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  1. That's how they had it back in the day
  2. As a Dolphin fan, I like that we have options for both a modern look as well as throwback looks. I don't think we need a true alternate jersey that's orange or the new blue.
  3. The wording on the press link implies these might replace the aqua throwbacks. Is there any team in the league that has a double throwback? The Dolphins again will wear their throwback uniforms in 2019, but this time with a twist. Tom Garfinkel, the Dolphins’ Vice Chairman/President/CEO revealed on Twitter and Instagram on Saturday morning that the team would wear white throwback uniforms for the Sept. 15 home game against the New England Patriots.
  4. Dolphins will have a white 1966 "color rush" throwback next year. Should be able to retain the regular throwbacks as well
  5. Looks like Mizzou will have striped pants to match the helmet. The jersey may stay the same
  6. This reminds me of the old Cal Nike set; the only difference is the gray is darker, no sleeve caps, more helmet options and the number font is different; the collar is even almost the same; gray jersey even shares the yellow number outline; I am actually kind of glad we switched to UA with how basic the Nike sets are getting now.. we may be out of the era of wild uniforms if it wasnt for Michigan State
  7. wow so this is new? I was watching the game just now, wondering when motorola was announced as the Pacers ad sponsor. Guess I am a little too in tune with the uniform stuff lol
  8. i love this set! Can't wait to see it on NBA2k
  9. You just can't satisfy some people in here but thats okay and what opinions are for
  10. Interesting helmets this week for Utah
  11. i love them. It's different and a monumental upgrade over last year's. I expected a bigger mash-up of eras but this is fine with me.
  12. I can see it from both sides; on one hand, the home/away should at least be "presentable" and make the league have some sort of standard or consistency when it comes to team designs. I like some of the alternates but some of them can be a bit out there. I feel like there should be some sort of restraint when it comes to the jerseys instead of the "wild, wild west / anything goes"
  13. It's about time people stop questioning and doubting whenever he has information and throwing personal jabs for no reason. Teal has come a long way Anyways.. Pistons dropping their set tomorrow am