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  1. The skating Johnny Canuck is the worst logo ever to appear on a Canucks uniform, even if its just on the helmets. I hate that logo with the fire of 1000 suns and hope it never gets used again.
  2. I would just love to see Primary and Clash kits in hockey. I know it's impossible with the nightmare it would cause for equipment managers but still, so many teams' home looks would look great matched with other teams home looks. just to name a few: Chicago vs Vancouver, Oilers vs Flames, Minnesota (green) vs Nashville (gold) would look epic together
  3. My god those Millionaires uniforms are gorgeous
  4. Personally, I'd love to see Bob Mackenzie take over for Grapes on Coaches Corner. Without a doubt, he's the smartest man in hockey.
  5. The away goal rule is horse . If two teams are tied on aggregate after the 2nd leg, it should go straight to extra time rather than giving the team who scored more on road the decision.
  6. it won't But what if it did? What if it did? What if it didn't? What if the world was made of pudding?
  7. I had the old Vancouver Canucks alternate uniform from 2001-06 signed by the entire 2002-03 Canucks roster. When the stitching in the numbers began to deteriorate, my mom took my uniform to my Nana who said she would re stitch the numbers for free rather than getting them re stitched at a sports shop. I never saw it again, and 6 years later I found out she donated it to the Salvation Army because she thought I "had enough hockey shirts"
  8. Pen Paper Imagination You're welcome.
  9. This whole set is so much better than the dated look they have now
  10. I really like this except for the Dallas script. New font, pants, jersey design, and third look great. With the third though, I would make the striping and logo consistent. For example, the stripes are white with a blue outline, maybe try that with the millionaires logo and the numbers; or the other way around with blue stripes with a white outline
  11. Pretty rich coming from the guy who abruptly deleted all references to supporting the Canucks as soon they lost the cup. I'm not a typical bandwagon Vancouverite cause I've never smashed any store fronts or set any Police Cars on fire in either 2011 or 2004. No one here has... Dude, I had the 2011 finals avatar + signature combo going on for almost a year (maybe even longer) after that loss. And so what, does it not make me a fan if I don't have my signature cluttered in Canucks logos? If you can't support this team, even if it's full of heartless, diving, biting, pansies, you're not a true fan. I'm only calling you a typical Vancouverite because when most of the idjiots in this city give up on the Canucks, they hop on the Canucks haterade train and then start cheering for a better team. So have fun supporting the Ducks, Sharks or Blackhawks like the rest of these bandwagoning :censored:heels.
  12. Sometimes I hate being a fan of this team just because of idiots like Morgo. Even though you live in Alberta, you're pretty much a typical bandwagon Vancouverite.
  13. Considering YNWA is an actually Liverpool's which Celtic jacked it is not really a Celtic song. I wasn't really complaining about them "jacking" it. I actually found it pretty funny and awesome that my local team's fans sang a song that my #1 team's fans use as well. The whole atmosphere of that game was just awesome, and I'm very happy now that I made the decision to get season tickets this year.
  14. Don Cherry has been mentally insane since the 90's. Trust me, we all know
  15. I'm at the Whitecaps home opener Atm. Being a Celtic fan, I was quite amused at our southsiders section singing "just can't get enough" which is a song sang at Celtic games after each goal. "When I see you Celtic I go out of my Head, I just can't get enough I just can't get enough, All the things you do to me and all the things you say, I just can't get enough I just can't get enough, We slip & slide as we fall in love and I just cant seem to get enough of DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO" I wonder if they'll sing "You'll Never Walk Alone" at the half
  16. It's not a CS85 post without a reaction .gif. I just don't understand what Vigneault is thinking. Zack Kassian scores 5 goals in 2 weeks on the Sedin line; How about we bump him to the checking line! No wonder he hasn't done all since, put him back with who he has chemistry with ffs.
  17. I used to hate "Holiday" by Greenday as the Canucks goal song just because I hate Greenday. But during that 2011 SCF run I couldn't get enough of it. Everytime I hear it now, it brings me back to the time when the Canucks had a decent reputation, had people actually pulling for us in the playoffs, seeing my favorite team doing well and making it to the finals for the first time in my lifetime, attending my first ever finals game and the amazing vibe and atmosphere around the city. Such a shame that it all went to waste because of a bunch of drunken, riot thirsty scrubs downtown.
  18. But man that sounds like one heck of a fight. What was everybody else doing during the fight (Parents/onlookers, teammates, refs, etc.) One ref was behind the play and didn't actually notice what was happenening until the parents started yelling at them/us, while the other was way too slow skating towards us to break it up and actually just let it go down. They were supposed to break the fight up immediately and eject both players in a timely fashion but both refs just stood there until we both went down (after he tore my collar I took him down with me as I lost my footing). After the initial hit all of the parents went nuts yelling at the refs and the other player until I jumped in. When I rammed the helmet into his face the first time, I heard everyone in the crowd (friends, family, staff, everyone) explode with yelling and screaming at us to stop the fight. Our teammates on the rink just stood there in shock while our coaches and players were yelling at each other across both benches. It was such a :censored:ed up situation, I'm surprised there were no clips on Facebook or anywhere that I know of on the internet the next day. I'm not really proud of going to the extent that I did to hurt him, but I'm glad he paid the price for ending my teammates season. It sure does make a great story though
  19. Looks great! Ill definitely add it when I'm not in phone.
  20. No, I know I might sound like an Internet tough guy in the story (I rarely ever fought) , but it was just pure rage on my part. He concussed and dissed my gay teammate who's mom just died. That's pretty damn deserving imo
  21. In a roller hokey game last year I got into a little tussle with another player (who was the biggest mouthpiece in the league) because he kept slashing our ankles. Later in the game he drilled my teammates head (blindside elbow from behind) into the boards, dissed his mom (who passed away from a drug OD) and called him a "fa**ot" (He is openly gay) and I just snapped, tackled him, ripped his helmet off (chinstrap tore like nothing) and started beating him across the face with it (broke his nose + gash under his eye), He got up and in the ensuing 30 seconds he tore the collar of my jersey pretty bad and got loads of his blood all over my ripped jersey. I somehow didn't get suspended (I don't even...) but the other guy was suspended for the next season. the following game I realised I forgot to wash my jersey, and had to play the entire game with a torn up bloody uniform that looked like my butcher coat.
  22. Addidas needs to go. The Tri-Stripe down the sleeve for EVERY team is so ghetto, it makes the teams look like a bunch of amateur saturday leaguers. Make them look professional ffs
  23. Aqualung (by Jethro Tull) would be so epic on the Chicago organ.