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  1. Alright so seems like you guys liked the updates so here are the full uniforms:
  2. Alright onto Detroit. DETROIT LIONS DESIGN I really like what the Lions did two years ago with their re-desings. So it's mainly the same Added white and silver in between the stripes HELMET New striping added Blue facemask instead of gray JERSEYS New striping added Removed the "WCF" and "LIONS" patch on the sleeves. It just seems tacky to me PANTS: New striping added SOCKS Unchanged COLOR RUSH Same gray uniform except new facemask and new striping THROWBACK Same exact design as now Gray facemask is back Next team will be Minnesota to finish up the NFC North with a new (just slightly updated) logo! Thanks for looking guys and as always C&C is greatly appreciated.
  3. It's funny you say that because they were an inspiration (along with the throwbacks) for the color rush uniforms. I still say that the Mariota Rose Bowl Kelly Greens and the throwback Kelly Greens are in my top 5 of college football uniforms. The colors just blend so well together and thought it'd be perfect for the Packers.
  4. Thanks! I really like that combo also. When I was doing my research I was shocked that they have not done that yet, but now here it is. Haha yeah I've found people either love or hate the throwbacks. But thanks! The inconsistencies really bugged me too so that's now fixed. Also, here is a comparison of the old Bears logo and what the new one looks like compared to other teams Not much change, but a necessary one. Thanks guys and I should have Detroit up tomorrow.
  5. Thanks for the comments! I'll go onto the next team then. CHICAGO BEARS LOGO: Changed the iconic wishbone C logo a little bit No double outline but one thick single outline Orange C on blue background, Blue C on Orange background DESIGN: Changed the away striping from B/O/B to blue stripes with orange outlines. The same striping found on the home and alt jersey. HELMET Changed the front bumper to blue with an orange outline and the back bumper to "CHICAGO" instead of "BEARS" Nothing else is changed JERSEY Home and Alt jersey remain the same. Away jersey stripes changed PANTS Unchanged SOCKS White socks have updated white striping COLOR RUSH Exact same color rush as now. I should have said this before, but the NFC North is going to be kind of boring because I did not change much. I believe the four teams have pretty solid uniforms already. So please bear with me because I have 20 teams who have complete uniform overhauls and 20 teams (some the same, some not) with new or edited logos. As always thanks for looking and C&C is greatly appreciated!
  6. GREEN BAY PACKERS Design: In my totally (un)biased opinion, the Packers have the best uniforms in football and maybe the best uniforms in all of sports. So no drastic changes here. The only thing that bothers me is the inconsistent striping on the collar and sleeve The iconic triple stripe is now on the jersey. No more space in between the three stripes on the collar and the sleeve Same wordmark font and number font Helmet Unchanged Jersey Updated stripe changes on sleeve and collar Updated template (Hopefully with the new regime in Green Bay they will do this because the mesh jersey looks very outdated) Pants Unchanged Socks and Cleats Added sock stripes. There will be a trend in this thread and that is the addition of sock striping. (I love the extra color and the old school feel of socks stripes) White cleats instead of black. To me, it looks better with the legendary green and gold COLOR RUSH DESIGN KELLY GREEN. This has been talked about for awhile among uniform fans and I finally put the idea onto paper (or a screen) Not only this is a color rush, but it is also a throwback This would be the replacement of the awful blue and gold throwbacks Double golden stripe just like the 1950 uniforms HELMET No stripes or logo (Just like the throwbacks) Facemask, front, and back bumper wordmark colors are changed to Kelly green JERSEY Double golden stripe on sleeves and collar Golden numbers PANTS Green pants for the first time since 1953 Double golden stripe on pants Socks and Cleats All Kelly green socks with double golden stripe Kelly green cleats with golden accents Thanks for looking everyone and I am super excited to share my concepts with you all. And as always, C&C is greatly appreciated. Thanks again!
  7. Lol yep that was the problem. Post should be up soon. Thanks!
  8. Ok I'm trying to add images from Imgur but when I put the link in on here, it gives me a red bar and doesn't allow me to add it. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  9. Hey everyone, It's been a long time since I've posted on the boards but I am back with a project that I have been wanting to do for awhile now. Re-designing the NFL has always been an idea of mine but I never had the time. Well, over summer I finally had some time, got a new/faster computer and started going to work. Anyone who has followed my other threads, know that I'm not a big logo designer but I learned how to use Illustrator and with this new knowledge, there will be some logo changes to the league. Before I get started, I just want to lay down some guidelines for this thread. One helmet rule still applies (I don't hate this rule because I don't want NFL teams having multiple different helmets like in college). Color Rush uniforms for every team No NFL 100 logo on helmets and uniforms I'll start out with my favorite team's division and work through the NFC, then the AFC, and then I might finish it out with a few surprises. In my next post I'll have the Packers' concepts. Alright here we go. NFC NORTH Chicago Bears Detroit Lions v2.0 Green Bay Packers Minnesota Vikings NFC EAST Dallas Cowboys New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles Washington ............ NFC SOUTH Atlanta Falcons Carolina Panthers New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC WEST Arizona Cardinals Los Angeles Rams San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks AFC NORTH Baltimore Ravens Cleveland Browns Cincinnati Bengals Pittsburgh Steelers AFC EAST Buffalo Bills Miami Dolphins New England Patriots New York Jets AFC SOUTH Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Jacksonville Jaguars Tennessee Titans AFC WEST Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs Los Angeles Chargers Oakland Raiders
  10. Here's Wisconsin throwbacks. Gotta say not bad and as a Badger fan I really like them. I could do without the brown pants but overall a really solid look.
  11. Didn't notice that but it is a great addition.
  12. New jerseys for Iowa State this year. Gone is the black collar which imo was the only thing holding the uniform back from being near perfect.
  13. This is not what I was expecting, but this is way better. I thought Nike was going to ruin this but they did great. Only things I would change: - No white helmet. But since they have one, make the face masks orange - White ā€œSā€ with blue outline on Orange helmet - Orange collar on white jersey Overall, best new uniforms by far.
  14. Sorry this is coming very late but being on winter break without a computer, it was kinda hard to post anything. But here is the next team; Los Angeles Clippers LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS HELMET: -Plain blue helmet with "Nautical" Stripes sublimated just like Indiana -LAC logo on the helmet. Best logo I could use -White facemask JERSEY: -Nautical stripes on shoulder cap -Collar colored but not sleeve cuffs colored like the real unis -Red numbers on away jerseys with blue lettering like the real unis PANTS: -Different colored stripes like the real shorts STATEMENT -All black uniforms -Only difference is the CLIPPERS on the front instead of LAC logo Thanks for looking guys and hopefully I will be able to upload more concepts soon. And as always C&C is greatly appreciated!