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  1. Trout would need to actually win something before they change the logo to him. Besides, MLB's logo is great. It can depict a right or left handed batter, racially ambiguous, etc.
  2. Do you all prefer the Royals script in royal or white on the powder blue jersey?
  3. The Braves red alternates look fine, but there's just so much red and navy in MLB that it doesn't really stand out.
  4. Really disliking this rebrand the more I see it. It truly looks like they're just wearing plain black and white uniforms on screen. The red and blue colors chosen are quite nice, so USE them! The black base of the jersey and hat is enough black. A uniform is not a neon sign. Those outlines don't glow.
  5. Last year, SKC kept stressing the limited availability of the Parley jerseys, and they sold out online in under an hour, if I recall correctly. Yet at the Sporting Park team stores they had buttloads of them for months, and it looked like they weren't moving too many. Some fans were saying they were too plain to justify the price. Side note: I that Real Madrid parley kit from a few years ago, and it's by far the most comfy kit I've ever worn.
  6. Why the change from Field to Park?
  7. There is no excuse for this kit.
  8. Mizzou wore a tribute to the 117 Tigers who died in World War 1. The Missouri seal in on the helmet, the name of a fallen soldier on the back.
  9. I can't wait for this ugly fashion streetwear influence in kit design to go away.
  10. Black and pink doesn't scream women's empowerment, it's screams "girl power" and there's a difference in that branding. Really poor choice.
  11. They'll never stick with one design at this point. There was a brief window after the popular Waldos came out to solidify the look, but one year later, we got a centennial kit. Then a plain white polo and a bomb pop. Then black and volt trim for the women. I've just accepted it. You might as well ask Oregon Football to stop being Nike's plaything and wear green over yellow every home game.
  12. I never understood why the Dbacks used a pitcher's path. They're 90s expansion team, that plays in a roofed venue with a pool in the outfield, and is from a state that's younger than some MLB clubs. They're one of the last teams who can pull of that aesthetic.
  13. I was once on team DC logo, but I think I've changed to block W.
  14. This is just awful. There is no need for so many white kits.