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  1. Thanks for this. I lettered my jersey earlier today. Looks great!
  2. I just recently captured one of my white whales... the blue version of this jersey. I want to letter it myself with heat transfer vinyl. https://teamusa.usahockey.com/photo_gallery/show/1387208#13 This is a 2-part question: anybody know the name of the number font used and/or the name of the NOB font?
  3. ^^^ That's all I want. Those are PERFECT. Just put a C on the helmet instead and we're golden.
  4. Nice try, but no. Thats not how the English language works. Edit: We've done the whole "Cadet Dress Up" thing in years past. It was actually our previous set. https://images.app.goo.gl/kRNR5CeVabojrssp6
  5. We all want all of our sports uniforms to say The Citadel. Merchandise and everything else included as well. Its a very sore topic among both fans and alumni. Many folks including myself refuse to buy merchandise if it doesn't have The on it. The first thing they should do is utilize "Citadel Blue" much more. There has been a huge over use of navy for years now. I'm not saying completely kill it off, because we need both, but keep it on a much lesser level. Our branding needs serious help. For years, our motto has jokingly been "The Citadel... a tradition of change since 1842!" To prove my point, the football helmet pictured isn't even current. It was last worn in 2017 before they eliminated all of the navy completely from that. That helmet was a beauty.
  6. They're the Dallas Stars. They are trash. It suits them.
  7. The Avs finally released their RR and Third jersey schedule https://www.facebook.com/129116567344/posts/10159685468682345/?sfnsn=mo
  8. Avs are morning skating in white helmets/blue breezers and gloves. Gonna be an interesting look tonight
  9. I was very anti-change to the Avs uniforms. Suprisingly, after 2 full games I'm already used to all the blue equipment. For those of you concerned about the lack of blue on the road uniforms, remember that the socks have always had the blue stripe. As long as the helmet stays white, theyll look fine IMO. I'm personally hoping for the RR Burgundy gloves, but I think thats a pipe dream. We'll find out Tuesday!
  10. Historical reasoning or not... those mismatching stripes hurt my eyes. The white cuff sucks, too. Looks really out of place.
  11. Gotcha. That makes more sense.
  12. I would assume so as well, but if that was the case, why not put the Nords logo on there instead of the 3rd?
  13. Avs are breaking in new breezers with the 3rd jersey logo on them. Now I'm really confused. https://www.facebook.com/129116567344/posts/10159615951187345/
  14. Nothing wrong with the sticker, but I wish they would've inverted the colors on the 44 to match the old white uniforms. https://images.app.goo.gl/y9SiP9k74iCCfVbCA
  15. Thought he looked too thin to be JR
  16. Is that first #2 Jamarcus Russell? If so, I'm not sure I knew he ever played there.
  17. Color the 44 yard line hash marks orange or keep them white and outline them in orange. Obviously a moment of silence and tribute video goes without saying
  18. As a manager of a print shop this is very intriguing as to whose fault this is. Based on the video of last year's equipment crew applying the decals, the sheets of decals came 4up on white paper just the same as they did this year. This points to the Broncos just using the same manufacturer and telling them "give us xxxx more". If thats the case, Broncos equipment staff shouldnt have accepted these. OR.... did the Broncos just order them wrong? I feel like this is less likely just based on the sheets the decals were on. Seems like the same from last year. Either way they can be replaced in time for Saturday if they so choose.
  19. Broncos screwed up their helmet decals for this Saturday's game against the Bills. The negative space inside the D should be the helmet color. Not white. Poor thing looks like a white blob already https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159537410216318&id=129494626317
  20. I miss the logo beltbuckles... but I HATE the mono navy uniform
  21. I did a quick google for this as well. When it didnt bring back any results, I knew to come here.
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