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  1. Sorry, but running "snake" through the Google translator is lame as hell. They're the Diamondbacks. And I'm pretty sure their Hispanic fans also call them the Diamondbacks. I would have much rather seen them incorporate a traditional Mexican design pattern, if they wanted to go this route.
  2. Worst of the batch so far. Look, if you have to take part in a marketing gimmick, at least commit to it. Make something that actually looks really good (Miami), or something that's different/borderline sacrilegious (Boston). This Cubs uniform just looks like "we had to come up with something."
  3. Orange accents work really well for Madrid. It's sort of considered a lucky color by their fans.
  4. the marlins city connect jersey looks good because it's better than the their main set. that won't be the case for most teams.
  5. I feel like the Chelsea kit would be more palatable if they had just committed to wavy checks.
  6. The PSG shirt is nice and clean. Seems weird that they're just straight up copying the Bulls shorts design, but it doesn't look bad.
  7. ridiculous. there is no need for a continuous rest of league scoreboard. so distracting.
  8. Do the Dodgers use a slightly darker blue for their uniforms than the Mets and Royals? Maybe I'm just seeing things, but it seems like it.
  9. 2 states, 1 city doesn't make much sense, as there are 2 kansas cities. i get the moral, but coming as someone from missouri, it just doesn't sound right.
  10. i feel like they could've made the cuffs sporting indigo
  11. This collectable item from Super Bowl 47 shows how you can combine the Lombardi with local flair.
  12. How would 55 logos that all practically look the same be easier to distinguish than unique logos? Also, isn't "Super Bowl Rose" easier to remember than a handful of Roman numerals?
  13. Looking at the logo for the last Super Bowl held in LA and comparing it to the logo in the OP makes me genuinely sad.
  14. Figures that the first team to host a Super Bowl will wear their road jersey. Still think it'll be a better looking matchup though.
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