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  1. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for colleges and universities with unusual mascots, specifically the Trinity College (IL) Trolls.
  2. Am I the only one bugged that his hat no longer says "Mr. Peanut" on it?
  3. Looks good. I'm having a bit of an issue with that sliver of silver just above his bottom jaw. Are those supposed to be teeth? I can't really tell, and it just seems sort of unnecessary to make the design work. I think all of the spikes on his collar would look better if they all extended past the collar itself. The shape of the spiked collar would read more as a spiked collar by its silhouette that way. The way it is now, those spikes create an implied tangent with the edge of the collar. That nose looks kind of awkward too. Even on an English Bulldog the nose protrudes slightly, even if the rest of the face is smushed in. I would have the shape of that nose extend past the heavy outline of the rest of his face, because right now it looks as though the nose was just cut off at that point.
  4. Yawn. I agree that an update/change was needed... but this just feels bland. Take away the CBS eye and it looks like the button for a mobile banking app.
  5. I don't like how the face fits into that "shield" in their wordmark. It makes him look like he has no neck. The grey shadow bugs me. If they had formed it to fit the contours of his face a bit more it would work, but the way it is now simply doesn't.
  6. The red outlines make the "volt" look more like a golden yellow, which then makes the un-outlined "volt" read as green. It really clashes with the fact that the "volt" color doesn't appear anywhere on the court, and the white doesn't appear anywhere on the apron. It looks like they literally took the old court and applied the new apron without changing anything at all... which could very well be what they did.
  7. Maryland's set actually looks good (aside from the helmet). It only took them four years to figure out how to integrate the Maryland state flag into their uniforms without making them hideous. Louisville... I have no words. It seems like UofL is trying to become to Adidas what Oregon is to Nike. Stick to the growling bird and the gothic "L", black and red, and stop trying to make your uniforms "edgy". Please. Just stop.
  8. Wizard World doesn't really care about being accurate with landmarks and skylines, since there are about 11,346 of them now. This is my hometown show: And my previous hometown show:
  9. This is amazing. It stands out without going over the top. Now if we can get referees to refer to the Line of Scrimmage as the "Pass Line"...
  10. EMU will also have these "patriotic" alternantes. Air Force can get away with this look. Eastern Michigan, not so much.
  11. The fact that the odd angles aren't consistent between numbers is what really bugs me, especially on that "5" The crossbar is at a slight skew, but the end of the tail is at a sharper angle.
  12. That's an awfully strange way of spelling "Clippers". In all seriousness, the Pacers only really need a change of typeface; Agency (or whatever it is they use) just seems so bland and generic, and it doesn't look good next to their awesome logo.
  13. Black and Grey are both school colors, so not really.
  14. Howard had it before the Buffalo Bills, so it's not a ripoff, but HU isn't going to fight the NFL when the school is already in somewhat of a precarious financial position.