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  1. Correct, but most of the players in the "wrong" uniforms lean towards people who have worn a specific jersey for 2 years or less. He'll have worn Milwaukee for six years. It will never look weird. Wait for the 2022 "Players in the 'wrong' uniforms" thread, and see where sentiment swings then haha. But seriously, Fielder in a Brewers uniform will probably never look weird to current posters, but depending on how his Tigers tenure turns out, future posters will probably associate him almost exclusively with Detroit. It's like how I see Grant Hill. Despite playing more games, and earning more accolades, with the Pistons than with any of his other teams, it's been so long since he's worn a Pistons jersey, I associate him with the Suns more than any other team at this point.
  2. Wow, I knew championship rings had gotten much bigger in the last decade or two, but that pic really puts things in perspective. That thing is massive. Do any relatively recent players actually wear their rings regularly?
  3. Ugh, one of the most thoughtless retired numbers out there. That just wreaks of publicity stunt. Seriously, no team should ever retire a player's number who never even played for them (heck, I'm even opposed to teams who move and change identities retiring numbers from their far past).
  4. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but since I knew from early on that Favre started off with the Falcons, I don't find that pic strange.
  5. Same here. Although, for some reason, I also seem to think of him as Angels players too, despite never having a mental image of him in an Angels jersey.
  6. whoa, ben wallace bald? i never thought i'd see that
  7. whoa, ben wallace bald? i never thought i'd see that
  8. whoa, ben wallace bald? i never thought i'd see that
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