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  1. Is there a specific reason the Seattle Pilots aren't part of this?
  2. That's nice, where'd you find that? Was that supposed to be a real jersey at one point or is that just a fashion jersey? It's a prototype jersey from Russell. The name on the back is "PLAYER - 5." I picked it up off of eBay a few years back. I considered having the jersey re-named/numbered, but decided to leave it as-is. That's nice, where'd you find that? Was that supposed to be a real jersey at one point or is that just a fashion jersey? My first thought was Asian knockoff, because of the character wordmark. Yeah, I though it was a good idea to watermark my jersey photos. I'm not sure why, now...
  3. I think would have been a really sharp look for the 2003-2011 Marlins. The sleeve piping is a bit much, but I really like the teal lettering on the gray jersey.
  4. Seems appropriate, given today's news... I present to you, Astros legend Yogi Berra:
  5. Terry Crews, best known for being "that guy from the Old Spice commercials."
  6. That's a good one. I had no idea. He actually played for the Boston Braves and the Houston Astros; wow. The Tigers, too.
  7. I think I like the black helmets better. Too much of an overkill Those helmets were used in a pair of pre-season exhibitions against the New York Yankees, and never saw use during the regular season. If anything, this is more vexxing, because the Marlins obviously spent the money on the helmets... so why not USE THEM?
  8. So, you didn't want to use relevant facts to back up something you said. Makes sense. Well the relevant facts are these: 1. Marlins Park is 1 year old 2. Loria cannot sell the team until 2015 without giving a chunk of it back to the city of Miami. I don't think that Loria is even leasing the stadium... I cannot find any information on lease terms for the stadium. In either case, Loria is pocketing literally every dollar than comes into the park. It's not as if he's going to get a sweeter deal anywhere else. The Marlins are staying put for the foreseeable future.
  9. Then Loria went Loria and sold off the roster for Jeff Mathis and some magic beans. Now they're 29th in attendance (27th by percentage of capacity). I agree that their new stadium will keep the Marlins in town in the short term.
  10. I can't stand when teams don't match their batting helmets to their caps.
  11. I think it makes more sense to have the Expos in the NL East and move the Nationals into the AL East. Baseball in DC has always been an AL affair, and the Expos are an NL team.
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