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  1. Can we just make a yearly Oregon unis thread, I'm so over year to year seeing them popup hundreds of times per page with there trash. We know we get it you have 182739839293838 combos take it elsewhere. More than half the college football world can care less about you. I actually stopped following this thread as much as I used to just because I'm so over seeing this Oregon trash.
  2. Arkansas fans better watch out and learn a lesson from Pitt... Nike will give you perfect throwback unis and say next year will be a full change, and even though I like Pitts new uniforms, and colors are an upgrade over last year's primary uniforms, they are a downgrade to the throwbacks we had the fans loved so much. So you may get a cleaner look, but nike will do something to mess it up.
  3. The STATE unfiroms aren't bad if they made the pants dark green, with volt neon and then everything on the helmet and jersey that are white volt neon. Bit having mostly dark green ontop, with neon pants with what looks like a white stripe on them is garbage. Too many light colors trying to mix in is always a bad idea .
  4. As a Pitt fan I have to say WVU nailed it. Beautiful IMO.
  5. Wearing just the jersey alone without the helmet nothing screams Pitt to me. As a fan who wears Pitt apparel all the time. I will wear this jersey and without Pitt on the collar a lot people will have no idea what school I am wearing, big miss taking Script Pitt off the collar. The secondary head should been put above the nameplate on the back if used and should kept white numbers on the home jersey and kept the grey face masks. I'm sure they will grow on me as the seaon goes on but that first home opener in going to be a little off.
  6. New Pitt Secondary logo has been leaked early, and the fans are not liking it. Me as a fan , satisfied simple.. logoish not much can do anymore with a Panther or any catlike animal logo that wouldn't be an almost copy if someone else's. We tried that in 1997 and fans hated it. We tried simple , fans hate it. Pitt fan base, as a die hard Pitt fan I say, are bunch if yinzer babies.
  7. Pitt will announce rebrand on 4/7/19 the Sunday before the spring game. Unknown if uniforms will be shown or just announcement of change of colors. But official 4-7-19 has been posted.
  8. It's speculated yes. It's almost a given, I follow the team closely and no official word as of yet. However all the new signage and logos placed among the new facility upgrades are with the "Pittsburgh Gold" and a more royal shade of blue, not as light as the throwback jerseys they have now but not dark navy. Official statement should come after basketball season as that's when they will be redoing the floor in the Arena. My guess is they are holding off just due to basketball being a top sport they want to try to still sell as much navy and gold to the fans who don't follow closely.
  9. In this video the pants seem to have a little shine to the , more than normal. I'm not an Irish fan by any means being a Pitt fan, but years past both teams suffered with the loss of the Gold Dazzle shine pants imo. I understand the new fabric story for pants and all, but looks to me there is some glisten to the pants here, may be wrong, usually am. Haha
  10. More teams need to add the game mesh holes. Something just screams collegiate football too me, pure beauty.
  11. Pitt going all Navy vs PAY ? that we seem to win big games in these. ? that they aren't wearing the retros
  12. I'm digging these and the new logo. Sort of a resemblance to thier old logo before changing nicknames.
  13. Stripes or no stripes makes no difference come week 1 against Pittsburgh. Still going to be a orange headed step child of the AFC North. Might as well wear all brown head to toe to match what Cleveland browns are. Bunch of turds.
  14. You know all to well they will wear a black helmet green jersey black pant combo of these at some point. Oregon past few years imo has been a dumpster fire when coming to matching. They could have the perfect uniforms but kill it with some sort of odd matching combo.
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