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  1. Am I the only one who never knew the Tigers had different Ds? Somehow this completely missed me.
  2. Some long-time SKC season ticket holders who apparently "know people" are saying that Sporting is considering major changes to the team's identity. No specifics have been given since they don't want to burn sources, but these people are well trusted in the tight-knit SKC online community. Many of these guys are Cauldron members and tailgate IRL. These claims are not coming from random trolls.
  3. How is it possible to botch a logo system this badly?
  4. Puma makes some pretty comfortable football boots, but their kits are usually so gross.
  5. I really don't understand people who see the color brown and automatically think "poop."
  6. Apparently, should the Vikings make the SB, they will be allowed to use their home training facilities and locker room, despite technically being the away team. This obviously makes Iogistical sense, but I'm not sure if it's truly fair to the AFC team, either. I wonder if they'll push to wear purple too?
  7. Not to be too contrarian, but I actually like this matchup.
  8. Croatia's away may be kit of the tournament.
  9. Adidas is really knocking it out of the park. Sadly, FIFA will probably force monochrome kits and thus screw up most of these looks.
  10. Portland Lumberjacks with cream, forest green, and brown.
  11. I do like the colors, but the pattern on the back is really unpleasant for me.
  12. Eh, not real high on that. Just do red hoops right.
  13. No. Just no. I hope they don't do this again. Changing into a kit clash is absurd and made the game quite literally harder to watch.
  14. No, symbolic in that these players were once little kids who dreamed of the Big Leagues.
  15. Honestly, I like this theme more than the Mother's/Father's day alternates. The baseball symbolism is there.
  16. The US is such an odd case in that the team has had several great looks over the years, but nothing sticks. Seriously, just pick one. From the retro red sash above, to the Waldos, the 2006 World Cup racing stripes, to even the current red and navy hoops. ANY of those designs would look iconic and "ours" if it was, you know, our permanent look. But I feel like that cat is out of the bag now. If they went with the sash permanently, people would miss hoops, and vise versa. Our "look" is we don't have one.
  17. If I had to make a guess, I'd say the sash will make a comeback for the Yanks next summer. World Cup year, Nike never sticks with the same design for the US, it just feels "due".
  18. They should have held this kit back for next summer.
  19. Sometimes, less is more. The shirt would look better without the unnecessary sleeve stars and piping.
  20. So surprising the US kit hasn't leaked yet.
  21. US-Mexico should always be white-blue-white vs. green-white-red.
  22. Looks great, in my opinion.
  23. I feel like a camo cap on Memorial Day would be a really nice touch, but an entire camo look for 3 days? I know it's ultimately about the money, but that's simply overboard.
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