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  1. Thanks to everyone that helped out. The ranking survey is now live and you can access it here: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/3206867/New-Survey See the original post for more details.
  2. I've been busy but hopefully I have just about all of them. A couple last questions: 1. Have the Jags actually worn teal jerseys with black pants and if so, which game(s)? 2. What are the standard home options for the Seahawks outside of all navy? Other than that, let me know if you find any last minute changes. I'll set up the poll site this week and those who want to can rank them throughout the playoffs.
  3. I'm not including throwbacks, just standard home jerseys. I realize a handful of teams will occasionally wear white jerseys at home, but I was hoping to keep it almost exclusively to non-white jerseys to compare apples to apples, with the one exception being the Cowboys, since they almost always wear white at home.
  4. Yeah I meant the Titans, sorry. Thank you. I've been out of town for work but I'll get to adding more photos the next few days. Anyone else see any current combinations I'm still missing?
  5. Panthers: Do they wear all blues outside of Color Rush? Titans: Do they wear navy jerseys with light blue pants?
  6. Thanks. Is Green-Black-Green still a live option?
  7. Thanks for your help. Do you think the Niners all-black should be considered a standard home uni? I'm leaning towards not including it.
  8. Not sure what you mean. The purpose of Sports Logos is to rank the NFL home uniforms? I'm not aware of this having been done.
  9. OK, bud, I changed it. Don't want to get too caught up in the names of the colors, just wanting to get the combos listed so it's obvious which set is being referred to.
  10. A while back we had a good turnout ranking all the then-current NFL helmets. I am interested in doing the same thing with home uniforms. I am going to include every non-special home uniform. By special I mean throwbacks, Color Rush, or any other one-off or special event uniform. So only uniforms that are reasonably available to be worn on any given home game. This means that for many teams there will only be one uniform included, some will have two, and some will have many (ex. Browns). It does not necessarily have to be a uniform that has actually been worn this season. It just needs to be one that is known to be a real option. The ranking page is now set up! Click HERE to work on your rankings. You do not necessarily have to rank all the uniforms—if you want to do only your top 10, 25, etc. you can—but ranking them all is recommended. Make sure to hit Submit when you are finished. For a helpful visual, I've created a photo grid of the uniforms in the next post. I tried to get a decent photo of each uniform. For a more normalized comparison, I highly recommend browsing the great template graphics from canzman in this thread. i will keep the poll open at least until the conference championship round weekend. I know it will take a good 30-40 minutes to do a full ranking, and I want to make sure everyone that's interested has the opportunity. Team: Helmet-Jersey-Pants Raiders: Silver-Black-Silver Patriots: Silver-Blue-Silver Ravens: Black-Purple-White Ravens: Black-Black-Black Ravens: Black-Purple-Black Texans: Navy-Navy-White Texans: Navy-Navy-Navy Texans: Navy-Red-White Chiefs: Red-Red-White Chiefs: Red-Red-Red Broncos: Navy-Navy-Navy Broncos: Navy-Orange-White Dolphins: White-Teal-White Steelers: Black-Black-Yellow Bills: White-Blue-White Titans: White-Light Blue-Navy Titans: White-Navy-White Texans: Navy-Red-Navy Colts: White-Blue-White Chargers: White-Navy-White Chargers: White-Powder-White Bengals: Orange-Orange-White Bengals: Orange-Black-White Bengals: Orange-Black-Black Jets: White-Green-White Jets: White-Green-Green Jags: Gradient-Black-Black Jags: Gradient-Turquoise-White Bengals: Orange-Orange-Black Browns: Orange-Brown-Brown Browns: Orange-Brown-Orange Browns: Orange-Brown-White Browns: Orange-Orange-Orange Browns: Orange-Orange-Brown Browns: Orange-Orange-White Cowboys: Silver-White-Seafoam Cowboys: Silver-Navy-Silver Seahawks: Navy-Navy-Navy Lions: Silver-Blue-Silver Falcons: Black-Red-White Giants: Blue-Blue-Silver Giants: Blue-Blue-White Redskins: Burgundy-Burgundy-Yellow Vikings: Purple-Purple-Purple Vikings: Purple-Purple-White Bucs: Pewter-Red-Pewter Eagles: Green-Green-White Eagles: Green-Black-Black Saints: Gold-Black-Gold Saints: Gold-Black-Black Cardinals: White-Red-White Cardinals: White-Black-White Panthers: Silver-Black-Silver Panthers: Silver-Blue-Silver Panthers: Silver-Black-Black Cardinals: White-Red-Red Packers: Yellow-Green-Yellow Rams: Navy-Navy-White Bears: Navy-Navy-White 49ers: Gold-Red-Gold Ravens: Black-Black-White Titans: White-Navy-Navy Jags: Gradient-Black-White Eagles: Green-Black-White Titans: White-Light Blue-White Rams: Navy-Navy-Navy Broncos: Navy-Navy-White 49ers: Gold-Black-Black Dolphins: White-White-White Dolphins: White-Teal-Teal Rams: Navy-White-White
  11. Like these SJSU helmets. Remind me of the yellow N64 controller
  12. These dark gray Wazzu helmets look so good in the light and rain.
  13. Although I like them a bit better seeing the details (vs. being at the game high up) I would still put those Oregon unis vs. Nebraska in the bottom 3 or 4 sets Oregon has worn in the past eight seasons. Here are a few of my favorites:
  14. I would love to have the PSD. Great work so far.
  15. Feel free to post your ideas or guesses or both. I might make another one later, but here's my first attempt. I wanted to try something a little different without going overboard. I did a gray stained wood inside the 3-pt line, as opposed to just painting over the wood. I thought the full body lion logo worked best as the secondary there, although that leaves out the lion head logo that is probably the best of the set.