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  1. This Rams one really doesn't work... white for white sake. Pattern doesn't exist anywhere else on the uniform. Single blue stripe on pants is the right answer here.
  2. I think someone forgot to point out to management, "you do understand, these will be your numbers for the next 5 years".
  3. Anything except a white helmet for Arizona seems wrong.
  4. EXACTLY. Most are horribly designed. If it's not an upgrade, don't do it.
  5. IF they added white to the uni: - Numerals should be white - Stripe pattern on arm should be on the pants too to match But I'd still opt for simply removing the white stripe on the helmet.
  6. I like the concepts when they are pertinent to the discussion as this one was. Helps the conversation and much easier than trying to explain it.
  7. And perfect for the red, navy, brown, yellow, orange, sand, light blue Padres brand history.
  8. This for at least 8 games.
  9. That would be perfect. I like black as an accent but just can't see a Miami team being in black (sorry Marlins, Heat).
  10. Would love to see only the shield on the chest of jerseys, not the roundel around the shield. Does that option exist?
  11. I've noticed that too. Hope so. Only change for me... remove the white stripe from the helmet since white isn't anywhere else in the uniform. And maybe go one step further and have orange pants that match the revised helmet.
  12. I've loved that jersey from the beginning (minus the NYJ graphic that is more like NHT).