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  1. I like this although Milwaukee should be in there (maybe at Indianapolis's extent) NORRIS Chicago Blackhawks Colorado Avalanche Detroit Red Wings Houston Aeros Milwaukee Admirals Minnesota North Stars St. Louis Blues Winnipeg Jets How's this? That's cool.
  2. Thank you for this! Honestly, this is really annoying. Teal, you like sleeves? GREAT!!! Now talk about something else and stop behaving like a troll (in the infamous words of Ryan Leaf: "Knock it off!!!"). You always mention this and everyone gets it: YOU LIKE SLEEVES!! (which is why people always are talking about what you mentioned Mr. Nascar). And trying to be Be-A-Star and defend him, it's a waste of time; you're not gonna get a CCSLC badge of honor from it. Let just get back to talking jerseys. All of that stuff takes so much out of the discussion/topic. I too agree that Rockets should splice the championship uniforms with their current ones (but not in the form of their current alternate. Those side panels are a bit tacky).
  3. I like this although Milwaukee should be in there (maybe at Indianapolis's extent)
  4. Hey question: Where can one get a hold of NBA teams fonts?
  5. I've definitely been waiting to see the day someone do this with the USFL. Your illustrations/concepts are greatly designed. Jacksonville's design is excellence BUT there is enough white in the unis. The yellow numbers come of a bit tacky. Maybe adds some white lines into the uniforms to break the orange and yellow (personally i think the yellow is unnecessary). Michigan's design is nearly perfect, IMO. Those colors go extremely well to together (something that would be good for like the grizzlies). The only thing this back is the uniforms which could be a little more modern to fit the logo. Washington's is good as well. I just don't get a patriotic vibe from the eagle you drew. Other than you adding in stars into the uniforms, this teams could be easily called the green hawks or eagles or something. Maybe taking more of an influence from the old logo (an abstract looking eagle with a star for an eye?). These are just suggestions. But overall, great job. BTW, 1. minimize the font size of the wordmarks on the uniforms. It makes the uniforms looks semi-proish. 2. will be designing a new USFL logo? Maybe you can add into the uniforms?
  6. I think this an okc (okay concept, pun intended). To be honest, the fonts you use bring your concept down plus the double outline is unnecessary. Try a more modern but simple font instead. And maybe swap the colors of the plane and outline (including the tail). The white tail kinda looks weird where as a green one could fit in even be used a line for the ball.
  7. Charlotte: Definitely NOT feeling the hornets update. Honestly your font choice wasn't a good one, IMO. It makes the jerseys look a cheap knockoff. Suggest a more modern font (i.e. from the new logos). Milwaukee: Bucks definitely would be more interested with some red although your design is good with out it (again the font is to old-school). Toronto: Raptors' uniforms leaves something for the imagination. It's just missing a lil' something. Like outlining. You can try something like the Wizards half gold, half black uniforms.
  8. That Union set is great! Although, I've always had it in me that there a lot of better sponsors than Bimbo for the Union. (Panasonic? Tastykake? Sunoco? A local Philly hospital? and who can forget, Comcast?)
  9. Looks good but the wordmark font is underwhelming. Plus a whit wordmark with red outline looks better than red wordmark with white outline.
  10. They tryna go for that "Corporate look" along with ads on the jerseys (jk).
  11. Just another ploy to sell more jerseys. Shame on you, NBA.
  12. These look good. If I had to offer any suggestions, maybe go with something more Gold than Yellowish and making the fonts more dynamic (sharper edges). The retro font looks cool but it looks also outdated.
  13. These are all extremely well done and creative. The template is great and the designs are traditional but modern at the same time. Great job; can't wait to see the rest.
  14. Honestly, imo, although your work is always on point, I feel like this is lacking something. The jersey design is too traditional and the modern aspects of the whole Charlotte package don't fit well. I suggest maybe something more out-of-the-box? The third/alternative is like a good example of what of something I can see them doing maybe with pinstripes. I dunno. Most of the teams coming out with new unis, excluding Utah, lack old school uniform trends. It's not bad; it's just the side panels along with the word mark being so thin takes away from your design. Something like BigDub81's design?....http://bringbackthebuzz.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/hornets-purple1.jpg The court design, though, is great. A+ design....although the little swirl they had on their old school court wouldn't hurt...http://i701.photobucket.com/albums/ww11/67turkey142/Vector%20courts/Charlotte1998.png
  15. To be fair, most of the alignments in hear makes less sense than that. South Carolina was a former ACC member (from 1953-1971) plus it makes it easier to pair them with their state rival Clemson. The alignments now don't make any more sense than some of these (WVU is in the same conference as OU?). I mean i see there may be a lack of tradition but most of these are just a matter of putting schools in conferences based on geography not by tradition necessarily and definitely not by superficial reasonings (money, ratings, etc).
  16. SEC (Same alignment pre-TA&M/Missouri with Louisville replacing USC): East Florida Georgia Kentucky Louisville Tennessee Vanderbilt West Alabama Arkansas Auburn LSU Mississippi Mississippi State ACC (One Division: Virginia and North Carolina Schools; Other Division: Everyone else) Atlantic Clemson Florida State Georgia Tech Maryland Miami South Carolina Coastal Duke North Carolina North Carolina State Virginia Virginia Tech Wake Forest Big East (East: Northeastern Schools; West: Midwestern Schools): East Boston College Connecticut Rutgers Syracuse Temple Villanova* West Cincinnati Memphis Notre Dame Penn State Pittsburgh West Virginia American/Conf. USA/Metro (East: Eastern Timezone; West: Central Timezone): East Army Central Florida East Carolina Marshall Navy South Florida West Louisiana Tech Southern Mississippi Tulane Tulsa UAB UTEP Mid-American: Same Alignment w/o UMass More to come....
  17. The hate that some people have for the Patriots here is astounding. You would think that they killed some people's families, lol. The whole "the Patriots got a pass Week X, so it's ok they got screwed Week Y" argument seems a bit worthless and nitpicky, imo (if you don't agree, cool). A blown call is a blown call regardless, and there's been aplenty in the NFL this season whether it's benefit your team or their opponent.
  18. Villanova moves up to FBS (Division 1). Division Alignment coming soon....
  19. I agree. It's the perfect combination of the top and bottom. If not the top right, the bottom left one.