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  1. The Bayhawks are becoming the Skyhawks.
  2. This slipped by me and I didn't see it posted here, but looks like Seattle's new kits will be unveiled on the 25th.
  3. That seems to be a polarizing thing. I've seen people say they prefer it smaller and I've seen people say they wish it was bigger.
  4. The old logo without the flower pedals would have been better.
  5. There's some kind of sublimated pattern on the sides
  6. Sounders used a blank kit as their new sponsor has not been announced yet.
  7. "Magenta." Apparently Legere is very persnickety about that.
  8. Maybe it's just because Seattle is such a nomadic city but eventually you start telling people to go to "Qwest Field" and they look at you like you told them to go to Mars.
  9. It's funny how every time a long standing venue changes its name, people say this and then inevitably get with the times. People said they wouldn't call "Qwest Field" CenturyLink Field. People said they wouldn't call "Seahawks Stadium" Qwest Field.
  10. Looks like the logo will feature indigenous art. https://www.king5.com/article/news/local/nhl-seattle-looking-to-incorporate-indigenous-art-into-team-logo/281-d67226ff-9dd3-4c9d-abb3-15337e4118f1
  11. I'm not 100%, but I think since the team wouldn't be named the "Idaho Steelheads," then they wouldn't need to buy the name. I mean, there are two teams called the Thunder in the AHL.