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  1. I bet we'll see something like "Sony League" and the "Wendy's League"
  2. USA Network is in something like 6 million more homes than NBCSN so it's certainly not a bad switch for the NHL Plus getting a 2nd broadcast partner in Fox will be very big for the league.
  3. Chicago State should have never been in the WAC in the first place
  4. The Kentucky Colonels should have never shut down and should have been one of the teams that came over from the ABA to the NBA
  5. One of Tommy Lasorda’s proudest accomplishments was managing Team USA to the gold medal during 2000 Olympics
  6. PLL's deal with NBC will bring in a decent amount of money over the next few years
  7. ESPN should be working on the Crew’s 30 for 30 right now
  8. I am objectively sad and disappointed about the Lexington Legends getting unceremoniously ditched by Rob Manfred
  9. I'm super excited about NWSL back in Kansas City
  10. The Trenton Thunder drew close to 14 million fans sold $45 million in merchandise have an excellent stadium and now are without an MLB affiliate
  11. Can’t wait 3rd times a charm for the XFL
  12. Seattle Kraken reminds me of when the San Jose Sharks came into the NHL Like the Kraken the Sharks have a nice name a cool logo and awesome colours
  13. It was bad enough what Hurricanes management did to Chuck Kaiton two years ago and now they are doing it again to John Forslund