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  1. During Schiano's first run in Rutgers, the mantra he adopted for the team was "Keep Choppin Wood" aka make sure every player on the team has a high work ethic in order to be successful.
  2. Yeah i am very aware of why he was banned and find it all hilarious from his evolution of constant "where is the set?" troll to providing semi-reliable information and not being taken serious. I dont blame others for not taking his information serious and also dont blame him for trying to do a victory lap across every thread because no one wants to believe what he has is true. definitely too much "i told you so" in his postings
  3. It's a shame he never gets to do his victory lap because he is always banned when his "leaks" turn out to be real
  4. the irony of posting this on a uniform forum where we receive internet points for our opinions on uniforms/logos, etc.
  5. Larry Nance, arguably the 10th man on the Cavs, is wearing #24 tonight (his old number before switching to his father's retired #22) because he played with Kobe and had an impact on his basketball career growing up. That's something the players will work out amongst themselves and frankly something we don't even need to worry about. There are so many different ways to memorialize him and I'm not going to criticize a person for how they want to do it. Again, we have no connection to him like the players who played or went against him have so I would leave that to them to do how they please. You surely don't have to like it either
  6. I dont see it that way at all, a lot of these players are young and grew up idolizing Kobe and not knowing of many of the greats who came before him. Some guys want to memorialize him in their own way, whether it's wearing the jersey for one night or not wearing it for the foreseeable future. These guys have MUCH deeper of a connection to him, especially hearing their many stories so I dont think any of us are in a position to understand any of the decisions they make and I wont question guys because their could be a story behind a lot of what they choose to do.
  7. Almost every player in the league today grew up idolizing Kobe or at least respect the longevity of his career and the #mambamentality that he promoted to athletes all across the world from baseball, soccer, football and even tennis. As fans of the game, we will never have that perspective of being an NBA player wearing #8 or #24 who, for the rest of time, will always think of Kobe for those two numbers. Just seeing all of their reactions immediately after the accident and their pure emotions re-enforced that point. While the number may not be retired by every franchise, I just couldn't see too many players any time soon wearing those 2 numbers out of respect for Kobe and the legacy he left in basketball. We as fans and uni-enthusiasts will never understand or have that connection so our opinion will not be the same as what they are asking for or want to do.
  8. Funny the amount of mental gymnastics people will use to continue to not give credit to Teal. I'm looking forward to seeing what the design looks like.
  9. Appears cal will be doing a white out for the bowl game....? or at least possibly a white helmet. I hope it is just a white helmet with the same matte finsih as the regular shell with blue lettering instead of gold/yellow ; if this is it we will look like BYU
  10. So it is closer to the throwback royal blue vs the current dark blue they have been using ?
  11. Interesting article and in a way...the owner was correct that stadium prices would soon balloon to astronomical numbers though not as quickly as suggested. I am sure they will be looking to renovate soon too
  12. I believe this is in the spirit of the Cavfanatic series where they mashup different elements of different eras...i actually kind of like it and will definitely be getting a jersey
  13. I want to see the Cavs already
  14. that's a pretty interesting pants stripe..I actually kind of like it
  15. in other news... new helmets for Ga Southern. the wings appear small but that is because there is white surrounding the blue with a light silver outline
  16. TCU with new "blood-themed" alternates; For those that forgot, horned frogs spit blood and they have previously gone with red-accented helmets, uniforms in the past but this is a bit overboard to me. i would have been fine with white numbers outlined in red
  17. For me personally, i like Oregon in the bright green, yellow, white/green and black. all the other combos can go away though i do like the dark green when it actually looks dark green vs the muddy blgreenack color
  18. The more I see it, the more it looks like a "Baylor-ized" version of our last Nike set; the number font is different, the collar has been minimized a little and the shoulder cap trend of the last couple years is removed; pants are completely different
  19. I'm ready to see the Cavs New Jersey, will definitely be buying since it is blue
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