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  1. Tigers look really good. I like the minimal amount of orange you used. The numbers do look a little funny. Maybe for the homes try orange, blue, white number and for the away orange, white, blue number. The sunrise is great on the Astros! Great work! I disagree with changing the colors of the socks for both Sox's (idk how to make Sox plural hahaha). I think it would though off the color balance for the sets. I get the point, I just dont think it would look right for a hockey set.
  2. Holy good god man! That Giants set is spectacular!! The only minor criticism would be the thickness of the logo on the helmet. A little concerned it might get muddy from a distance, but it looks so good I dont even care lol. Rams set is great too. Pretty standard unis but the vintage font and logo are great!
  3. It's not bad. I dont mind the addition of black, but I think the numbers on the home Jersey should be white with black outline. I might try and brighten the green a bit to give some more contrast. And I would change the pant stripes so that the long single stripe is either green or white and the little "jets" are black. You also need some TV numbers on each concept. It will really help make it look more finished and will help with color balance. It's a good start though. Keep it up!
  4. That Cincy set is spectacular! I love the white helmet! The logo is great too! Min is good too,its "modern classic" IMO and that's a great happy medium for them. The stripping isn't consistent though. I understand you want WPYPW and that's great, but the purple pants seemed to only have one white strip. So it reads PWPYP. Ravens look good, but a little flat for me. I like you didn't wedge in the flag somewhere and I like the addition of grey. I think the purple could be a little bright for better contrast against the black, and I think it could use a little more ofthe red to help break it up. It feels a little like the raiders meets 90s Falcons right now. That being said I think you're headed in the right direction and I like the 3rd option for the new home set. Super excited to see the rest of this series!
  5. Those are spectacular! Really want to see the full set!
  6. Really nice set! As mentioned the state in the ball is great! I think adding a white outline to the "KY" in the lower left side of the logo would make that space feel more full and would balance the logo out. The western esq font doesn't work for a military theme. Maybe try a more blocking military front. As for the last set of jerseys I would rank them 3, 1, 2... but they're all great.
  7. These are beautiful! The presentations is fantastic as well. Only thing I would change is the volt numbers on the away. Also on the 2d away you have a white hem stripe, but on the 3D you have a large black stripe.
  8. I like option A for the top logo and option B for the bottom logo (which I think would be a great helmet logo!)
  9. Nailed it! These are beautiful! Subtle but unique well done!
  10. White will make them look more realistic for sure, but if you don't like the white at all or are just trying not to use it as like a challenge then maybe try a color rush NHL ya know. Just a suggestion. I've like the series so far though, keep it up!
  11. Oh man both of these are great! I think option 2 looks a little more "pro team". Option 1 looks great but to me looks a little more like an AFL or XFL team, not that thats bad or anything, just my opinion. Either choice will be awesome, great work!
  12. I understand man, I just give my opinion, it's your concepts do what you want ya know ☺. I mean if your doing these more for fun than realism than it's fine, most of my suggestions were just from the perspective of trying to make them more realistic. That being said I will try to give C&C based on them being more for fun. Calgary is nice, pretty simple, but nice. Maybe add a red yoke to the away set? Columbus is actually really good. That jersey style really works with that logo and adds a lot more red which is nice. Florida is by far my favorite. The gold and orange actually work pretty well together. It's clean and has good color balance. I wouldn't worry about there being too many blue and orange teams. These don't look anything like those other teams. Good work on these ones man. Also I really like where you added the manufacture name on the glove and I think you should do that for every team.
  13. I love the that era Houston look, but these seem like they have a bit too much going on, maybe try reducing the striping to just the mid section, think Montreal Canadiens. I also think the top stripe on every jersey should be a different color than the numbers on the back. The numbers blend in too much right now. Love the pants stripe though
  14. I think I like helmet A best, but I'd like to see it in white. I feel like a Florida team would want white more than black just for the heat factor. Plus I like like black being an accent color and not a primary. I like option B for the sleeves, maybe with a yellow stripe instead of black though.
  15. The ducks look better with the lighter green for sure. The logo on the home still gets a little lost though, maybe try an orange outline if you are trying to stay away from white. Also I think the Alt should habe green gloves and helmet. It would make for more contrast and would be so harsh on the eyes. Arizona is nice, don't know how the sand jersey would stand as a home set. Might have to see some color vs color games, which is fine. I personally still like a little bit of white or black to break it up a bit, but that just my preference. I think I'd like to see some of the sand color on the away set though. I actually really like buffalo, their current look is pretty classic, but this is a solid look. Couple little things I would change though. I think the home set needs blue helmet and gloves and the away set needs blue pants and maybe shoulder logos just to add a touch more blue to it. Other than that they look nice! I'm excited to see what other teams you do.
  16. I think this set is an absolute winner! The simple more traditional design is really nice. Love the new font, it adds a bit of character without taking away from or clashing the classic look. This is also the only time I've ever actually liked an orange jersey when paired with the pewter, I think it's because you used a darker shade. My only suggestion would be to add a set of red or orange or both socks so we dont get the leotard look with pewter on pewter. Other than that fantastic work on these!
  17. I think it's a start, but it needs some tweaking. The logo needs to have some white on it, the little stripe on the bottom of the D and the outline should be white to keep it from getting lost on the home jersey. I would also change the color of the D on the Alt jersey, not enough contrast. The green should be brighter too, a dark green is good, but this is too close to black IMO. The home jerseys need white to break it up some. Number outlines and a yoke outline would be a good start if you don't want to/ dont like having the orange stripes with white. Also, you might get some grief on here for not "making them yourself" and instead using NHL 18 to make them. It doesn't bother me, because I like seeing what other people come up with in the game and it gives me ideas for my own game, but just be prepared for that.
  18. I like 7 with 3 or 4 as a secondary. I think the flame/sun logo needs that outline that 7 has.
  19. I think you have a winner here! The black out is my favorite look, but the whole set is great!
  20. These are all beautiful! Only little thing would be the thickness of the Yankee script. I wonder if it would get a little lost in the pin stripes with it being so thin.
  21. New logo is definitely better. Idk much about logo design, but I feel like it's still a little to vertical and doesn't have enough "movement". The feathers seem to kinda flow and I think a shorter "curvier " C would help bled the two elements together. Again though Idk much about logo design so take my opinion with a grain of salt lol.
  22. The white number on both dark Titans jerseys are perfect, either the dark or light numbers work on the white, but after seeing them I guess I would lean toward the dark numbers. I like the white pants for the Jags. Don't think they should be the primary, but it gives them the black, teal, white, look which makes fans of the original look happy, and I like the black, black white look (I know I'm in the minority on that lol). Even without though, the set is really nice.
  23. These look nice because the brown and black almost never touch haha
  24. Titans look nice, seems like more of a tweak to the old set, but that's ok. I like the light blue helmet and making that the primary was the right choice. I'd like to see white numbers on the home and light blue numbers on the away set just to balance it out a bit more. Looks good other than that. Jags look excellent! It's simple, yet kinda modern. I like the collar stripe really interesting. I have different ideas about what should be the Alt vs primary and what not, but the set is nice as a whole man. Would like to see white pants though.
  25. BAL- love the excessive amount of orange. The throw back is awesome! BOS- clean and simple, but I think the should always where the red hat. CHI- love the this set, by far my favorite. The home alt is stunning! CLE- I like where you're headed with the logo, but they do feel like two separate things put together and not cohesive. All red throw back is awesome. DET- I like the addition of Orange through out, but I hate the orange hats should be only navy with a white or orange D. Really nice work overall though man!
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