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  1. Nets is a white version of the Coogi jerseys.
  2. NBA teams: "We're losing money every year." Also NBA teams: "We have three new courts for no apparent reason!"
  3. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/basketball/knicks/ny-james-dolan-msg-inglewood-lawsuit-deposition-clippers-arena-20190717-vrdv6kg6rbgmbaqcwa2yq3gnv4-story.html
  4. I did a reverse image search for this and sportslogos.net is the only result.
  5. How about the Letterkenny Shamrocks, boys? Ferda.
  6. I couldn't believe they let Drake put his stupid logo on their Championship hats.
  7. The Chinook are an indigenous tribe from the pacific northwest.
  8. I mean, there IS an ECHL team in Boise called that. So I understand. Personally, I prefer it to Sockeyes, though. I mean, Steelheads could have a fighting connotation too. Being super tough because they have a steel head. It's also WA's state fish and isn't copyrighted by a romance novelist.
  9. Curious as to why everyone is jumping on Sockeyes but no one is even mentioning Steelheads.
  10. So NHLSeattle.com appears to have re-branded with some unique colors
  11. The Bayhawks are becoming the Skyhawks.
  12. This slipped by me and I didn't see it posted here, but looks like Seattle's new kits will be unveiled on the 25th.