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  1. This is already being discussed in the theme park thread. This thread is only focusing on the sports aspect.
  2. Maybe I can finally get through the last season and a half of the Sopranos now.
  3. At least the Kings ride into the abyss on a seven-game winning streak.
  4. Saving us from a floating red carpet across a fountain is some refreshing lemonade in this viral lemon grove.
  5. So long WrestleMania. Also,
  6. You can take the Rams out of Cleveland but you can't take the Cleveland out of the Rams.
  7. My cousin just signed to play volleyball in Monza a couple months ago. She's right now pretty much stuck in her apartment while they've postponed several matches and then the remainder will be in empty arenas. Yet, if she would have stayed at Stanford her last semester instead of graduating early she'd be stuck taking all of her classes online so no real good option there.
  8. The only thing I can speculate on is that the rumor of gradients might be that the three horn segments might be different colors to create a fade effect but that there won't be a traditional, 90s-style "gradient." Then again, only having a fake neon photo of a hat in awful lighting doesn't help at all to figure out what's really happening here.
  9. I can expand this to include that the death wish towards the significant other was based on information so obscure and dated that it came across as very stalker-like.
  10. So... did the D-Back brass know of Mad Bum’s transition from dirt bikes to broncos?
  11. Cherry Mexico: Ron's precocious teenage sister.
  12. Twins: we’ll offer a square peg to get into this deal. Red Sox: that’ll fit into our round hole nicely! Twins: Uh, it’s definitely a square peg. Red Sox: Deal! Twins: Here’s the specs that clearly show that it’s a square peg. Red Sox: WHAT THE HELL?! THIS IS A SQUARE PEG! WE THOUGHT WE WE WERE GETTING A ROUND ONE! WE DIDN’T AGREE TO THIS! Rest of baseball: Uh, yeah, you did.
  13. I thought of it more of a special edition of Mountain Dew.
  14. Because you’re not naming the team the same name as one of the league’s divisions.
  15. That's common knowledge here. That also doesn't necessarily tie into the community, especially when Golden Knights is also the name of the US Army parachute team.
  16. Temper your power expectations regarding Verdugo. He's much more of a line drive hitter. Also, hopefully he's matured a bit because Rich Hill exploded at him a few times for doing stupid juvenile crap.
  17. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/kraken kraken noun kra·ken | \ ˈkrä-kən \ plural krakens or kraken Definition of kraken : a fabulous Scandinavian sea monster
  18. Albuquerque Kraken wouldn’t exactly work too well.
  19. BYU has thrown a huge wrench in the WCC tournament schedule. Yet, strangely they don’t seem to mind the tournament being held in a casino.
  20. Yet there’s no issues with there not being penguins roaming around in western Pennsylvania.