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  1. Here's some cool sports related apparel design from a friend of mine.. Thought these were cool enough to share. Edmonton Oilers related shirt designs. One is available for purchase here. Delete if not the right place to post... thx! via @Oilerland on twitter
  2. As a spurs fan I just came to say I love these kits. The colour of the away kit is mesmerizing. It's fantastic. The home kit is near perfect, IMO. It's my favourite spurs kit ever, aside from the days before shirt sponsors.
  3. I love these, beautiful! Love the shorts stripe too.
  4. Sorry if this has already been mentioned, and I could be wrong but: Has the logo on the new Hurricanes jersey been rotated clockwise to appear less on an angle?? It looks way more oval/flat to me, as if they just ever so slightly rotated the logo. ?
  5. Motherwell FC 13-14 kit. Nice to see the return of white shorts.
  6. Edmonton Oilers inspired gear http://www.redbubble.com/people/oilerland (there are 8 more designs on the link above)
  7. As an oilers lifelong diehard fan I am extremely happy to see the blue and orange back where it belongs. When the copper/red/navy first came out way back when, it was a refreshing change but it got really old really old pretty fast. Maybe someone wants to make a nicer version because i'm completely useless with photoshop/illustrator but for a 3rd jersey i'd love to see something like this: http://imageshack.us/f/20/oilersjersey.jpg/ i don't even know how to paste a picture - i guess image shack isn't what i should use? anyways i'd love to see someone with actual skills try a concept in this fashion - i chose horrible number and name fonts too, i know.
  8. wow those are really sexy actually, i got kinda turned on LOL oh wait i just pictured actual chick soccer players, not brooklyn decker.
  9. I'd like to know what all of these fonts are, even the content font - looks like arial? I have no idea. thanks!!
  10. I need to basically replicate this poster: Any idea on the "holiday" font, the names and the credits??? THANKS!!!
  11. wow thanks!! If i take my jersey and the patch to a pro shop, will they just do all of this for me?
  12. I'll take it to a sports shop and see what they can do. and yeah, replica....that's what i meant. i already took the jock tag off myself too.
  13. Hi, I found this patch http://www.nationalemblemcollectibles.com/oilers30.php from national emblem. I was wondering if I can iron it onto my rbk edge jersey? I have a pro jersey, the one with the jock tag, and am not sure what I can do now....should I take it to a professional heat-embossing place?? or could i just iron it on like an old school iron on patch? the back of the patch is a hard plastic so it's hard to tell if it's able to be ironed on or if i have to stitch it. thanks!!!