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  1. That's nice, where'd you find that? Was that supposed to be a real jersey at one point or is that just a fashion jersey? It's a prototype jersey from Russell. The name on the back is "PLAYER - 5." I picked it up off of eBay a few years back. I considered having the jersey re-named/numbered, but decided to leave it as-is. That's nice, where'd you find that? Was that supposed to be a real jersey at one point or is that just a fashion jersey? My first thought was Asian knockoff, because of the character wordmark. Yeah, I though it was a good idea to watermark my jersey photos. I'm not sure why, now...
  2. I think would have been a really sharp look for the 2003-2011 Marlins. The sleeve piping is a bit much, but I really like the teal lettering on the gray jersey.
  3. Seems appropriate, given today's news... I present to you, Astros legend Yogi Berra:
  4. Eh. I think the both blue and orange together might be a bit too much.
  5. I get where you're coming from, but this is not the same navy or royal blue that many other teams use.
  6. Simple problem with the Miami Marlins redesign: Too much orange. I get using it as a accent color... but the fact is that a nautically themed team should have a cool color scheme. So... what if the Marlins used the same color scheme but in different proportions.
  7. No. Rose knew the rule. Rose broke the rule. Rose accepted his ban to stop the investigation. Rose tried to lie his way into sympathy, but the tide of his deception kept retreating. "I didn't bet on baseball. OK, I did, but never as a player. OK I did, but never against my own team." Rose knew the rule. Rose broke the rule. It was a rule that was in place for decades before he ever put on a uniform. There has been only one punishment for that rule. Pete Rose should not be in the hall of fame, and he has only himself to blame.
  8. YES. I hate seeing the Marlins wearing orange caps but black helmets. I know for a fact that the Marlins HAVE orange batting helmets.
  9. The Marlins wear black and orange... the Giants, Orioles, Bengals and Heat already have that scheme.
  10. That's the same way I look at it. Nobody ever wore a M&N jersey on field, therefore it's not authentic, just a higher quality, higher priced replica. Well... that's just not true. Mitchell & Ness made a bunch of the MLB TBTC jerseys. Anyhow, the way I see it is that M&N (and Ebbetts Field, who's in the same boat) are "authentic" jerseys because they are officially sanctioned merchandise from their respective leagues from manufacturers that have made jerseys for their respective sports. They're in the same boat as Russell or Starter NFL jerseys from the 90s (back when a bunch of teams were permitted to make official NFL jerseys for retail).
  11. My objection to it stems from my dislike of empty pandering. The same issues I have with stars and stripes themed jerseys carry over to my dislike of foreign language jerseys.That they water down a team's identity doesn't help their case either Yeah, that makes perfect sense. I meant that I don't understand the concept of objecting only to the Spanish-language jerseys, while celebrating the flag-drag jerseys and all the others. I agree. And, not sure why they continue to do either since I can't remember ever seeing someone wearing a Spanish language or stars and stripes look on the street. People must buy them or they wouldn't continue the promotions but I just don't see them out and about. Sample size of 1, but I wear my Los Marlins jersey as often as any of my others. Personally, I think that if a team puts effort into making an alternate language jersey (like the Brewers do), then it's interesting and worth doing. If a team just slaps "los" or "el" in front of their basic jersey, then it's not worth doing. I would love to see as "Los Pescados" jersey. The flag jerseys are ugly, and their coloring clashes with the rest of the jersey, or the team's identity... and camouflage looks terrible, too. They look awful on general principle, but what's more, they pull away from a team's aesthetic. The Marlins black, orange, yellow and "marlins" blue is messy enough without adding olive, red and navy.