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  1. NHL, and also my favorite sport: Blue Jackets, Devils, and Islanders MLB: Reds, Giants, and Mariners NFL: Bengals, Browns, and a shifting rotation of Eagles and Bears College: Oklahoma, Arkansas, and pretty much every team in greater Cincinnati.
  2. How many people have already said they wanted more yellow? I would have liked more yellow. Why did they need to add black? It seems to me red, yellow, and grey would have been a pretty solid color scheme. These aren't great, but they're not terrible. I'm just wondering why, when the Raptors winning the championship just a week ago, now we have another red and black team. It feels a little bit like bad timing.
  3. The orca, if you look closely, also forms the letter "c" AND a hockey stick! It works on multiple levels!
  4. I like the new Canuck set. It's probably my favorite of the ones they've had.
  5. I used to work with a guy who listened to SEC radio all the time. I wanted to jump into oncoming traffic. It was physically painful to listen to some of those callers. To be fair, there was a morning show on one of the top 40 stations that was just as terrible. One of the moron hosts actually got into a ten minute argument that as you move West from Oklahoma, you'll go through Arizona before you reach New Mexico.
  6. It's been a fun couple years to be a hockey fan.
  7. I generally assume that all pro sports owners hold advanced degrees in dickery so I ignore them when I pick a team to root for.
  8. Honestly, I'm still just happy to have a home team. I grew up playing pick up games in a church parking lot because hockey's just not a thing where I come from. The nearest team was Dallas, and that was still six, seven hours away. I'm not sure if it's just the natural dislike of Texas all Oklahomans are born with or that at the time they seemed like a bunch of chumps that still managed to win but I never liked the Stars. Now that I've moved here and the Blue Jackets are just a day trip away I actually think I've enjoyed hockey more. I definitely don't feel as alone in my fandom anymore. I've changed my mind. I like the Blues and Bruins in the final, with the Blues winning in six. The Bruins will drop a couple games they shouldn't and the Blues take advantage.
  9. All this lamenting of the Bruins winning the Cup when the conference finals haven't even started yet... I dunno, seems a bit premature.
  10. Buncha Jerks is just Carolina's name now, isn't it?
  11. Did anybody else think it was poor form for the Blues to take that shot with the goalie writhing on the ice like that? I mean, I don't blame them, take your chances while you have them, sure. But it bugs me.
  12. The Jackets showed up for about eight minutes in the third period, then I don't know what happened.
  13. Aside from the Blue Jackets I'm mostly indifferent to everyone but Dallas, and that's pretty much a pavlovian thing.
  14. You ever get the feeling you could just roll dice to pick the Stanley Cup winner and do just as well as anybody?