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  1. didn't know that you could set stati.

  2. Aww, Cotch the Crotch is gone, Derrick Mason, we got older and worse with him.
  3. Bump, and I agree with JimmyN64, does anybody here have a textured hockey template with the sleeves folded down?
  4. Jahgee

    I find it funny that if you look up "CCSLC" on google, this profile comes up as one of the 4 bottom things.

  5. What is the font that you used for the Steaks uniforms

  6. For the Baseball All Time Draft, is it ok if I pick a Japanesse pitcher, I have a great plan that involves him.

  7. Can someone find a font that is close to this
  8. You mispelled Binghamton
  9. Can someone post an Adidas Soccer Template that works
  10. For the 2011 NFL Mock Draft

    What would it take for the Bills to get Kelley Washington

  11. Holy , that's awesome. You've finally brought something great to this site. But are you sure those fonts aren't, like, illegal? As far as I can tell, they paid for them, didn't they
  12. This site is freakin awesome, got the entire Friz Quadrata font family for free!
  13. Zhambel Horsemen South Park Cows Springfield Meltdowns
  14. North Texas. You're serious? It was them or UTEP UTEP. Fixed now
  15. North Texas. You're serious? It was them or UTEP
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