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  1. ...more like a skull. Softer colors. Got it. Thanks. Every now and then I need a reminder of why I don't need to come here anymore. Toodles.
  2. Yeah that's basically what I'm saying minus the GD. It's based on expectations. There's nothing objectively or implicitly wrong with it. In fact, we PREFER contrasting helmets/caps oftentimes within the culture of other or football etc. This is a bias which has mutated strictly out of the culture of one specific sport without having any definable design basis. Therefore, dogma.
  3. Slightly off topic I suppose. But uh, I've always thought the "mismatched" helmet hate/unwritten rule was a little silly. In the above photo that is one of the least offensive things. I think there are situations where contrasting helmets would look fine.....maybe even good/better. I think the status quo is mostly dogma.
  4. Ha! Yeah, I knew that Olive Garden line might come back to bite me. Before I write a whole bunch of stuff nobody wants to read are you of the opinion the WC stuff wasn't good? Or as good as it could have been? Cause yeah, Rte 1 is NOT quaint or touristy. It's actually pretty run down and gross. Patriot Place proper isn't's shiny and commercial and pretty cool in an outdoor retail/mall way.....but it's definitely not quaint. So I guess I was saying......unclearly......not that the logo perfectly reflects Foxborough..but that even HERE you can see evidence of this kind of thing...that type of sign and the history of what I think they were going for. And if you care I could elaborate. But if not that's fine too. It was a huge adjustment moving out here. The 'burbs are not what anyone in the midwest or south would associate with suburbs. Hard to explain I guess.
  5. Completely agree. They do such great work. Sometimes I feel like Big4 level identity work is suffering overall a bit... but at the same time the event work (in large part due to these guys) has really never been stronger. Speaking specifically of the event work that hasn't been templated like the SB has. If you'll indulge me a bit here...Most of you know I'm from WI and lived in Milwaukee for like 20 years. So that's home. But my family has been in greater Boston for 3.5 years now and we settled in the far southern burbs in a town called Franklin, MA. I like to tell people it's THE Franklin, cause while every state seemingly has one, our Franklin was named after him while he was still alive. Anyway, Franklin is generally (and my house is specifically) about 8-10 miles from Patriot Place in Foxborough (as the crow flies). And so even though we don't go to Pats games we're over there ALL the time.. Our local movie theatre is there. Our local Trader Joe's and Olive Garden is there etc. My point is I know the area quite well now and can speak to the aesthetics of the area. Long story short....the MOMENT I saw this WC logo I thought of this sign (See Google Maps image below) for Lafayette House right there on Rte 1 maybe a half mile from the stadium. Stadium is red arrow in BG. And when we're leaving the movies I take the back way home and turn at Lafayette House every time. There's a million more like it everywhere. SO even though I'm not a New England lifer by any stretch I couldn't help feeling they had nailed the "vibe" that permeates everything out here. Super well done.
  6. Was having this discussion off forum. Wondering if "hand" painted means that the paintings of the 12 boats for the position groups were hand painted? And then turned into decals? So they are "hand" painted in the same way a stamp might be? Because the original was? OR are they seriously saying they did like......attempt to paint that many? Their website lists 179 players and I'm sure some aren't suiting up could they manage to get them all exactly the same? Not sure an army of airbrushers could do that in quick order. Plus using goalkeepers as the analogy here.....when you use paint (rather than decals) they need to be clear coated to protect the artwork. Slightly confused and also very curious to see close ups in HD on Saturday.
  7. Throw me into the camps that A) like the collar Immediately thought of firefighter's jackets and C) wishes they were brown. But I have to wonder if this insistence using black (even as they already have two other black jerseys) is a symptom of the team's stance on black and gold going all the way back to 1980 and trying to block the penguins from using those colors? Maybe that's a reach on my part. I'll grant you that. But why else not go all the way and actually replicate the first team jersey? Furthermore, if you don't like brown? Why even let the bear itself be brown then? If you're updating all brown things to black? Why not that of all elements? I don't get it. I'm not anti fauxback. I'm not against combining elements from different eras at all. And I have ZERO inside intel on this one. I just can't help thinking this is one of those situations where they didn't make it brown specifically BECAUSE it would have been a huge hit and they would have been "forced" by popular demand to wear it for XX years afterward. It would have been so cool it would have taken up "space" in their heirarchy that they didn't want to give a brown jersey. That of course is their prerogative but ......then pick something else to throw back to? To me this is like if the Packers wore ACME throwbacks but had a bee in their bonnet about only ever using green and gold. And I wouldn't like that either.
  8. Thbbbbt. I love reading reviews on this. Here's a paraphrased sample, "Sure it's BFBS...and SURE I'm not sold on the font.....and SURE the armpit stripes make no sense...but overall I really like it!" I hated the red too man. That's all anyone has to say. No need to tie ones self in knots. For the record? That's EXACTLY how I sounded coming out of Episode I in 1999.
  9. Yikes! OK. Quick couple clarifications. I'm not aligning myself with anyone... let alone that author. I'm picking up on your hints that he's sort of a d-bag? I believe it. When one reads that piece it stinks of "league mouthpiece" trying to sell me on something. I only linked to it because A) It was on Uniwatch ticker this morning. Figured half of you had already seen it and Those facts or fact-adjacent tidbits are still true or true-ish and got me thinking more about the issue. They may be recurring arguments badly made in favor of uniform ads. I'm not arguing that. But often there are familiar factoids trotted out and used lazily in bad arguments. We have to learn to navigate around them sometimes; debunk them sometimes; and other times concede the smaller points but destroy their connection to the larger narrative. I don't want uniform ads. Don't want em. But I'm just trying to not be naive here. I'm willing to admit that ads work and therefore I'm torn on the issue at least in theory a little bit. I liked it when Lambeau was being renovated there was talk that we'd sell naming rights to gates or the concourse specifically so that the stadium name could remain sponsor free as it should be. Something like that works better for me. On the one hand I love synergy and "Synergy". How else could I have been playing Lego Jurassic World with my kids today? Would have had to build generic Lego dinosaurs using my "imagination" and just hummed the music in my head. On the other hand? Synergies downside is a hotel chain making team policy for the Minnesota Vikings last year. Synergy would also quite naturally create an undesirable heirarchy if uniform ads come to pass. The Rangers and Lakers of the world might strike deals with Visa or Mercedes or Coke and the Buffalos and Winnipegs might get left with the smaller sponsors......look "lesser" by comparison and still not keep up in terms of ad revenue vs the big boys and girls. Nothing illustrates that better than NASCAR where the bottom 10-15 teams cannot even afford paint schemes or sponsors with national name recognition. Plus, again, to use a racing example.....the series is sponsored by a telecomm giant and that trickled down to disrupt team sponsorships with other telecomms. What teams could arrange deals with Pepsi if Coca-Cola were the official league beverage etc. It just gets too annoying to contemplate....a team with a Chevy deal playing in an arena sponsored by Ford? As the opponent even... Yuck.. So I'm against it. I'm just trying to be a little honest here. I don't think advertising is an unmitigated social ill. But as I said...a healthy society knows where to draw those lines. Also, is it a liberal thing to bow to commerce at all costs? I view that as a conservative viewpoint....that the profit motive fixes everything. It's the Bill Maher's of the world who like to remind us when prisons and newscorps and newspapers were loss leaders. The right wants to privatize everything. What am I missing there? I too prefer to straddle the line acknowledging how capitalism has benefited our society WHILE consciously carving out areas where I think it's inappropriate. It's illegal to sell your organs or your citizenship after all. There are always limits.
  10. I don't dispute many of the facts this article details. Particularly that team logos are themselves "ads" or that makers marks are "ads" or that we got over ads on dasher boards and ads under the ice. I will even admit that I actually PREFER ads on dasher boards as opposed to naked ones. Over my lifetime I've been conditioned that sponsored events are more legitimate or big time and unsponsored ones aren't. We could argue the merits of that mindset or how consumerism has impacted our culture separately; and I'd probably be willing to discuss my hypocrisy in depth. But that's how I feel. I also reject the idea that "NASCARism" is bad in and of itself. I like how race suits and cars look. I like corporate branding. I find it interesting. Not AS interesting as sports marketing, but interesting non-the-less. I got excited when Kevin Harvick agreed to terms with Jimmy John's cause I LOVE Jimmy John's and have always wanted a cap. But I never wanted to work there to get one. I was so excited when DeWalt rejoined with Matt Kenseth. That feels "right". As right as the Brewers bringing back the ball in glove. Those two paired up seems correct. I was bummed when Chelsea and Samsung parted ways cause I love my TV. If we're going to discuss all this we should be willing to discuss our super complicated relationship with the products we buy and the companies we patronize and in some cases work for. I used to work for M&I Bank and would encourage folks in management to FURTHER our sponsorship presence as a point of pride in the workplace. I wanted do design a car to run at the Milwaukee Mile basically. :-) All these years later they've been acquired by BMO Harris and were/are title sponsors on the Bradley Center. I'm a little jealous to not have that connection to my hometown teams. As sick as that makes sense right? It's never quite black and white. And I will further even ADD to this author's point....almost every change in sports at large has been for ad revenue. The 2 minute warning was implemented for ads...not strategic game purposes. So...........there's all of that to consider. While I feel all of that is true? I still don't want jersey ads if at all possible. I won't welcome that because we all hate change instinctively. I don't think we generally have a full understanding of the financials of these teams. The public stadium financing is a rabbit hole of bad. And so is the idea that teams are "losing" money. Professional sports teams are almost always (now) part of a VERY wealthy person's (or groups of persons) portfolio of multiple revenue streams. You can make the argument that if profits were the only goal these individuals could invest in grocery chains or department stores instead. Teams are not income sources....they are vanity investments; they are memberships in inter and intra-national country clubs of the super influential. And oftentimes they are strategically accounted for specifically BECAUSE they "lose" money on paper to offset profits elsewhere within the convoluted corporate umbrella. NBA owners can depreciate their rosters like you or I would our furniture or printers. What!?!?! They already have tons of built-in advantages and so far tend to make all their profits when they sell. You can revere the people who founded these leagues and took the actual risks if you want to...but the modern day franchise owner assumes very little actual risk.... In other words, the goals of sports franchises in a healthy society should NOT simply be to make profits. Not really. They shouldn't be. Their goal should be there to win games (get bragging rights) and be embassadors for their communities. Some things in society should be quarantined outside of the free markets...the press, the prison system etc. But I digress. Random thought....I think there's a sports salaries/regional cable TV/ cord cutter bubble coming our way that is going to blow some of this up anyway. But the real reason I don't want to bless this NHL talk as inevitable is not because it'll be an affront to decency. The NHL of all leagues is probably best suited to absorb this simply because they have the most garment real estate to work with. What I fear is that the NHL DOES make the colors match like the Bruins/Dunkin Donuts mockup and people DO come to accept it. IF that happens (which is 50/50 IMO) then the NBA, NFL and MLB will almost certainly feel emboldened further to do the same and sooner. And particularly in football and basketball there of course just isn't room to make it look even close to OK. The NFL has jersey ads in practice but they are hideous and are often sewn onto jerseys that don't have all the stripes of the game jerseys. We all gather here to gripe about the disappearing of jersey stripes as it is........I can't imagine how bad it would get with NFL jersey ads. Gross. So put me down as against please. But I'll admit I'm not pure on the issue. If it's a brand I'm fond of it would honestly be very different than if it weren't. And that adds a really uncomfortable dynamic to the mix. I'm already torn sometimes do I like that player or the team. And now another variable to consider....
  11. Astonishingly bad. Most curious to me is this is not a team unfamiliar with what good or at least better work looks like. IF you take all the fan submitted one-offs that they've accumulated and then actually worn? You have at least 3 better options right there. Including one designed by Fraser F'ing Davidson. Right? So......holy cow. Call somebody guys; somebody already in your rolodex. There's no justification for this. NONE.