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    USFL 2008?

    I'm a fan of the Gamblers redux.
  2. The gold was UT Burnt Orange and the red #s were Texas A&M Maroon. If the AAFL tries to account for all of the college colors for the state teams, they should be a bright, chromatic, flashy, florid, gaudy, hued, intense, jazzy, kaleidoscopic, loud, motley, multicolored, picturesque, prismatic, psychedelic, rich, showy, splashy, variegated, vibrant, vivid league.
  3. In a perfect world......okay, in MY world...the Oilers would've remained in Houston and we'd still have the Houston Oilers (GO BLUE). Of course, we'd also still have the Baltimore Colts and New York Titans and I'm not sure where I'd have the Rams...they might as well have moved them to Indy since in my word there would never have been an Indianapolis Colts. I do like the Texans logo though but couldn't it have been used for an expansion team in San Antonio or Austin...named the Toros? If Austin has roughly the same population as San Francisco..although I'm not sure if that includes the students of Univ of Texas....why can't they have an NFL franchise? If Hartford was being considered for the new home of the Patriots..why can't they have an NFL franchise now:? You know if the Pats had moved to Hartford, Boston would've petitioned (and received) a new why can't there ba an NFL franchise in both? And how come teams threaten to leave a city because that city won't build them a new state-of-the-art stadium..and so after the team moves...the first thing the city does to secure one of the coveted new to build a new stadium? Mainly because Bud pulled this crap before. His threatened move to Jacksonville in '87 caused the city of Houston to renovate the AstroDome for him which was the demise of the exploding scoreboard of the Astros (dated now, but it was a cool novelty at the time it was built). When Bud came back and played the same card the second time around (about 5 or 6 years and millions of tax dollars later), the Mayor told him to take a hike.
  4. Point taken, but I was speaking generally. Navy helmet, navy jersey, white pants.
  5. I think the Texans' uniforms, colors and logo blow the bland Oilers stuff out of the water. I'm pretty sure most fans would agree. Actually, the Texans are the bland one to me. Uninspired colors (navy, red), middling logo, absolutely atrocious nickname. I always thought that if they went with the Navy/ Red scheme, it should have been red jersey/ navy pants. I believe someone once posted that look on here. At least they would not have looked like any other NFL team.
  6. Actually, Bud Adams made sure Houston could not use the Oilers name. Link
  7. Sort of. There's a new football league starting up called the All-American Football League during the spring. Currently, the only work they're doing with the NFL is with the referee's, but they are suspecting it becomes another NFL Europe type thing. The AAFL looks like they are selling themselves as college football 2.0 and trying for die-hard college football fans instead of trying to compete with the NFL. That angle may work for them.
  8. I think at one time the SSUR was looking at doing something with it. I don't know if that is still one of their projects.
  9. Why don't they just go back to this... It seems that's what their trying to do.
  10. I was waiting for the Denver Drunk Donkey.
  11. I did the teams for the SHL using NHL 2003. I was able to modify the uniforms, helmets & goalie masks as well as create home ice for each of the teams. I was able to download a lot of good stuff to help me from Cyber NHL before it went on hiatus. You would have to overwrite the existing teams though.
  12. As opposed to Fox News which should switch to this? coupled with some form of this? I'll throw CNN in there... Ahhh yes, the fabled "liberal bias". Conservatives are ruining the world...if you havent noticed. I would say like-minded idiots are ruining the world, liberal & conservative. I think some radical thought is needed, but that's not the topic of this forum. Jeez, note the .
  13. As opposed to Fox News which should switch to this? coupled with some form of this? I'll throw CNN in there...
  14. Shizznick


    Maybe this time around... AAFL
  15. In that case, I'm offended by this because I like to go to the beach a lot! Not to mention that this is really a slam at bears that go to the beach a lot.
  16. I thought baseball & skirts went out of vogue after WWII.
  17. I understand the move. The Texans defensive line was just as bad as their offensive line.
  18. Bagwell's stance. I'm voting Don Mossi.
  19. Kubiak was sought by the Texans the first time around and I believe he took himself out of the running. I think this is more of Bob McNair getting who he originally wanted than stiffing a candidate who is black. I think it's a bad policy for the NFL to continue this practice. Teams will continue to conduct token interviews just so they don't get fined. Is it really accomplishing what it set out to do? I believe that quality OCs & DCs will get the opportunity for head coaching positions regardless of race or ethnicity.