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  1. This could be it. And it would make a great set.
  2. Great update. But there are some things to work on: - the shape on the right looks too steep for me. You either use an edge to break up the very long and steep line or you even think about changing the whole shape to a triangular one with the peak at the bottom. More like the Predators are doing it. Showing more of the neck. - the space between the dark lines in the ear area is too small. Let there be more spacing or connect some of the dark areas. - the white area around the eye distracts me. I think that a fine white line under the eye would be better plus a reduced white area where it is right now with more to the upper right over the eyes and less to the forehead. - the area around the nose looks too sharp to me on the outside with regard to the more rounded nose. That loses a bit of the tiger feel. - lines are a bit too sloppy in some areas. Perhaps that's also the issue with the nose. Colorwise I prefer the yellow one although it should be toned down a bit. Atbw Daniel
  3. Fantastic. So many different perspectives of the Raptor. All of them with the adapted style of the original. And all of them executed very well. Would like to get some more background information of how much time you spent on the logos. Or even see some sketches. Plus - some of them in a higher solution. They are definitely worth it. All the best wishes Daniel
  4. Wow! I must say - I am really proud to be part of that group. This really means a lot to me with so many talented guys around on this board.
  5. Hey there, I have been designing cycling jerseys for over a decade, from small clubs to pro teams. The vast majority of jerseys have raglan sleeves, there are a few who use set in, but the seams over shoulders are an issue as riders are in an arms up position most of the time while riding in the drops. Also add side panels. This is prime sponsor space. Other than that this is a great template. Hey FFWally, did not expect to receive any more feedback on this. Thank you very much for your input. I refined the areas that you referred to and also put in a design to see how it works. atbw Daniel
  6. Hi Colin. These are some very good concepts. I like how clean the logos are. The Coyotes is the one I like the best. I also like the ducks jersey very much but also believe that the logo could use some motion. As for the Senators - I feel that the shape looks a bit off and it is a bit unbalanced and irritating. Funny thing to me is that you picked the there teams that have the worst number fonts of the league in my opinion. You fixed the Coyotes and I believe that you should also do so with the Ducks and the Senators. Atbw Daniel
  7. Hi Ren, wow - you really got some great logos here. I think that I like the Eagles and the Bears the best. Let me tell you something that came to my mind when I looked at the logos closely. I think that you are very good with the "mascots"/figures when it comes to highlighting/shadowing/simplifying/using negative space. But there's something that's bothering me and I think that it is they way you incorporate the wordmark as well as the outline that often is too thin in my opinion (e.g. Orcas). Sometimes the wordmark is too plain or you lose the line thickness of the logo when you do highlights/shadows on the wordmark what also looks a bit off. Or the font sometimes doesn't fit in with the style of the logo (Stormers). Or the horizontal and vertical thickness of the letters is unbalanced and it looks stretched (Tigers). I think with the Bears and the Eagles you managed to bring font and logo together in a very good way and that is why I like them the best. And I think that if you fix that with the others it might improve them although they already are very good. All the best wishes Daniel
  8. I'm impressed but I didn't see any 3D-modeling steps - or how did you do that? Other than that - I got the request for the jersey template that I made for my Memphis Grizzlies jersey presentations lately - so I cleaned it up and got a media fire account to share it. As I don't want it to send it exclusively - here it is for anyone who's interested… This is the link to the psd-File: SND Basketball Jersey Template This is what it looks like as a blank template: Reference appreciated. atbw Daniel
  9. Many thanks for this great thread Darth Brooks. This is really helpful! Last year I was looking for something like this and stumbled over the Davidson templates and used them - trying to find out how they work. Poor thing that your thread wasn't up by that time. One thing that he has got in his templates that you have not talked about are two more layers with a greyscale uniform that utilizes "Overlay" (hope that this really is in the english photoshop version). I think that those are used to retain the original color. When you use multiply and screen there comes in the shadowing and there come in the highlights. Sometimes the original color gets lost a bit. At least that is what I feel about it. By adding an "overlay" layer the original color seems to be conserved a bit better and the showed areas have more depth. Here is an example of what I am talking about: When you have that Overlay layer in it, the Multiply layer can be a bit brighter. All the best wishes Daniel
  10. Hi Berlin Wall, big fan of your work. Especially loving the individual player treatment you did with the hair (and beard: Sokratis is the best! )) I think many of your jerseys are outstanding and have the looks of a pattern that Nike or adidas would come up with. About the Paderborn logo. I think that the font of the current logo should be carried over to the concept you did so that there is a connection between the two. Although I'm not a bing fan of the font I am also not a big fan of the one that you came up with so why not keep the "old" one? The jerseys look good. Nice clean font for the number and player name. About the template I have one complaint. The rear end looks kind of flat. Perhaps some shadowing would help to indicate some butt in the shorts. All the best wishes from Lüdenscheid. Daniel P.S. Haven't you been to 2minman, or am I wrong?
  11. Hi - thanks for the comment. I made the pockets a bit bigger. Currently I'm working in Illustrator so it is vector based. But I suppose that one can transform it into PS as well. Which one would help you better? Perhaps just pm me. But I think I have to clean up the file (layer and folder-wise) before I send it to someone. Bye - Daniel
  12. Hi there, as a friend of mine asked me to design a bicycle jersey I wanted to create a template first. As it took me quite a while but as it also was fun - I thought I would share it with you. So please tell me your thoughts and if there's something to fix. (Don't know if there's anybody around who would actually like to design a bicycle jersey, but anyways…) All the best wishes Daniel
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