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  1. In the 1985 AFC title game, one of the Orange Bowl end zones had "Patriots" in it.
  2. Have they raised their AFC South 3rd Place banner yet?
  3. Wow, a Boston Breakers helmet. Looks better than I remember it!
  4. After years of wondering why some of the Celtics banners have a solid green circle with NBA on it in white, and others have a green NBA on white in between the top and bottom of a green circle, the answer is found in the making of the 2008 title banner (3 minutes long) https://www.newenglandflagandbanner.com/videos.php?page=making-the-celtics-championship-banner For those wishing to skip watching, a full green circle means they won the title on the road, the white circle with the green top/bottom means they won it at the Garden. I lost the pic, but the Celts did hang division banners in green with white printing at one time, in the old building.
  5. What's he wearing under his jersey? An inflatable life jacket? Holy cow......
  6. "Operation Fake Sweep". No naming creativity whatsoever. Boo-urns.
  7. cant wait to hear He got them. Now, I'm no expert, but thanks to this thread I told him what was different about his purchases: Extra shiny numbers and the letters in the names on back were too big. His response: "Ahhh, who cares, people will like the price and probably not notice these things." I told him he was right.
  8. A guy at bowling comes over to tell me he's getting a couple dozen authentic Pats jerseys, everything stitched "like the real ones." And because he's getting so many, he's getting them for the "awesome low price of $24.99 each!!!" He went to the pro shop to compare and they are "around $220. I started laughing because of the deal I was getting!" He then tells me he'll sell me one for $40 cus he knows me. I told him he was getting fakes. He does not believe me. I'll see Wednesday night. This ought to be good.
  9. Well done by the Bruins. The old 5 banners were looking like dishrags.
  10. Ugh, the 1997 Broncos SB ring is the worst of the bunch. What a mess on top.
  11. Mine would be an authentic blue alternate 1992-93 Blue Jays jersey. Any player / number.
  12. I've been pointing this out to people for years. Glad someone else has also recognized this. As for Philly, I'd go with no flag at all if they were the wild card entry, yet lost the divisional series. For the Saints, I love the banners, however, I'm one for only having the highest title acheived, but if they want all three up there for 2009, I would differentiate the division banner from the conference banner by having either one on a white background.
  13. Come join NBC on Sunday afternoons for Men Getting Dressed! Oh, and football too. I too like the white nameplate on the Flyers orange jerseys.
  14. Each of these sets are an embarrassment to their respective sport. MLB: - I'd like the A's and Pirates to go back to their respective 70's gold/green/white and black/gold/white schemes and mix them up in any fashion any day of the week. NBA: - I like the Sixers going back to the old logo and uni style. NFL: - The Redskins current set is awesome, and white on burgundy should be worn at every home game, while the burgundy on white should be worn at Dallas (or any other team that wears white at home - however see next point) - Home jerseys should be picked for the entire year and submitted to the league. No more teams wearing white at home willy-nilly then changing to the darks (like if it's hot to reflect the sun or for whatever reason the Eagles do it for 3 or 4 home games.) Now I'm all for a policy like the Dolphins where they wear darks at home on Sunday or Monday nights, but that should be declared before the regular season starts. NHL: - I prefer the Coyotes' original logo to their current. As an aside, their home unis remind me of the Soviet CCCP jerseys (not saying that's bad). - The Bruins "Pooh Bear" jerseys weren't that bad.
  15. Why does everyone have them down for 5 or 6 titles? Why does anyone think Bosh is a "superstar"? I think they'll get 1, maybe 2. Hopefully none.
  16. Besides being aesthetically unpleasing, it seems odd that you would not group banners based on their subject matter. Yes, it's extremely annoying that Joel's banner is in between the two Sun banners. A second issue is that the Sun banners are one sided. The other side is blank. And yes they do hang in front of the upper deck so fans can see the blank side.
  17. It's ridiculous. I mean if he wants to put banners in his garage celebrating Grammy wins or platinum albums, that's one thing...
  18. I was at the Connecticut Sun WNBA game last week (we get free tix with our players club card, plus I like women's basketball, sue me) and for the third summer in a row Billy Joel has a banner up regarding 10 sold out shows at the Mohegan Sun Arena from May to June 2008 "a New England Record" Does anyone know if Billy Joel has some sort of deal in his contract stating where he plays must put up banners for him if it's some kind of record? I saw one in MSG when I toured it a couple years back. Here's a poor cell phone shot of the banner in between the Sun's 2 conference championship banners:
  19. I find it odd that there is no distinction to the National Championship banners. It's like everything there is one equal accomplishment.
  20. My son wants one already. (We're Skins in addition to being Pats fans). Probably will get him one for his birthday.
  21. They didn't have the $250 to buy a vowel?
  22. Why do the Buffalo Sabres have 1975 and 1980 Prince of Wales Champions banners? The playoffs were not conference by conference in those seasons. They were matched up based on points 1 vs 16, 2 vs 15 etc. In 1980, they didn't make the Stanley Cup Finals, which makes that banner misleading. Technically they had the most points in the conference those two years. So if anything shouldn't they both say "Wales Conference Regular Season Champions" (which I feel shouldn't have a banner) like the Red Wings have?
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