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  1. That's great for some Minor League or Independent League baseball team. Not so much for a NHL team. Imagine naming your professional hockey players something most people only think of as food you rip apart and devour. Same thing with sockeye salmon fillet.
  2. Because penguins are cool. Everybody loves penguins. Sockeye salmon is mostly known as a fish fillet option at the grocery store. It would be like "Baltimore Blue Crabs". Why name a team after something most people only look at as a food option? Something more comparable to Pittsburgh Penguins would be Seattle Seals, or Seattle Sea Lions.
  3. And that was in the middle of the Powder Blue fad, after a handful of teams were already wearing it. I don't mind an occasional throwback Powder Blue, but all these teams adopting Powder Blue uniforms all of a sudden just seems like even more of a fad than what it was back then.
  4. All those teams that wore Black For Black Sake can say the same thing in a few years.
  5. Powder Blue For Powder Blue Sake
  6. Ah, I remember this as a kid. Obviously done to separate all the blue and red teams. Too bad all these identical blue and red teams never got the hint themselves. It didn't bother me because purple was at least associated with Minnesota.
  7. Yeah when I said Carolina blue I didn't mean it has to be exactly like the Tarheels' blue. The Carolina Panthers' blue, whatever you call it, was what I had in mind. I see that referred to as "Carolina blue" as well.
  8. Raleigh Owls is cool. Not feeling a red and black scheme for them though. I think a dark charcoal or off-black paired with Carolina blue would look awesome. Colors similar to the previous Blue Jays look.
  9. I don't typically like the idea of more Sox teams because I think it's lazy, but at least orange is significant here. Orange and green maybe? Orange dominant look with orange socks.
  10. Here's a cool article on it, and the Magic's orange themed City Edition uniforms: https://clutchpoints.com/magic-news-orlando-initially-considered-going-with-juice-team-nickname "Juice" might be more suitable for a basketball team. Is "Juicers" a thing, like Brewers? Then again, that makes them sound like roid users.
  11. Gross. Luckily they have little chance of getting a team. lol
  12. So you don't care about expansion/relocation in Florida, but just wanted to add your two cents about driving time? Cool. Sums up interest in Florida baseball. lol. I wanted to tag everyone in this discussion, but I was on my phone and just quoted the last post because it's easier. My bad.
  13. Fresh Prince of Dallas. It's like they thought the "City" in City Edition means "urban".
  14. I'd rather see them wear that than the pointless pinstripes.
  15. These designs are bold and classy at the same time. Love it so far. Bold for the Brewers being that cream home, imo. They basically just cleaned up the DBacks' set.
  16. Why would they do that? The cream looks fantastic.
  17. So royal blue added in the logo, but completely ditched in the uniforms? Should've stuck with the royal pinstripe throwbacks, at least.
  18. Why do you say that? It looks perfectly fine to me.
  19. I like the script in navy blue. Gives the overall look a nice balance. If the script has to be in red, make the numbers blue.
  20. That first cap is last year's ST cap. The jersey is last year's ST jersey, but what stands out here is it's labeled as an alternate.
  21. From baby poop brown to chocolate brown. Fantastic job by the Padres.
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