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  1. The more I see this, the more I think the Sounders are trying anything they can to camouflage the horrible Zulily logo.
  2. I agree that I'd be SHOCKED if they unveil anything remotely as good as this. I'm a casual hockey fan but I'd buy this jersey in a second. It's best I've see for Seattle anywhere. Wow.
  3. Slate blue could be fine if used sparingly. Team IS rave green and that should be the focus. But they muddy it with too much of the blue. A rave green top, white shorts, and rave green socks would be a clean look... rave, slate, rave isn't.
  4. Elements I like about the concept but overall it’s too disjointed. Needs a few more rounds of revisions to get it right.
  5. Why the organic zebra pattern sublimation?
  6. Well the list is getting shorter by the post. Great reasons for dropping Cougars (WSU alienates UW fans) Emeralds (Portland baseball team) Rainiers (Long, long time Seattle/region baseball team) Sea Lions Sockeyes
  7. And it goes back to their original colors which were red, black and gold, to appease both U Georgia and Georgia Tech fan bases. Although the gold always looked like a last second afterthought.
  8. I like it... but I need more outlines.
  9. 100% agree. I lost respect for the Lakers when they added black to a perfectly historic uniform. Don't do it Rams.
  10. I had heard that both Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton refused invites to participate in events at OKC games. Not sure if that's just rumor or not but it was discussed on local sports radio here.
  11. I just think IF they want to go the native themed route, they must have an agreement with at least one of the tribes in the region. I only said Duwamish since Chief Seattle was their chief. I guess he was also the Suquamish chief, so that would work. Any tribe would be great but I think one associated with Chief Seattle would be the best case scenario. Again, if they decide to go that route.
  12. I would disagree in that if they did it right, in conjunction with the Duwamish (for example), it would show how progressive they are. That's something Seattle would definitely embrace and champion. They could hold it over the heads of all other teams that don't have the direct connection and approval.
  13. I hope they tweak the logo to make it more like an actual falcon shape and less like a space ship. More like the original. The whole trying to make the bird an F is too forced.
  14. I'll never forgive Seattle politicians for not doing this with the Supersonics. The ground work was all there and they took a payoff to drop their lawsuit. Needless to say that payoff money was most likely gone by the end of that year and 10+ years later the Supersonics still aren't back in Seattle.
  15. And as you can read in the story, it was similar to what the Rams/Colts did in the 70s when they traded franchises. So the Rams are actually the Colts and the Colts actually the Rams.
  16. I actually prefer the white/white when the opposing team is all color. Creates a greater distinction between the two teams. 49ers in red/gold vs Vikings white/white would be a visually stunning matchup.
  17. All this discussion over who the real Browns are makes me think even more the team HAS to go back to their old set. They fought and won the right to be the Browns, so embrace the history and wear it.
  18. This is an age old discussion. Like many, I've always thought the name/brand etc. belongs more to the city than the franchise but I also understand the arguments of those who don't feel that way. I don't see either of the sides ever changing so it is what it is. Bear in mind I'm coming from the perspective of a San Diegan / Seattlite who's lost the Clippers, Sonics, and Chargers. Until you've had a team ripped from your soul, you have no idea what it's like and what it does to a community.
  19. Well that being said my underlying point, which I'm sure you would agree with, is that the Sounders/Timbers have a much more heated rivalry than the Canucks/SeattleHockeyTeam.
  20. Encountered the same exact thing for a generation in San Diego. Overwhelmingly fans wanted a return to the throwbacks they wore at times in the 94 (?) season. When the Chargers finally changed their uniforms they did a half way "respect the past, look to the future" and that is what the team currently wears.
  21. As a kid I LOVED the white jersey look for the Rams while really disliking the blue jersey set. Never knew why until I got to college and started learning more about design. That said, I think the white set may look just as good with a single, solid, blue stripe. Maybe not.
  22. Ah, yes, that brown/orange/brown is too strong, bold, wide. I think it could work if they simply used the exact same stripe size as is on the jersey. Although, then do the helmet stripes stick out since they would be the thickest of the set? This is a tough one.
  23. I never understood the orange/brown/orange pant stripe. Seems in the looking at the jersey and socks, it would be more consistent to do brown/orange/brown.