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  1. I don't know how anybody here missed these: Honda Superspeedway Aero Kit: Chevy Superspeedway Aero Kit:
  2. That is unfortunate for Alonso. I forgot to mention this, but in the IndyCar rumor-mill (a very strong rumor by the looks of it), Simona de Silvestro is closing in on a race seat in St. Pete for Andretti Autosport. I think this would be wonderful news if confirmed, I think she is a great driver, just needs a chance with a good team. If anyone is interested (or bored), this weekend there is Pirelli World Challenge racing this weekend at the Circuit of the Americas. The top classes (GT and GTA) are primarily FIA GT3 homologated cars (for example: McLaren, Bentley, Nissan, and the new Cadillac), and they race in two 50 minute races (one on Saturday at 3:45 pm EST, and the other on Sunday at 2:25 pm EDT). There are also other classes racing as a part of PWC in separate races throughout the weekend. There is official live streaming on the series' not so impressive looking (to say the least) website. (I just want to let you know of different motorsports categories.) And finally, some thoughts regarding any potential races I could attend this month (I thought I would like to share it):
  3. Here is an update on the Chargers. First, I am now calling the "powder" blue "electric blue" (seems much more fitting, IMO). Next, the only differences on the unis are the switching of the yellow and the white on the numbers of the home and alt jerseys [to make the alt jersey look less like the Rams, and for consistency] and thinning the shoulder bolts a bit: ...and I changed the midfield logo from a helmet to an "SD" monogram circulated by 2 bolts (I ran out of ideas): You are correct, though I'll describe it as "gold w/ a white outline w/ a navy outline" for the home, "gold w/ an electric blue outline w/ a navy outline" for the away, and "gold w/ a white outline w/ an electric blue outline" for the alt.
  4. Thank you everybody for your comments. Looks like the Lions are a hit. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Okay, here are the San Diego Chargers. A few points: The home jersey is now "powder" blue. I put "powder" in quotation marks because it looks more vibrant than an actual powder blue, which I think fits San Diego.The navy is now a good bit lighter.A few numbers were adjusted.There are numbers on the helmet, but the font is the modern font and in "powder" blue.The numbers on the color jerseys are primarily yellow/gold.The bolts go over the shoulders.Here is the concept, click to enlarge (this goes with all of my concepts in this thread): ...and here are the fields, with the number on the midfield helmet signifying the year and the endzones changing colors depending on if the team wears primarily "powder" blue or "navy" blue in a game: ...and here is a bonus uniform concept for the Chargers (with different colored helmets and yellow/gold pants): At least one more team to go.
  5. Another fantastic livery! I prefer the top livery, the bottom one makes me think that there is a Mercedes power unit in the car. I wonder what the Marlboro-inspired livery would look like if you replace the red with orange, on either the original version or whatever Eric suggested. Orange has historical precedent with McLaren, and combining two historical livery idea would, in my opinion, pay homage to said history while looking like a fresh idea. You don't have to do this, it is just my two cents/pence. Great job, and keep up the good work!
  6. Does this league follow the rugby union code or the rugby league code? I'm heavily leaning on it being rugby union because of what Americans refer to as "rugby" is most likely union, and also the roman numeral for 15 appears on the website. The only thing throwing me off is that the word "League" appears at the end of the title. (I hope someone else understands what I just typed.) Anyways, I hope there is a team in Florida. (There is not a chance in hell that is going to happen, nobody trusts us, or something like that.)
  7. These are some top-notch design. I'm glad we another quality motorsports concept on these boards. Though I'm curious, is that template vector or raster, and where did you find that particular template (unless you made it yourself).
  8. Cool. I have 4 more questions/comments, if you don't mind: What is the total population of Tamaria? (It could be from the last census and/or this year's estimate, I don't care. )Related to Warvette, if there are parts of Tamaria that are a part of different countries, you should at least put some international borders on this map, at least on a political map version.You should label Mauritius and RĂ©union (Fr.), I can see them on the map.Yes, I am staring at a map of the Indian Ocean.
  9. Hey, I'm a part of an exclusive club! This is absolutely awesome! Though, I spotted one mistake: it is supposed to be "Great Australian Bight," not "Blight." Is Warvette suppose to be a national capital, or is that underline a mistake. Finally, LOL at San Fierro and Las Venturas. I'm looking forward to this thread and other related threads (primarily in this section for the Forums), whatever you do with it.
  10. I'm really sorry for another two week delay. (I think I've developed some "posting anxiety" over the years. Also, I've been distracted by college stuff and my potential next concept project. I really need to improve on my time management skills.) Here is an update on the Jaguars field: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here are the Detroit Lions. First of all, I know that the alt uniform probably wouldn't be well-received, I just included it for no good reason other than the fact that I added alt uniforms to my other concepts in this thread; the focus is on the home and away unis. I replaced black with a dark blue because I felt it would be more analogous to the Honolulu blue while still being distinct.The striping pattern have a double stripe in it, as opposed to the single stripe in the current striping pattern (if that makes any sense). This is so it doesn't remind me (and potentially others) of Ohio State's striping pattern from before the playoffs, and who wants a team in Michigan to reminisce of Ohio State? Also, the double striping reminds me of the double striping of American sports and muscle cars, which seems appropriate for Detroit (it also reminds me of this logo).The number font has been modified so that the spikes are removed.Here are the uniforms: The primary feature of this field is the "Dueling Lions" at midfield. I thought it was a good idea, and it gives me something different to do than just slapping the logo at midfield. Here is the field: It is probably going to be a while before the next team is revealed. I'm paranoid about getting a few certain details just right on the next team, and I need to see what happens with the next team after that. You can leave some C&C, if you like.
  11. *Gazes at the Chevy aerokit in shock and admiration* I'll describe the aerokit in 2 words: :censored:ing insane! I'm with rvrdgsfn on this one, would like to see what Honda comes up with. And the Ferrari does looks to "concepty" to me to actually work on track, but I also like it as a concept.
  12. I'm sorry that life got in the way from posting concepts, so here is the Jacksonville Jaguars. As you can see, I have the black jersey as the primary. Why? I had thought "it flows better" when I made this. Anyways, if you don't like that, which you probably don't, then look at it from right to left. I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I made both the unis and the field, so here ya go: (I've got to stop posting at this time of night/morning.)