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  1. Seattle Kraken reminds me of when the San Jose Sharks came into the NHL Like the Kraken the Sharks have a nice name a cool logo and awesome colours
  2. It was bad enough what Hurricanes management did to Chuck Kaiton two years ago and now they are doing it again to John Forslund
  3. Love that the Golden Knights's AHL team is now the Silver Knights I really want their ECHL affiliate to now become the Bronze Knights
  4. The cheerleaders robot bands and singing fans hoping MLB is considering adding more interactive entertainment to their games
  5. The Houston Comets would be great Winning four straight titles to begin the WNBA and then having the league disband the franchise less than a decade later
  6. The Bucs went back to what worked while the Falcons got stuck with rejected XFL jerseys
  7. Bojangles is awesome Better than Popeye's or Church's
  8. looks like all the stuff the PLL Waterdogs are probably going to be things I thought of or mentioned as a Hounds fan
  9. South Carolina State got left out the FCS Playoffs despite beating Wofford, the SoCon champ
  10. With all the negative response to the new Chicago Fire logo they should take the Sonic redesign approach Just step back and be like “ok, my bad, let’s make this right” Paramount spent millions to redesign
  11. The Houston logo is close to being good. the DC logo is really good and I actually think the LA logo is kind of rad
  12. Toronto won the NBA Championship and the World Series and Baltimore took the CFL title all since the last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup
  13. Give me a St. Louis Blues 2019 Stanley Cup Champions 30 for 30
  14. Looking forward to seeing Bobby Orr's goal multiple times a day for the next few weeks