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  1. i believe they still have a sixers uniform for christmas, so if i find a good version, i will
  2. Its what the title says...mocked up some of the X-Mas uniforms on some players. let me know what you think!
  3. welp, ended up doing an odell one as well
  4. not sure if im doing others..ill see how well the psd was made for a template
  5. ive seen some of your work and we can maybe do something cool
  6. So I usually make a bunch of custom covers and in the process I had a really nice render and decided to make a desktop background of one. Thoughts? If you want to see other work (covers, other graphics) check out my instagram @CustomCoversU
  7. i dont have rusing touchdowns at all on there though...the top left is all passing stuff
  8. ah yes..i fogot i put the gradient on the whole text not each piece *facepalm
  9. Just was messing around in photoshop and came up with this infographic. I thought it came out pretty nice
  10. need to clean up some areas around the logos the sleeve logo..but looks nice.. i do some of these myself..(dont want to jack your thread, just showing some examples if you wanna ask specific questions on my techniques, getting better all together ) click each for full size
  11. Since going to Nike, the Giants have not had their red alternate. So I came up with this concept. Its pretty straight forward with the historical stripes and white pants that they should always use. Feel free to leave thoughts and comments!