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  1. The back numbers are a little big, other than that, you hit a home run
  2. He didn't do USC, he did South Carolina University of South Carolina Most South Carolina fans refer to the school as USC, and I don't believe they like it when Southern California gets dibs on the acronym. That Joke --------- Your Head
  3. Am I the only one who finds it funny that all of this is happened/ing on a team formerly known as the "Bullets"
  4. Sorry for the mega bump, but here is mine Because I feel that Golden State Warriors sounds like a college Home combo is Blue, Blue, Yellow Away combo is Blue, White 1, Yellow Alt combo is Yellow, Yellow, Blue No mono
  5. He didn't do USC, he did South Carolina
  6. I would put a small I State and a small Hawkeye where the two universities are respectively
  7. Hey look, a post not about dildos and dicks I dislike the O'Rourke?McFadden Trophy Its a grumpy old man in a football helmet.
  8. Restating my post from the other thread. That just about sums my thoughts as well. Very disappointed with Oregon. It's just a recolor of their current jersey. I actually like Boise helmet, but nothing much else is going on... wait, holy crap did we just agree on something? Prepare the bunkers, the nukes are flying, Spleen and Kevin agreed on something.
  9. Well it's not sports but My grandfather was a cashier at a gas station that Elvis went to frequently.
  10. Jahgee

    NFL Helmet Sigs

    Axl, I've been wondering Where did you get your sig.
  11. Best: Jeweled Shillelagh Victory Bell Worst: The Bones
  12. Jahgee

    Fox's MLB Series

    Nationals - The Road uniform needs more red Phillies - Epicness, would make watching the Mets losing to them easier.
  13. Here you go, I am bored right now so I can do requests.
  14. I can do all of that, but I have a condition to ask: when I make it, can I group everything by team instead of year? Having all the USC stuff, followed by Sounders stuff, etc. is easier to make then if everything is chronological. its easier to look at too. P.S. if that is ok with you, I will have it done in like 5 minutes. You can make it like that if you want, I can always rearrange it to my liking. EDIT: Could you make me the Jeff Gordon Championships, Daytona 500s and Brickyard 400s, here is the trophies needed, you don't have to make them, but it would be nice Winston Cup Trophy Daytona 500 Trophy (Like this but instead of gold, it is silver) Brickyard 400 Trophy
  15. I made a better Islanders concept than those douchebags that made this, it's still bad, but it's better than this that is just as bad if not worse. those have obnoxiously huge numbers. So you rather see random grey and a reused template over huge numbers
  16. I made a better Islanders concept than those douchebags that made this, it's still bad, but it's better than this
  17. Sorry to be a bother, but I forgot, could you add the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cups, Conference Championships and Presidents Cups And if over the Sig limit, you can get rid of the USC Baseball ones.
  18. Because of size and logistical constraints, I could probably only add the baseball and additional bowl games. If you ask him nicely, I am sure Bubba might be able to help you out with the rest. That would be fine, could you put a Baseball above the trophy, like in Kevin's.