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  1. If there was going to be a change, this is exactly what I would do. However, I'd ditch the last two in this set completely. Leave the D in the past. I love it as much as the next guy, but the Cyber Horse is (head) and shoulders better. I'm glad you kept the current helmet with this new set. I hope that never changes again.
  2. This is awful news. Way too young to go
  3. Im not a Clemson fan in the least, but they won the '81 title in orange. I wish my Broncos could do that....
  4. I'm all about matching stripes as much as anyone else, but the blue stripe ties the updated look to the originals. I like it Better than I would with the socks being White/Silver/Burgundy. I cant explain it. Maybe because its the only white socks the Avs have ever had with a full-time set and Ive always followed them. The burgundy socks are the same way for me. They didnt match with the original set, but now they do and Im fine with it.
  5. That's bone. The lettering is something called "Cillian Braille"
  6. I got the AFC 3930. Only hat more comfortable than that is the Broncos' Red pro bowl hats from this season. Also, Im a fan of the rubberized graphic. Its nice and easy to keep it BRIGHT white.
  7. New helmets for The Citadel... Apparently we are eliminating Navy blue completely from the uniforms as well.
  8. Nope. White pants with an orange or navy swoosh. Then obviously Navy socks. Keep it legit looking at least
  9. I cant even. Maybe if they were in the correct colors??
  11. What size? Ive got a 7-1/4 thats too tight for me
  12. I saw the Broncos in their Orange Crush uniforms on TV one time when I was a kid. Thats all it took.
  13. Wearing flannel shirts and knit hats during the summer, skinny jeans, hanging out at Starbucks...