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  1. Guess all those graphic design courses in college are just a waste of time then.
  2. It's about being consistent with your branding, and when it's so clearly cut and dry and easy to follow, and then isn't followed, I question the competency of the designers and art directors involved. Again you can like or dislike the look, but the rules of quality design aren't being adhered to in this case.
  3. These are basic good design principles. People can do and like what they want but there are very valid, time tested reasons why they are in place.
  4. The issue isn't the stripes, it's the double outlined numerals that clutter what could be a nice, clean look.
  5. Exactly. The new horn failed and thus the rest fails. At the very least they should've added another break making the horn into thirds. It's like they started with the twisting motif but then didn't finish it.
  6. Those are very nice. Should have been the logical next round of revisions for Nike but they got lazy. The only thing I may add is, if they are intent on using the cut, crescent horn motif, then use that to cut the pant stripe too.
  7. 2020 RAMS: Doing everything in their power to make the Chargers LA's team.
  8. I remember that game. It was dumping rain and they were wearing uniforms that hadn't been washed in 5 weeks.
  9. Gradients fall into the design category of, “just because we have the technology doesn’t mean it’s good”
  10. I always thought it was a skull (even the throwbacks) but was corrected earlier on this board when I revised their logo to look more skull-like. I'd say either go with a mean skull type look OR like you said, something with a soul.
  11. Agreed. Those are incredible. Saints all whites with gold numerals is 1A and this is 1B.
  12. It's what they get for 1) waiting so long and 2) screwing up the logo in the first place. Their only hope is to come out with a uniform that closely resembles the throwbacks and then they begin to downplay the Good Morning LA logo.
  13. I'd say most in Seattle blame 1. Howard Schultz for selling the team and 2. Commissioner Stern for paving the way for him to sell it to Bennett. In fact many, including myself, refuse to go to Starbucks because of it even though there is one on every corner in town. As much as I hate what Bennett did, I can't blame him for wanting the team in his town. We all knew it was going to happen as soon as the sale went through.
  14. And this is EXACTLY why when teams move, they should be required to re-brand and leave the old brand with the city it left, especially when they are historic franchises in the city. There are a few exceptions of course (Rams back to LA or Raiders back to Oakland). But if I have to say anything good about the OKC organization, it's that they didn't steal the name too. Still I hate everything about that franchise with a passion.
  15. I'm not so sure about that. John Clayton has said on his radio show that the owners didn't really expect the Chargers move to happen and were kind of shocked when it actually did. Basically they wanted a new stadium in San Diego and didn't want the Raiders in LA so they allowed the Chargers to play that out. Unfortunately it backfired.
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