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  1. Here is the full "new" logo. I personally like it, although obviously nostalgia plays a part: However, they couldn't resist adding some new stuff. First, the uninspired: And then, the shoddy: This is taking the relatively new Herbie head logo (which I'm in the minority in actually liking somewhat) and adding the full body. The problem is, the work on the body is just poorly done. The lines look hand drawn which clashes with the clean lines of the head. I know @ren69 could have done a much better job with something like this. Also, it's very strange that they somewhat altered the head from the standalone version, and it looks worse:
  2. This is incredible. It's hard to imagine any state working as well as Minnesota, the way you've incorporated them together so well. And some states just don't have many popular teams. But I'm excited to see what you come up with.
  3. I love both of NDSU's helmets, but hate their uniforms. Here's a simple mock up of a green uniform to go with their alternate green helmets.
  4. This is still probably my favorite VT uniform:
  5. For me, BGSU ruined the debut of their amazing alt helmets with ugly uniforms. Don't like shoulder caps and the thin text down the leg looks bad. Also, I wish VT would've gone with orange pants tomorrow. I like their helmet and think orange-maroon-orange would've been a great look.
  6. Anyone else wanna vote on these before I tally?
  7. Obviously most have shared their opinion on the major rebrand efforts this off-season, so we have a general idea of how well received they've been, but I'd like to get a more exact measure of the forum members' feelings on the uniforms and logos now that they've all been released. For anyone that has a moment, here are the links to vote: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/104552-rating-the-rebrands-nba-2015-raptors/ http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/104551-rating-the-rebrands-nba-2015-hawks/ http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/104549-rating-the-rebrands-nba-2015-bucks/ http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/104556-rating-the-rebrands-nba-2015-clippers/ http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/104558-rating-the-rebrands-nba-2015-sixers/ (I would've put them in a single thread but there is a maximum of three questions per poll thread.) I'll share the results back here in a week or two.
  8. Which logo is officially considered the secondary? The Drake logo, the red ball only or the black ball only?
  9. Did the Clippers scrap the blue and/or black unis?
  10. Any photos of the Raptors players wearing the black unis? Clippers primary: 2/10 Clippers secondary: 3/10 Clippers uniforms: 2/10 Raptors primary: 5/10 Raptors secondary: 3/10 Raptors uniforms: 7/10
  11. 1. Baylor road jersey without the bear claw shoulder 2. TCU white helmet uni without the black shoulder caps: 3. Suns without the butt stripe
  12. Don't think they've done the normal green jerseys since the new helmets have they? I'd like to see this:
  13. Got this in the mail yesterday. I'm not sure why but these uniforms look amazing to me on the cover. Maybe the yellow/gold background is playing a part. I've never really had a strong opinion one way or the other before:
  14. Although I love the idea of returning to purple and red, if they were going to keep purple out, I like the idea of doing black and gold as the primary colors with red as a trim/secondary color.
  15. What Adidas has done with Nebraska's alternates is embarrassing. While Nebraska may have been mostly irrelevant for the past decade plus, they are still one of the ten most storied programs in the sport. You'd think Adidas would use them as platform to showcase their best creative work. Instead, they keep everything basically as is and randomly mix and match lazy generic fonts with the latest fads (black, matte, chrome, etc.) and crap them out. I'm not opposed to using black or matte or whatever for one game if you make something unique and memorable out of it. At least start with something different and work from there.
  16. I'm with everyone on the cream alt. I thought about blue too, but then realized since they had to use a current NBA blue, they would look too much like the OKC away unis.
  17. I thought I'd like it more than I do.
  18. When I was a kid I collected these Spalding mini basketballs. As far as I remember, they were widely available. I recently got them out of storage and decided to look for the ones I didn't have on the internet. I assumed they were a big nostalgia item and they would be all over eBay and various personal collection pages. So I was baffled to find that there was almost no trace of them anywhere. I searched a few different terms on eBay and Google Images and only found one of the actual balls that I owned (Sonics 2-panel) which was a worn out ball on Google Images from an eBay sale (the page for which didn't exist any more). I saw several more modern variations as well as a few special issue ones like a championship version, but that was it. They went through two styles during the time I was collecting them (early to mid '90s). The first (my favorite) alternated colors every panel and showed the team logo on the panel below the Spalding logo in team colors. The second version (Mavs ball in the photo) alternated every two panels and had the Spalding logo in the back. Does anyone own any of these, remember them or know of any sites that at least have photos?
  19. It might just be the lighting, but the finish and/or color of the UNLV helmets looks unique somehow. I like it. I think they nailed the helmets but the uniforms are just average.
  20. It's getting ridiculous. They must be trying to break a sales record for LeBron jerseys.
  21. Here are the throwbacks I'd like:
  22. What's the light blue pride one? What are the changes to Houston and Denver?