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  1. But the cap doesn’t with the yellow on brown. Either outline the SD on the cap or leave the outline off the brown jersey.
  2. Pinstripe issue aside (I'm not a fan of them), of this set the brown jersey sticks out like a sore thumb. The pinstripe versions are very nice, brand consistent. The brown top, in particular the white outline of the yellow logo, doesn't match the system. I'd be happy if they just exclusively used the pinstripe versions and then the camo on Sundays. All in all though, as an "always browner" I'm happy.
  3. Totally disagree. It may have been at one time but it's completely been owned by the Yankees for a long, long time. It's their thing like it or not.
  4. As I said, I know many teams have had them over the years, my point is that pinstripes are most synonymous with the Yankees, and success, which is why all teams that use them are simply trying to be like the Yankees. I think the Padres, with the unique brown, should be the Padres, not the Yankees lite.
  5. How many years did the Padres try to be darker Dodger blue south? And I'd say pinstripes are even worse than cream since it's embarrassing trying to be the Yankees (which is basically what teams that wear pinstripes are trying to do). I know other teams have, and have had them, but the truth is it's a poor attempt to be the Yankees. I wouldn't say wearing cream is the same thing.
  6. Man the pinstripes are really going to hurt this look. So close. Lose the pinstripes and use a cream instead of white material and it’d be solid.
  7. I'd hope it's slightly less bold to better match the SD on the cap. That was one thing that bugged me about the current browns is that wordmark was just so bold, add to it the white outline, and it's just too much.
  8. Could they actually be the Monarchs and use the branding? I believe the WLAF was owned by the NFL weren't they? That would be pretty cool. It would be interesting though to see what fans in London would want. Would they want their own team name or would they feel having an existing NFL team name was better? Like what if the Wolverhampton Wanderers moved to New York but stayed in the EPL. Would New York fans want to be the New York Wanderers and keep the existing brand, etc. or would they want to rename the team?
  9. Technically true, still in no way are the Chargers Los Angeles. No way.
  10. I agree but I heard the best solution I've heard on the radio today (for a Jacksonville/London combo though). Play 4 consecutive games in London, become "London's" team, and have a HUGE home field advantage since you'd be acclimated for at least games 2 through 4.
  11. Well if they won't move back where they belong in San Diego, they may as well move to London. And, the whole charging horse and shield work well there too. London Chargers.
  12. No white S and yellow D. No. It only works on a dark background. If you outline or do anything else to try and make it work on a light background it gets overly complicated. Simple yellow S and D on brown and brown S and D, outlined in yellow, on white is perfect.
  13. That, to me, a born and raised Padres' fan for over 40 years, was the final straw. When they went from those great ASG year uniforms to the navy only I was out, couldn't handle the continued idiocy of the management. Haven't followed them since. Now I feel I can come back since they are once again becoming the San Diego Padres.
  14. Black ruins it. Again.
  15. I wish there was more variety in sports uniforms based on the team's region and fan base and thus always defer to what those people think is right for their team. There are many looks that I think don't work, but I can be open minded enough to consider that they may work perfectly well for that teams's fans/region. Who am I, an outsider, to say it's bad for them?
  16. Love it. Alleviates my worries over the green/brown. This looks to be real brown.
  17. I sure hope you are joking or misinformed. Pinstripes at home and khaki roads is almost bad enough to ruin the return to brown. Horrible.
  18. Dark Chocolate or Espresso Brown. I often use those names with clients for a very dark, almost black, brown. And maybe it's just the designer in me but I think a very dark brown is much more interesting than black. It has just the right amount of personality than the overused black can't compare with.
  19. New logo on Facebook for the team is slightly different than the old, better in my opinion. The dark areas show the old logo, yellow is what is there now. New has less pointy, less pronounced serifs.
  20. 80s chocolate brown is much better than the current military green/brown. Finger's crossed.
  21. Kraken reeks of a middle aged man trying really hard to be hip and cool with the kids these days.
  22. I disagree. As a visual communicator, I appreciate when the teams on the field are as easily separate visually as possible. The all white vs the purple/gold creates a very dramatic separation, and makes for a much more aesthetically pleasing game to watch.
  23. 3 more years until they can change back to these beauties? Classics for them.