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  1. That was kind of my point for the color/city. Growing up in San Diego I never understood when the Chargers changed from a bright royal/yellow to a navy/hint of yellow look as it didn't feel in any way like the bright, vibrant city I grew up in. With so many homogenized looks in sports, I'd prefer colors of teams to match not only match the mascot but also the city. Makes for a more interesting visual. Seahawks - Blue/water, green/mountains, gray, sky Chargers- Collegiate Blue/sunny sky, Yellow/sunshine Padres- Brown/mascot and landscape, Yellow/sunshine Have a tie in if at all possible.
  2. I could be wrong never having been near the area but, in my world, the orange/red Bucco look screams sunny, warm, Tampa... perfect. The red/pewter could be anywhere... fine but generic.
  3. I can't believe that we have seen nothing of the Chargers and the radio guy said they would blow everyone away. No leaks anywhere?
  4. That's exactly what the Browns should have done for their last uni update (the one they have now). But, since the tried and failed at a modern look, I don't think they'll want to go any direction except for very traditional.
  5. So Patriots ARE getting a new uniform? But is that a new primary or just a different throw back / alt? I'd guess it's the throw back / alt. I'd love them to do this
  6. Maybe it's because the Indians use a block C but these seem very "Indians" to me.
  7. I only wish people would pay for my opinion on logos and uniforms. Not sure what he's like in reality but I can appreciate that he's built a platform for himself to have a voice.
  8. So navy/yellow are very predominant yet the uniform in the background is royal.
  9. I agree. Make the stripes the brand. Brilliant.
  10. I agree. Looks great except for the huge shoulder stripes. Not sure why everyone didn't just opt for the LAFC tone/tone style for them. I mean especially for Cinci who could've easily used the dark blue for the stripes on the royal.
  11. Well there have been plenty of stinker games in London over the years as matchups that were thought to be good during the offseason turn out to be loser/loser matchups. If they are London's team, even those who are huge fans of other teams will come around. I speak from experience as someone who grew up a die hard Chargers fan in San Diego but moved the Seattle. It took 5-10 years but I fully became a Seahawk fan after being inundated with Seahawk news on radio and tv on a daily basis and by the people in town (years before the Chargers moved to LA). If you live in a town, and don't outright hate the town's team, you'll eventually come around to support them.
  12. Unfortunately, I've learned in my years in the business as a designer/business owner that some time you just have to bite the bullet, take your money, and give the client what they want. In those cases though I at least voice my concern over the end design in writing so it's on record before it's handed off. And, the design never sees the light of day in my portfolio.
  13. Hey now, Fulham is THE London soccer club. All else fall far behind, not that I'm a huge Fulham fan or anything
  14. I think London/England would embrace a team that was more theirs than anywhere else (even if they were sharing a bit with Jacksonville). Sure there are fans from all teams there but I don't see it as that much different than what we'll see in Las Vegas. Local NFL fans will grow to love their team if it's named London. Add to it that the Jags owner also owns a very popular and historic Fulham soccer team in London, and I'd say the pieces are in place. It's not optimal, but the Jags situation is better suited than ever before to become London's team.
  15. It finally hit me... It's not just the Chargers, but it's also the Clippers!
  16. That was the point for 8 straight in London, that the players/coaches could live there for 2 months, get settled in. Huge home field advantage.
  17. I don't know, if you split the first 4, you have a good chance to run the next 8 and could be 10-2 going into the final 4 games.
  18. After seeing a proposed schedule for the London Jaguars, I believe it can work very well. Season: - First 4 games away and the team is based in Jacksonville - Next 8 at home in London - Last 4 away and team again based in Jacksonville Now, playoffs would be a glitch, but the regular season works in my opinion.
  19. That's a very interesting improvement. I still don't like it overall but hate it less that way.
  20. I'd agree aesthetically, but as a brand it would be an even bigger mistake to not make the helmet horns match the logo horns. Would be an even bigger indictment on the designers.
  21. Obvious joke (copying the Steelers logo). Mocking the Rams.
  22. No one is happier today than the Chicago Fire management and logo designers.
  23. Except that’s what ownership stated on air, that they wouldn’t use green/yellow or green/blue. Right wrong or indifferent, that has been their stance.
  24. The major issue is it’s a much closer to a Chargers logo than a Rams logo. Huge fail.
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