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  1. This could be it. And it would make a great set.
  2. Great update. But there are some things to work on: - the shape on the right looks too steep for me. You either use an edge to break up the very long and steep line or you even think about changing the whole shape to a triangular one with the peak at the bottom. More like the Predators are doing it. Showing more of the neck. - the space between the dark lines in the ear area is too small. Let there be more spacing or connect some of the dark areas. - the white area around the eye distracts me. I think that a fine white line under the eye would be better plus a reduced white area where it is right now with more to the upper right over the eyes and less to the forehead. - the area around the nose looks too sharp to me on the outside with regard to the more rounded nose. That loses a bit of the tiger feel. - lines are a bit too sloppy in some areas. Perhaps that's also the issue with the nose. Colorwise I prefer the yellow one although it should be toned down a bit. Atbw Daniel
  3. Thank you for your opinions. I also feel that C was the best one of that group but I was not completely sure if this already is the deal. For some more options I gave the "I" a little leg (just a little bit to avoid the feeling of an "L") and also tried an alternation of it with separated letters. Still C or do you also feel that C.1 is the better C? And does D perhaps still have enough flow and is the most consistent? After finding the best option of the letters I'll give that another try. Atbw Daniel
  4. Thanks for your feedback. I totally see your point and have to say that I lost sight of that during the process. I started with separated letters and finally decided to give that "one-stroke-thing" a try - and so I did not really think of that any more ;o) As both of you pointed it out I think that I really have to change that. At first I was a little concerned as I didn't want to lose the "flow". But you're right Sparky.The gap of the "D" already breaks it up somehow and leaves an open door for another gap. So I got another three options for you.
  5. Hi guys, it's been quite a while. This time I'm taking on the logo of the federation. ISHD stands for Inline-Skaterhockey Deutschland. The game is played with an orange ball so orange is the main color of the federation's website and all of it's publications. I have two options right now but I'm also thinking about more different directions. Would like to hear your thoughts. Option 1: Option 2 What do you think? Atbw Daniel
  6. Fantastic. So many different perspectives of the Raptor. All of them with the adapted style of the original. And all of them executed very well. Would like to get some more background information of how much time you spent on the logos. Or even see some sketches. Plus - some of them in a higher solution. They are definitely worth it. All the best wishes Daniel
  7. Hey. The Ottawa set looks way too plain and in my opinion very generic. Their current set might have the same issue but that's no excuse. I'd like to see some gold and a different/more traditional striping.
  8. Yep! That's what I was looking for. This is a great template. I like that a lot. Great job on the colors. Just some thoughts: - The edges could use a cleanup - especially the hat and the (Patriots) lettering. - The Logo (M on the other jerseys - not on this one) and the Patriots lettering should be a bit smaller in my opinion. As this is a flat template - lots of the logo and the lettering would not be visible as the areas are covered under the arm or would get lost in the chest/arm area. - The drop shadow for the logo and the lettering is too long - it looks like it is floating over the jersey and not stitched onto it. - Also consider a smaller drop shadow for the kit. - Perhaps try some lighter dark in the corners. Right now it is a lot of "spot on". I'm not so sure about that point but perhaps you just give it a try. All the best wishes Daniel
  9. This is one great concept. The M-Logo is a thing of beauty. And I also like the secondary versions as well. One thing that is also bothering me is the Patriots font as others already have pointed out. You should consider a change or a clean-up. For the unis - while I like the stripes on the sleeves on the white jersey (I like the white jersey very much) I am not so happy with the classic red&white sleeves on the blue jersey. Perhaps try a different angle or a more subtle implementation. About the red jersey - the red does not come out as it should, I suppose. Perhaps you will have to work on the highlight/shadowing layers to better retain the intended color. It seems to have a brownish touch, in my opinion. This is really nitpicky, I know - but I suppose that this is what it is all about right now. As this is close to be an outstanding concept. Atbw Daniel
  10. Hey everybody! Congratulations to all the winners. Those titles are well deserved. It was an honor to be nominated. The high raised bar will hopefully be motivation to all of us who fell short or are just getting started ). all the best wishes Daniel
  11. Great presentational graphics. And great inspiring work among these. Had not even noticed some of them and looked them up today. Therefore it would be really helpful to have the respective threads linked in this thread as some cannot be found that easily.
  12. Wow! I must say - I am really proud to be part of that group. This really means a lot to me with so many talented guys around on this board.
  13. Hey Dbro you did a great job with the new collar. I like that a lot. For the jerseys I must say that I am a bit disappointed. I'm always a big fan of your creative jersey designs - but this time - the reworked jerseys look very plain and more like sublimated Inline-Hockey jerseys. I also did not like the way they looked before. For the same reason. The ones on the left I do like better but I would have liked to see different designs for each team. I think that you could do much better. Perhaps you are just right with your attempt and I do not see what you are going for. So perhaps you can explain a little more. All the best wishes Daniel
  14. Hi. This is a great start. I won't say much about the bird as I think that IT is really strong already. Just some minor tweaks needed that the others already pointed out. The SJ thing is fine by me as well. I think that there's no need to be that obvious. I have some other concerns about the wordmark. It is way too weak and needs some outlines to get stronger and fit in the logo set. Also the L has way too much space behind it. So that should be fixed. Also in the roundel Primary the text is unbalanced with regard to where the bird's head is placed. Atbw Daniel
  15. Hi. Good job so far. I think you have a good logo here. You do not have to follow the anatomics in every aspect as long as you do not lose the key line. I believe that highlighting and shadowing areas would help you to take it to another level. Atbw Daniel