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  1. As to the matter of stating team names. I duplicated the CFA teams from this board on Madden 2004 (PC) and got a kick out of the fact that Al Michaels used the names "Steamers" and "Stallions" during the play call.
  2. I like the wordmark the Hammerheads use with the Shark fin in place of the "a".
  3. Isn't a prairie dog basically a squirrel without a tail?
  4. Assault- Rambo type with a really big gun, kind of like what Jesse Ventura had in "Predator".
  5. Is the Realtors logo like a "For Sale" sign or something? :laugh:
  6. What is it that you are attempting to do?
  7. voodoo has the Outlaws, not the Orbit. Looks nice though.
  8. I like your Houston Rockets concept. The logo with the Bball as the rocket is sweet. The uniform reminds me of the University of Houston unis with the red and white. I like the current Warriors road unis which could work if you wanted to mix the current Rockets blue into the uni, keep the unis red with dark blue side panels and yellow trim.
  9. I think Houston could support both, there are a lot of people living in Houston that come from cities that supported a NHL team and the city has a large hispanic and international population to support MLS. I think the Astrodome would be a great venue for MLS.
  10. Houston is building a new downtown arena to house the Rockets and attract a NHL team. The best thing about the arena is that the Rockets will do away with their PJ looking uniforms when they move there. I hope they go back to their red unis.
  11. The nickel grey is sharp. I think the Bills new uni would have looked better if they had gone back to a white helmet with their current logo.
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    This is a very clean looking board.