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  1. But the burst logo is soooo bad. I'd prefer a new "R" logo for the cap.
  2. This idea is WILD. This situation is going to be fodder for these boards for years. I can't wait to see the concepts.
  3. Yeah. I kinda feel the same way. it gave me some reason to hope for future rainbow looks from SKC. The shirts are still beautiful and now more people will see them. *shrug*
  4. Here are the other photos. IMO, these are a blast. Really enjoy them.
  5. Sporting KC Pride tops. I LOVE these. If only we could see them in the game. There are a couple other photos on twitter that wouldn't post. I would really like to see Sporting use a rainbow pattern on a black jersey for their secondaries.
  6. I don't hate this, but I can already hear all the people mocking the New York Triangles.
  7. I love this. I agree with NicDB. It definitely has a vintage feel. I like the vibe. It's definitely not too traditional. I'm glad you didn't force a stars and stripes pattern in there. There's great color balance as it is IMO.
  8. Generally, I'd like to think the relationship is really good. The team is really open to letting us use space as needed to make tifo and store gameday supplies. They take care of away tickets for us. They seem very open to feedback from all supporters. The team president even came to a town hall hosted by the Cauldron last summer to address some concerns that had come up among supporters. The team has done some more subtle things as a nod to the fans. Checkerboard and argyle patterns were used in the Cauldron first, then adopted by the team. That's cool. Obviously, we didn't create those patterns either, we just use them and so does the team and that's really fun. I feel like it's different when they use specific phrases that are more "ours", things we did come up with. Using those without consent or even a friendly heads-up is what bothers me. Speaking for myself as part of the SG, I feel like what we make is ours and it's frustrating that the creative team at SKC doesn't always seem to view it the same way. Well, first off, I haven't made the argument that nicknames should grow organically from the fans. I am not a representative of soccer fans as a whole, just myself here. I don't necessarily hold the same opinion of another soccer fan. So I'm not straddling the fence, you know? That said, I see what you're saying. I do think this is a little different. I'm happy to hear the other side so let me know if I'm off-base here. Calling a team the bluebirds, or reds or blues, or magpies is something that happens as a result of the entire culture of the fanbase and it happens over time. It's developed naturally and it would be hard to find the exact origin or source. When we (the supporters group) design a tifo or design scarves that say "For the Glory of the City" or any other phrase, it feels dirty for that to get used by the team without consent or a conversation. I'm not a pro, I don't know the rules. I do know that when someone plucks your ideas and uses them in a way you didn't intend, it feels a little dirty. Like I said earlier, in a vacuum this probably isn't a big deal. It's just been happening for a while. When we make something to support the team on the field, I don't feel like that gives anyone else free rein to use it as they please. The SG creative isn't like the AAA team or incubator for the team's creative.
  9. Sporting's teaser image showed "For Glory. For City." below the collar on the back of the jersey. It looks clean. I am disappointed to see them use this tagline. I'm a part of the Cauldron (SKC supporter group). The phrase "For the Glory of the City" is something we've used since 2012. The FO has danced around using it for years, but last year went with "For Glory. For City." The slogan is so close to ours it's like the equivalent of a sibling dangling their finger in your face and saying, "I'm not touching you. I'm not touching you." It may not seem like a big deal, and in a vacuum maybe it isn't, but this isn't the first time the FO has "borrowed" our ideas. It is continually frustrating.
  10. I'm hopeful there is a decent subtle pattern to go with these. A real winner would have a tonal stripe pattern that mimicked an old Wizards jersey.
  11. These photos show some of the details in the fabric. VERY subtle. I like it though.
  13. I like it. I am curious how the numbers shake out.