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  1. Craig Morton was the first. Dallas (to get to Super Bowl V), and Denver (to get to Super Bowl XII).
  2. The "Buffaslug" is underappreciated. I think, had they took a little inspiration from the Buffalo Bills logo, I think the logo could've survived a lot longer then it did.
  3. Hey Pittsburgh; you do realize these games count, right?
  4. The Eagles were sure as [censored] not going to help out either Dallas or New York. Win more than 6 games next time.
  5. You're supposed to learn from past mistakes, not repeat them.
  6. Possibly. It makes a lot of sense considering who's calling the shots. But after the lost decade with The Crimson Clapper, and the tepid reaction from the fan base with the McCarthy hire; Jerry is fully ready to die on the hill he made for himself. Admitting failure is just something he doesn't like to do, you know?
  7. I know this is probably not going to matter, but whatever. I want McCarthy's head to roll.
  8. Sorry, I took a few days to stew over my decision. I wasn't expecting it so fast, ngl. I think I'll go with the first option, the one with the white trim.
  9. A moment of silence for those people who had to go up against Alvin Kamara in the Fantasy Football Playoffs.
  10. Hey, I was wondering if I could get an addition to my banner, adding a 2020 NASCAR Cup Chase participant for the #21 of Matt DiBenedetto, added immediately after the one for AJ Allmendinger in 2014. (Although I'm not quite sure which would work best; the red and gold numbers or the highlighter yellow and black numbers...) Thank you in advance.
  11. Well, this is the Jets we're talking about. They've turned failing at failing into an art form.
  12. No Dallas, don't start winning now! You've wasted too much of my time already this year.
  13. Can we finally end this charade and begin the controlled demolition of this team? The whole foundation needs to be repaired, and the team rebuilt from scratch.
  14. Arizona steals one from Buffalo. DeAndre Hopkins laughs in the face of your triple coverage. There's no reason why you trade someone like Hopkins for a bag of magic beans. This proves once and for all; Bill O'Brien is a hack.
  15. Pittsburgh does what Pittsburgh does and pull a win out of their ass after spending all game playing down to their competition. Another "Mike Tomlin Special" courtesy this time from Whataburger.
  16. Fire everyone. Get rid of everyone. Blow the whole team up. Start from scratch.
  17. It's clear they've given up. I can't imagine how demoralizing it was seeing your team's heart and soul get injured and be out for the year.
  18. This trainwreck of a disaster of a season has been years in the making. A slow burn has become a volcanic eruption of [censored] and slurry. Congratulations, Jerry. You brought this on yourself.
  19. The Dodgers have no excuses not to beat the Rays. Kershaw and Betts made a little over 26 million combined; which is almost as much as the entire Tampa Bay roster (a bit over $28 million). Dodgers in 6.
  20. This just seems par for the course with how inept this division is playing right now.
  21. I mean Alex Smith was able to come back about two years after his horrific injury. I know his was a lot more serious, but if Alex can come back, so can Dak. There is some hope in this rubble. Speedy recovery Dak.
  22. All right guys, you know what you need to do the rest of the season. Win for Dak. You have your rallying cry. The Red Rifle is now The Sherrif.
  23. Hope Dak can recover. Those injuries you can never tell. At least Dallas has someone who knows what he's doing in Dalton; but I know he'd rather not have been put into this kind of a situation.
  24. The quicker the season ends, the better. The sooner we can end this farce.
  25. I think Bowyer was on the outside looking in anyway. It was either him or Almirola who were going to go, but I think Aric still has another year or two left in him.