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  1. Calgary should get rid of black, period. The silver they used to have was 100 times better, and there is another team that not only uses red and black but calls itself after the colours. Hamilton should indeed go back to yellow helmets (and pants) but I doubt it will happen. The Argos need to eliminate the non-contrasting look (blue pants/blue jerseys, white pants/white jerseys) and start using Cambridge (light) blue upper socks with the Oxford (dark) blue pants.
  2. That video is very impressive and has set the standard for what all the other CFL teams should do when they get their new unis in 2020.
  3. Actually, the Alouettes had wings on their helmets through parts of the 1950s and '60s, as shown here. (It says up to 1949 but that's an error -- it should read 1969.) Here's a better rendition:
  4. Except the Argos did not change combos very often in 2018. I tracked them game by game the past two seasons. They used 10 separate combinations in 2017, including many with contrast and even some with Cambridge blue upper socks. This past year they went white/white and blue/blue for the vast majority of the games. Here is what they did in 2017 (B=Oxford Blue, C=Cambridge Blue, W=White, Comb=how many times they used that combo): Helmet Jersey Pants Socks Comb B B B O 4 W W W W 4 B W B O 3 W B B W 2 W B W O 2 W B W W 2 W W W C 2 B W B W 1 W B W C 1 W W B O 1 Six of the 10 combos, total of 10 out of 22 games (including preseason), had contrasting pants and jerseys.
  5. At least they abandoned the prototype's dark red numbers on dark blue jersey. Overall, the look is far superior to what they've had for the past decade or so, and thankfully the cartoon bird is now history. Unfortunately, this new look would be 100 times better had they just swapped monochrome for jersey/pants contrast. When will that execrable trend come to an end?
  6. Except that both Hamilton and Toronto insist on wearing unitard looks, particularly in the "home" version, far more often than not. Both teams have all the components to have superb unis, but they rarely put them together in the right way. Toronto used no fewer than 10 different combos in 22 games (preseason included) in 2017, only seven of which were same colour top-to-bottom. But this year, all-white or all-blue became the default, and there were only a couple of variations.
  7. There are rumours circulating among some Argo fans that the new owners, MLSE, are seriously considering a return to the boat logo (or perhaps some modern variation of it). It has been used on secondary merch for past couple of seasons. MLSE returned the Leafs to a variation of their "classic" 1960s logo so it seems possible they would go classic with the Argos as well. I've long advocated for the return of the boat but I've come to love the current look of the unis although I wish they would avoid using same colour for pants and upper socks (they sometimes do, sometimes don't). So either way, I'll probably be happy.
  8. NVM -- just noticed the other thread on this. It was just announced that Adidas will NOT be the CFL's uni supplier in 2019. Lots of speculation about a return to Nike, or maybe Under Armour, but whatever company does it I assume we will see another across-the-board redesign.
  9. For anyone interested in this, the Argos wore 10 different combos in 22 games in 2017 (2 ex games, 18 RS and 2 PS). Annoyingly, they did not ever wear the two combos I would most prefer: blue helmet/blue jersey/white pants/Oxford socks, and blue helmet/white jersey/blue pants/Cambridge socks. Helmet Jersey Pants Socks Comb. B B B O 4 W W W W 4 B W B O 3 W B B W 2 W B W O 2 W B W W 2 W W W C 2 B W B W 1 W B W C 1 W W B O 1 In this chart, O means Oxford (dark) Blue and C means Cambridge (light) Blue. Only the socks offered that variation.
  10. paulwoods13

    CFL 2012

    The actual look of the uni was pretty good, especially the pants stripes with the shields. The sleeve stripes were really lame but could easily have been improved. If they had used Oxford and Cambridge instead of navy and slate green, the addition of silver would have looked good. The logo itself was very sharp apart from being in the wrong colours.
  11. paulwoods13

    CFL 2012

    Bang on. That "teal" was actually described by the team as "slate green," for the record.
  12. paulwoods13

    CFL 2012

    It was two years, 1989 and '90. It was a subtle change, with a small bit of red on the jerseys only. The owner at that time, Harry Ornest, seemed to be in love with the script "Giants" the NY Giants used on their helmets back then, so he changed the Argo logo to an ugly script and added a bit of red to the jerseys. Ugh.
  13. paulwoods13

    CFL 2012

    I am surprised to say I like the way the Riders' unis look. I was NOT expecting that. I actually like the white helmet. What's most notable, IMO anyway, is that they definitely appear to have two separate jersey cuts. Backs and receivers have large green side panels that intrude into the front of the jersey, but for linemen the side panels are only on the side and do not cut into the front. Kind of defeats the purpose of a "uniform," but if they are scrupulous about how they apply this (i.e. don't let receivers wear linemen cuts, etc.), I think I can get used to it.
  14. paulwoods13

    CFL 2012

    Someone who went to the Ticats' sale posted this on the team's fan forum: Went to the sale, and the employees at the store said that the jerseys will be unveiled on May 1st. There were no pictures, but one of the girls who works at the store told me and some friends that if you like the look of the 1970s retro jerseys you will like the new ones.