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  1. Why would you put/name a division the Midwest in the Eastern conference then have a central division in the west? Doesn't seem right. Additionally, some of these alignments are wacky (NY in the same division as Charlotte but not Philadelphia????)
  2. But shouldn't the new Sonics be placed in the Northwest division? That would make more geographical sense than the Pacific Division and they'd get their old rivalry with the Blazers back. Much less of a pain in the neck than a potential Virginia Beach scenario would've been. In a perfect NBA, the Bobcats name would die, and the Hornets name would return to Charlotte. The New Orleans NBA team moves to Seattle to be the new Sonics (a move just like the Coyotes-Jets-Thrashers sitch). The OKC Thunder would move to the Southwest division, in liew for the new Sonics being in the Northwest division. The divisions would be like this: Atlantic: Celtics, Knicks, Nets, 76ers, Raptors Central: Bulls, Bucks, Cavaliers, Pacers, Pistons, Southeast: Hawks, Heat, Hornets (ex-Bobcats), Magic, Wizards Southwest: Mavericks, Rockets, Spurs, Grizzlies, Thunder Northwest: Blazers, Wolves, Nuggets, Jazz, Sonics (relocated New Orleans franchise) Pacific: Lakers, Clippers, Kings, Suns, Warriors Sadly, this perfect NBA can only exist in video game land. How about this? : Atlantic: Celtics, Knicks, Nets, 76ers, Raptors Central: Bulls, Bucks, Cavaliers, Pacers, Pistons, Southeast: Hawks, Heat, Hornets (ex-Bobcats), Magic, Wizards Southwest: Mavericks, Rockets, Spurs, Grizzlies, Pelicans NorthMidwest: Thunder, Wolves, Nuggets, Jazz, Suns Pacific: Blazers, Lakers, Clippers, Sonics (relocated New Orleans Sacramento franchise), Warriors Yeah should've been the NO Hornets having to be the ones moving to OKC.
  3. Too many colors. Find a color, mutually betwen that green and the light blue (like Emerald/Mint Green). As well where did you get the logo (vector) to re-color it?
  4. I think your WWE champion design is pretty awesome; returns the title to a more respectful and graceful look compared to the spinner. With that said, I agree with chawls about the side plates. It's typically associated w/ the IC title (a secondary title not the main title) so I would w/ a shape similar to the IWGP heavyweight title (IMO). as well maybe adding the word heavyweight over champion and a small crown on top of the globe (these are just suggestions).
  5. You and me both cause I agree with you. They should use the New York font they have in the logo (at the top). It would be something fresh from the standard block font but as well have a tie in to the teams current logo and stuff. Would someone be able to actually mock that up?
  6. Yea... No. Let's unbalance the schedule and divsions even more! Charlotte deserves a team, just need time to get resituated after Bob made a mess of the franchise. Unbalance? Memphis could easily move to the Southeast Division. Oklahoma City to southwest and Seattle to the Northwest. It's pretty simple. With that said, too many teams in the NBA are going to this navy, (insert tone) blue scheme. Just go back to the hornets. And get rid of the profile stance bobcat logo. Looks weird.
  7. Personally, I like all these. They all look good to me, especially the Lions. You were able to make connection between their current uniforms to the pre-black uniforms. As for how to deal with what others' dislikes with Detroit uniforms, maybe darken the silver and/or add an outline around the jersey number (silver w/ white outline or the opposite)
  8. I noticed that too. Forget that one of the league's best players is making their debut alongside Blake Griffin, THE HOLY MARK JACKSON IS A HEAD COACH!!!! Come on! Really? The guy was a commentator with the those who were commentating the game (and a teammate with the other guy) for years/seasons. This is not even that bad. For all the forcing ESPN does, this hasn't even hit the tip of the iceberg.
  9. I like this, I like this a lot but what about adding yellow into the jerseys?
  10. WOW, these are really good if not excellent. My suggestion would be for the pant stripes. Rather than just straight lines, you should think about pointed lines (I mean thinning at the end), a resemblance to the sharpness of the jet head.
  11. And nothing says last ditch desperation like a conference based in Providence, RI adding a member in San Diego, CA. What's up with the double standard? I mean, a couple weeks ago, people on this site and everywhere else were applauding or supporting the BIG 10, PAC12, SEC raiding conferences of teams (which in my opinion is all about $$$) even the ACC (are Pittsburgh or Syracuse really on the Atlantic? Come on!). But now, that the Big East is picking up/trying to pick up SMU, Houston, etc. (which I don't even support), it doesn't make sense? The Big 10 is the Big 10 with 12 teams, and no one thinks they should change their name. Pretty much if we're gonna criticize the Big East for merely trying to survive in this dog-eat-dog business that is the NCAA, shouldn't we have the same judgment towards the "BIG" conferences as well? And please don't talk about oh because these are the "BIG" conferences they deserve or can get a pass. Ultimately this is all about money and pretty much we're letting financial greed destroy not only college sports tradition but also geographical common sense that actually is not looking out for the best interests of these student athletes who will end having to travel hundreds, now even thousands of miles to just play a conference foe. If only the conference musical chairs could cease.
  12. Yes... but a concept that was already posted here on the CCSLC and removed shortly thereafter no? I remember several folks in the know commenting on how this concept is very close to the real deal. Well yeah, the uniforms have pretty much already been described. It's just not clear if the wordmarks on the home and away are just black, or are multi-colored like in the concept. It's also not clear if the alts will say MIAMI or MARLINS. Either way, we know there are only two caps - solid black and solid orange. So if you're using the concept as a predictor, note that it's off in that respect. Actually it has been made known that the home and away both say Miami, while both alts say Marlins. And I believe at least the 2 primaries are in fact black lettering with the rainbow trim. Don't know if it's been mentioned or talk about here but Robbman's mock/speculated designed has been mentioned and reported on by Yahoo! Sports and MetsBlog
  13. I don't know, this looks A LOT better: I don't know about their primary logo going those colors, invites too much potty humor. But change that and I agree. Yeah, that was my thought (about the logo). I was going to mention that in my original post but forgot to.
  14. I don't know, this looks A LOT better:
  15. I agree with this reply...(well for the most part). It would be interesting to see if you reversed the numbers and outline colors (gold numbers on the home/away and black for the gold). Where I disagree is that I actually like the shield but it seems like something is missing. Maybe putting "New Orleans" over the Saints font in the shield. Anyway, these are both great designs and I wish Nike did these type of alterations for when they "take over" the NFL. I'm guessing that you'll be finishing the division(in regards to the teams you post next)?
  16. But the Yankees and BoSox buy their teams. If the Jays were in the AL Centeral and were behind the Tigers, I wouldn't mind because the team worked hard to put that team together, and didn't just pull out their chequebooks. "Buying" a team doesn't always mean success (see the Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros and unfortunately, New York Mets). Plus, a team in your division (Tampa Bay) made to the playoffs twice in the last 3 years without throwing money around but through means of draft picks. Anyway, the Tigers do spend money and use their checkbooks (see last offseason) to be successful. Either hope for a GM who will be good enough to get players to choose Toronto over the BoSox or Yankees or just draft wisely and build a championship team from scratch.
  17. MLB doesn't need to realign teams because of competiveness. What happens if Toronto moved to let's say the AL Central and two teams like Detroit and Cleveland become consistently good like the Yankees and Red Sox are now? Are Toronto fans gonna say "this is not fair! we need to be moved to the AL West!"? Teams will be constantly moving for "competition" sakes.
  18. Maybe some Gold. I don't know; it's definitely innovative and I like it personally but maybe adding Gold would make this even better.
  19. I'll add my $0.02. I agree with WizKid. I would just get rid of the cowboy on the horse completely and add a smaller star on the pants. For Denver, I don't three different color pants are needed (maybe just sticking to two). For Philadelphia, Kelly Green with the black comes off bad. Just get rid off all the black and maybe try a green between Kelly and midnight. And for Seattle, the set is basically perfect. I would though, make the whole uniform uniform by mimicking the streaks of the seahawk on the pants instead off the stripe you have. The are all good anyway.
  20. With the recent realignment talk in the MLB, I think there are two logical decisions they can make with the divisional alignment: Option 1 Have 15/15 alignment between AL and NL with three divisions each (schedule will be mostly intraleague with more interleague games). AL East: Baltimore, Boston, New York, Tampa Bay, Toronto Central: Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Minnesota. (If anyone should go to the AL, it's Milwaukee b/c they were there originally.) West: Kansas City, Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, Texas (similar to the old AFC West) NL East: Atlanta, Florida, New York, Philadelphia, Washington Central: Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, Pittsburgh, Saint Louis. West: Same as current Or Option 2 Still 15/15 between AL/NL but each league has one 7-team and 8-team division each. AL East: Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, New York, Tampa Bay, Toronto (8) West: Kansas City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Oakland, Seattle, Texas (7) NL East: Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Florida, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington (8) West: Arizona, Colorado, Houston, Los Angeles, Saint Louis, San Diego, San Francisco (7) In addition, the 5-team playoff is a pretty dumb idea (uneven, if anything). I think MLB should either stick with 4 teams or go to 6 teams. With a 6-team playoff: a. Under three division alignment, the 3 division champions plus 3 wild card cards (by record) get to the playoffs. The top two division champions would get byes which will not only make it important to win your division but also to have a better season record hopefully resulting in more/better competition and motivation ("EQUALING RATINGS!!!") or b. Under two division alignment, the 2 division champs would get byes and the other seeds would be determined by record.
  21. Maybe you can try Purple (Dark) and silver/gray (w/black)?
  22. This isn't bad, few suggestions though. You should change the Citi font of the white jersey to blue (like http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/logo/citibank-3'>http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/logo/citibank-3 or http://www.brandsoftheworld.com/logo/citi . Move the ACM over to the right a little and just finish the star line to the top of the shield and, the logo seems to be missing something (a lot of open space). You should put a ball under the M in ACM.
  23. This is good. I think you should thin the white outline. Also, if you make uniforms, I think you should keep the current unis but subtract the black (just blue, orange, and white) plus using the New York font from the logo (http://sportslogos.net/images/logos/6/216/full/qq6jhhi515f6i5d38errfwyr1.gif) instead of the current New York font.
  24. I don't know about that. I think these are pretty good. The Bengals definitely need stripes. I think their uniforms are the worst of the series. And though the dolphins uniforms are on point, I think you should match the sleeves for the away as for the homes. You already gave Buffalo yoked sleeves. If anyone shouldn't get the same yoke, it would be someone like the Dolphins (a divisional foe).