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  1. Doubtful. Speaking as a Chiefs fan, the all white look is fairly unpopular from what I've seen.
  2. Chiefs away - Bucs home is the worst possible outcome imo. Two looks that just don't "flow" together if that makes sense.
  3. I've seen pink adidas kits that weren't so washed out. Surely the pink could be darker.
  4. can we agree this home kit i threw together on PES Master would be way better? edit: i know marriot won't be their sponsor. i just like the look of it with miami.
  5. Finally we get a higher quality image of this thing. Is that a sand graphic in the letters? Also, wouldn't orange have made more sense for Atlanta? Is it a tribute to the creamsicle uniforms?
  6. I feel like SKC should have stuck with one shade of blue because the two don't really flow well in this template. It just looks like two different shirts sewn together. And the dot pattern already draws enough attention, so the rest of the shirt should serve as a clean backdrop.
  7. Sports apparel and street fashion are blending more and more though. We're in the Instagram marketing era . Sure, the logo inside of logo design isn't the most original idea, but I could see the caps selling well.
  8. yeah i don't get too worked up over ST caps. let them play around before the season starts. the player's weekend nonsense is where i draw the line.
  9. i think it looks alright. the chiefs' logo and wordmark are about as old as the stuff in the 49ers end zone.
  10. If the 49ers came out with that throwback today, they'd get lambasted for it and rightfully so. It's 2020. The Super Bowl does not need drop shadow and mismatched stripes. Everyone write "Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's good" on the chalkboard.
  11. I might be biased but the only powder blue jersey I actually like is the Royals. And they at least have the decency to pair it with white pants and a royal cap.
  12. It won't happen since the AFC is the home team, but I'd actually prefer this possible matchup.
  13. Seriously, what is going on with MLS kits being completely stripped down over the last few years? And how many white/black kits do we have now? It's like the league's aesthetic is nosediving.