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  1. He just confirmed NEW YORK across the chest.....
  2. Broncos Country approves this message. However, thanks are in order to the Pats. Thank You for taking care of SD & KC for us. Heres to hoping Talib / CJ / Wade Phillips reach the mountaintop once more! RAM IT!
  3. I remember being a kid in the early 90s, and after high school football games, I used to would run and dive into the pylons just to see if they would ever fall over.... Nope. Never happened. Those suckers were screwed into the ground! Good times!
  4. I wonder if the Terrell Davis Jersey next to that one is essentially Broncos current home jerseys?
  5. I cant believe I'm willingly cheering for the Pats. Definitely gonna need a shower after this. However, I'll gladly exchange needing a shower for seeing a KC/SD AFCCG. Lord knows I'll be getting dirty with the Pats again next week!
  6. "Rivers asking wheres the flag?" LOL. OF COURSE HE IS. Its what he does. Please score again and again... and again... Run it up.
  7. The possibilities of this season ending in a satisfactory way for myself are dwindling. Let me explain. 1. I have no possibility of cheering for an AFC team in the SB. I wouldve been more than happy to cheer for the Colts had they kept winning, but Alas..... 2. I hate NE with a passion, but it pales in comparison to my hatred of the Chargers (#1 on my list) and the Chefs (#2 on my list). At least if NE wins, it wouldn't be new and Id be used to it. Maybe TB would even retire. Thatd be cool. I have no problem with any of the NFC teams left. Although I always root for the AFC in the Pro Bowl, I always end up cheering for the NFC in the big one (unless the Broncos are playing) I wonder what other folks' loyalties are like once your team is eliminated
  8. SVL looks best in Green/Green/Gold. It should be the only combo they ever wear at home. It would be even better if they put the Gold outline on the numbers. Dont even get me started on those ugly white helmets from last season. Just a monstrosity.
  9. I still wear my graphite cap from this set. It's a beaut.
  10. Saw a golf cart today in Myrtle Beach with BOTH flags on it. And get this -- Confederate was on the left. All sorts of messed up if u ask me. Tell me how it makes any sense to fly both
  11. First thought when I saw the new USF helmet:
  12. As a super traditionalist, I was quite unhappy when I saw Michigan getting blue end zones.... But damn if that isn't a good looking football field.