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  1. Close but the difference is the Browns would have: - No script name on the helmet - No outlined numerals Because of that I'd say it goes from an ok uniform to an iconic update of the Browns traditional uniforms.
  2. They could gear it toward aviation (even though Boeing corporate left years ago) but wasn't the original for boat pilots?
  3. Love those colors. Unique.
  4. Add in white pants with the stripe to match that on the white jersey and I'd say it's about perfect. Can't think of anything else I'd do. As odd as it seems, to me this stripe pattern is the most spot on Browns logo/identity. Embrace it.
  5. Right, I live near Seattle's Ballard neighborhood and have even taken part in the annual Norwegian May 16 parade. Unfortunately their culture has been phased out over the past 10-20 years to a shell of what it used to be. Very few Scandinavians left. That being said, if the mythical Kraken is from sea around Norway and Greenland, that still doesn't place it here in the PNW. Hope you're right in that they aren't considering it anymore.
  6. So something as stellar as this with their Kraken might sway you?
  7. Any team with a soccer ball in its crest should remove it. That's a good start.
  8. Aside from Kraken being an outdated name already in my mind, it's a much more of a reach to connect it to the area... Kraken According to the Norse sagas, the kraken dwells off the coasts of Norway and Greenland and terrorizes nearby sailors. Sockeye Found in the Northern Pacific Ocean and rivers discharging into it as far south as the Columbia River in the eastern Pacific.
  9. I agree. I really want the chain to work but it doesn't. Not sure why. Has to be a good solution in there somewhere though.
  10. I'd agree to a point... keep that set but change the navy to brown, and change the canary to a stronger yellow. Done.
  11. Totally agree. It has to be the traditional all yellow on brown for me. Just a better design and look all the way around.
  12. I know it's their thing but man it'd be easier to watch, and like, Boise State if they used green turf.
  13. I can only speak for myself having lived in Seattle for 30 years, but there does seem to be a pride around the salmon here. Not just another fish.
  14. I think a good spin person though could turn that into something like "We play every year like it's our last, we leave it all on the ice"... And rather than one single salmon, it's the species that fights insurmountable odds year after year to do the impossible. But, I don't have any issues with the fish mascot anyway.
  15. The reflective dark to light of the skin could be very cool on the shoulders of a jersey if done subtly and well.
  16. This looks gray, not seafoam. The site shows the seafoam much more bright and green tinted which I like better. More of a cool, retro vibe.
  17. Agreed. I'd have loved a simpler helmet logo (NY?) but just a change of color to the existing would've been great.
  18. The more I see the great response that the Miami throwbacks are getting, I can't help but think the Jets will, once again, throwback to the Namath era look in 5 years. These new duds already look dated to me.
  19. I'm more appalled by the shoulder stripe and pant stripe not matching. How is that ok?
  20. Well the city of Seattle is named after Chief Seattle, Chief of the Suquamish and Duwamish tribes. Get their blessing on using something related to those tribes (or the Chief himself). City of Seattle has a great iconic logo of the Chief already. And again, if the tribes aren't in favor of it, just leave it alone.
  21. I agree. Not for any more NFL rules BUT would love one that regulates this so these matchups never happen. I know in soccer you can't match the opponent's jersey, or shorts, or socks. That may be too extreme but considering something like that should be looked at. In the photo above, make the Bears wear white pants (they are the visiting team).
  22. Right, not assuming anything. Just saying I'd prefer a name that pays homage to the Native culture in the region and is blessed by the tribes. One that honors them. If the tribes have no interest in it, then fine, chose a non-Native themed name. I'm just so tired of the fighting over this issue, I'd like a feel good story that all agree is a good solution and further paves the way toward how the issue should be dealt with.
  23. As I've said before, the win/win is to be the Totems with the blessing of local tribes. Rather than adversarial, it would be an embracing of the Native culture and giving them a voice. If the tribes balk, fine, move on to the Sockeye, but working with tribes would be a huge benefit to both entities.
  24. I don't think anyone thinks it's stealing. It just for whatever reason the NHL team ownership said they wanted to stay away from the Sonics' colors. It's their choice not the fans/city if that makes sense.