes of glory with suicide threats.
  2. Angels past and present begin the festivities.
  3. Bingo. You'll see more situations like the Expos, Coyotes, and Hornicans where the league will serve as a caretaker owner until they can sell to a local group or one that'll relocate.
  4. Obviously the Dodgers' AAA club (owned by the parent club) branded to match but there's a bit of consistency in the use of alternates/the incorporation of the red front number.
  5. Minnesota has an obvious, easy option.
  6. There's dozens of As all designed by different olympians/designers/celebrities,etc. Official Link
  7. Member has been banned.
  8. Member has been suspended for continued trolling. The length will be determined when all votes are cast.
  9. I'm hearing the final decision will be based on the outcome of the Board of Governors' meeting tomorrow on what action ownership will take to help the players fight for justice while isolated in the bubble.
  10. And yet they had it right in 2018.
  11. Member has been suspended for a insensitive attacks and a history of combative behavior. The length will be set when all votes are cast.
  12. Member has been permanently banned for creating the dupe account "DrFugazzi".
  13. I remember that he got a job and left here because after staring at a computer screen all day he had no desire to keep doing so when he got home.
  14. I don't know what the Cardinal Way is, but this definitely isn't the Cardinal Way.