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  1. The more I see it, the more it looks like a "Baylor-ized" version of our last Nike set; the number font is different, the collar has been minimized a little and the shoulder cap trend of the last couple years is removed; pants are completely different
  2. I'm ready to see the Cavs New Jersey, will definitely be buying since it is blue
  3. I may be the only one but this Ravens-Browns game looks great. The colors are pleasing.
  4. Ole Miss vs Cal was again a good looking game despite us going with blue-white-blue. Rebels went with powder blue for the second week in a row which definitely made this game less navy blue than it could have been gold pants would have made this one fantastic
  5. Might be the wrong location for this unless the kid has on a uni with white numbers
  6. Cal makes the return trip of our home and home to Ole Miss on Saturday. last time, the game looked really pleasing Our normal road attire is white-white or white-blue, we have yet to go white-yellow but think this would be a perfect time to do it the last time we went white-gold was the last year of the Nike set
  7. Can we do like a two week ban on mentioning Oregon so we can talk about all the other teams ?
  8. This photo prolly shows the dark green the best. The pants are definitely black though right? and did they have a black alternate of this set? because looking back at photos, 8 times out of 10, it looks black versus this rare occasion it actually looks dark green
  9. I should have mentioned this previously but i kept forgetting to grab a good picture (the rain delay Saturday did not help and FTFY ) . On the blue jersey, it may be hard to see due to the lighting but the patch retains the yellow outline and it is the same as the away jersey side note but UA has done a really nice job with our set and im glad they retained the matte shell from the Nike rebrand.
  10. i'm just starting to think nothing they do can please some of you, it will always be something. Here they are in school colors, with the standard green shell and O logo, sublimated wing pattern and there is still an issue with the set because the color is a "crayon" LOL
  11. I don't see how people can clamor for traditional, simple uniforms that usually have no identifying marks besides color(Penn State, Texas, Alabama, etc) Then be upset at the simplistic, slightly modern set Oregon trots out. I guess maybe if the color wasn't the mallard shifting color and was yellow there wouldn't be as many complaints but I don't see a problem with it