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  1. The point is when rappers rap about "fitteds", they don't necessarily mean authentic fitteds. They don't care about it being on-field or not. They're all 5950's. People who want authentic gear don't care about it not matching their outfits. That goes for fans or rappers. Rappers who rock authentic gear specifically will match their clothes with that authentic gear. They don't care about it being too "flashy". I'm still trying to figure out who this segment of consumers are who cares about the gear they wear being authentic, but won't buy it if it's "too flashy". There can't be that many.
  2. Fitteds are one thing, authentic gear is another. New Era fashion fitteds having many different color options is how they became popular in the first place: If someone is looking for a cool authentic to wear, they aren't worried about how flashy it is. They'll buy clothes (shoes, shirts, etc) to MATCH that authentic:
  3. Who the heck would wear an O's cap other than an O's fan? I think the type of fan who wants an authentic cap isn't the same type of fan who worries about how flashy it is.
  4. Interesting. What research or available data are you basing this off of? You would think if an O's fan is big enough of a fan to spend money on a cap to wear outside of the stadium, he would have no problem wearing the team's colors proudly. If he wants to sometimes wear something less flashy, then there's plenty of these types caps available: These are only a handful of fashion caps available on the O's site, but you get the idea. These types of caps are popular around town.
  5. And the only teams with more wins than the Nats since 2012 are the Yankees and Dodgers.
  6. True. The Chicago Metro Area has a pop of over 9M, so if they can attract a third of baseball fans there they'll be fine. It just doesn't seem they can maintain that with that stadium. It took them a WS win just to get them up to a 36K per game avg the following year, and it went down hill again since then. Compare that to the lovable loser Cubs who pack Wrigley every year no matter what. Even more so now with the recent success.
  7. Orioles moving seems unthinkable, but rumors are already circulating. We'll see what happens when Angelos sells the team and the lease is up in a couple years. As far as the White Sox, they did threaten to move in the past. From what I understand, the city still hasn't recouped the money from financing that stadium. I just don't see how they can compete with Wrigley and the Cubs unless they counter with a great new stadium and location. That's what they said about the Colts.
  8. My bold prediction is Portland and Vegas will get the two expansion teams (if the A's don't move to either). Montreal will get the Rays and Nashville will get the O's. The White Sox will look to move to Charlotte in 10 years after the city refuses them another stadium. Thoughts?
  9. The blue script gives the overall look a good balance of colors. The red crown/blue bill cap would go perfect with this.
  10. The navy script alt was introduced last year. They haven't lost in the playoffs yet in these, and it looks like they're going to stick with them.
  11. Either way, looks like yet another blue and red scheme in MLB. Best case scenario is they go with light blue/navy/red like the Titans. HEAVY on the light blue.
  12. Looks like they've already decided on Nashville Stars as the name, in honor of the Negro League team: https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/2019/08/28/nashville-stars-mlb-expansion-team-tennessee-dave-stewart/2133502001/ I posted this in the MLB expansion thread as well: https://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/113047-portland-and-other-mlb-expansion-name-possibilities/page/20/#comments
  13. Also looks like they're already committed to the name Nashville Stars, after the Negro League team: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tennessean.com/amp/2133502001
  14. https://bucswire.usatoday.com/2019/09/20/antonio-bryant-once-again-calls-out-the-buccaneers-for-their-ugly-jerseys/
  15. I must say, the flat finish helmets look clean and classy with the pinstripes.
  16. "DB" is Darwin Barney, one of the investors for the potential team. My initial reaction is why not just keep the name going? But thinking about it a little more, would anybody be upset if they leave the Athletics brand with Oakland for a potential team in the future? How many cities does the name need to bounce around to? If any of the A's cities deserve to keep the identity, it's Oakland.
  17. So the target year for this is 2023? Coincidentally, a couple weeks back, Russell Wilson seemed confident that Portland could have a team as early as 2023. He probably already received word of this plan with the Rays. The time frame and whether they get an expansion team or existing team depended on the stadium situations in Tampa Bay and Oakland.
  18. I'm worried that the dark tan away uniforms might make them look more UPS-ish than they need to be. We'll see.
  19. So you're saying it sound ridiculous because salmon sounds singular, and sounds even more singular than sockeye? I think most people familiar with the word salmon know that the plural is also salmon. "Salmon Kings" was brought up by someone else.
  20. Why does it sound ridiculous to you? Chinook would work too though.