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  1. OK, here's my question. I go to LMU, and we don't have a football team, so can I enter with them?
  2. Winters in Buffalo and Braden
  3. I'm loving this, even though the numbers look a little close to the Bobcats new numbers. Just, for the secondary, are those a couple hatchets crossed? I just want to make sure of that.
  4. I'm loving the secondary. Maybe instead of on the front, it would be better as a sleeve patch, because it's positioning now looks like it's some sort of anniversary patch. I'm loving the number font, but in terms of the facemask, maybe experiment with other colors, because I think that the Cards' helmet needs an overhaul more than anything.
  5. I just remembered that there was an episode of Coach way back (the show with Craig T. Nelson as the football coach), and the owner wanted to move the team to Anaheim. I think the name was the "Mighty Bucks." That might be an a possiblilty for a team name.
  6. OK, my entry goes the opposite route. I recolored the Southampton logo to the Saints' gold and black, and I replaced the soccer ball with the Saints' helmet. In addition, I used the halo from the Southampton logo on the fleur-de-lis, and I tried to incorporate the home stripes on all the uniforms.
  7. Never thought of it that way before. Yes, it definately makes sense.
  8. EDIT: Added shield logo to pants (also an excuse to bump)
  9. B-A-utiful! Mixes the classic OJ era unis with modern influences. MUCH better than the current "how many shades can we squeeze in" look, and it also gets rid of the NFL-Europeesque road unis. Very nice!
  10. OK, numbers are shrunk, but I was looking at the photos of the new jerseys that you posted, and the way I put the jaguar sleeve patch is right. The only change I made there was that I enlarged it from the original because it always seemed a little insignificant to me. But, if we can't find the fond, are the Avs numbers close enough?
  11. I'll fix the numbers, but the position of the Jaguar is a tweak of mine, just because it seems like its head should be facing forward.
  12. EDIT: I couldn't find the actual font yet, so I decided to use the closest font that I could. So, I replaced the numbers with the font of the Avalanche, recolored to how I had it before minus some of the black outlines.
  13. Shield is gone, leaving the only changes to the helmet being the facemask and the striping. And, thanks for trying to find that font!
  14. EDIT: Added more teal to the numbers of the alternate jersey, removed teal pants from the black alternate, changed helmet to black with teal facemask, but kept shield. And, if anyone can score the number font for me, I'll fix that, because I still want to use that, but I just can't find it.
  15. Well, I just got my Eagle a couple years ago, and yeah, they are pretty bad, but what's worse is that you need to throw gold and khaki into the mix, because of the insignia and the shirt. Oh, and then you throw red, white and blue for Eagle, and purple for the World Brotherhood of Scouting...then you can officially come up with the New Orleans Scouts.
  16. Definately a better helmet. Thanks again!
  17. I have to agree about this templete. The jerseys look pretty good from what I can tell, but both the angle and the fact that the player in the templete looks like his face was melted off, take away from how well these could look. Slap them on a different templete, and they'll be a lot better.
  18. I thought the same thing about the helmet at first, but it has grown on me. I just wanted to throw some more teal into the mix, and I thought that the helmet just needed something. I might try another version with a black helmet and teal mask. And, the numbers were just a decent font that I downloaded, because I'm too lazy to find the actual font. And, thanks again for making those templetes.
  19. The major change that I made was that I made a new helmet, teal with a gold facemasks, featuring the shield version of the current helmet logo. I also tried to put some more teal in the numbers and in the black alternate, while at the same time adding teal pants to the set. I tried to get away from a solid color look, so there won't be the "clean" all white look or the solid black saints knockoff look. And, thanks to skater20na for the templete.
  20. I'm sorry, but that logo seriously looks like the Cardinal got punched in the beak. The face just seems too flat. The jerseys are pretty good though, but that logo just looks weird.
  21. I agree with everyone not liking the white pants for the Steelers, but I love the font. It looks a lot cleaner and sleeker. Excellent job!
  22. 1. ThaFlameofAtlanta 13.WintersinBuffalo 2. Clannhoran 12.Discrimihater 3. Braden 11.Commish 7. Gordie 8. Aussie
  23. LMU

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    I did figure out that it's my anti-virus program that's doing it, so the images are probably not formatted correctly or something.