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  1. Can you do that with the helmet having a white facemask then?
  2. Packers-Chiefs. The two meet in a rematch of the first Super Bowl.
  3. Leaning towards the Colts Seahawks Pigskins Ravens in another upset Saints Browns
  4. Bills Ravens Browns Lions Falcons (Don't they always win in Tampa?) Patriots (Jets go 2-14) Cowboys (might not get in) Raiders (this is the year they win in Denver) Cardinals (Rams lose to finish 9-7 anyway whether Green Bay wins or not.) leaning towards the Seahawks Chiefs maybe? Saints in a rout ditto for the Colts and Titans leaning towards the Bears to pull off the upset. Pigskins win the division.
  5. Speaking of the uniform Kevin Greene was wearing, the Rams won every game in that uniform when they played in the regular season last year. They only lost to the Cowboys in Hawaii for a preseason game and beat Denver the next week. By the way I hate the uniforms they have now.
  6. Saints Bucs Niners for the upset Dolphins Browns Colts Chiefs Ravens Bengals Panthers Broncos Seahawks Cowboys Packers Bills
  7. Vegas baby Bills a lock Packers in a rout Colts Bears Seahawks leaning towards the Ravens Bucs Titans Jets This could be the only game they win. If not, they go 0-16. Cardinals Saints for the upset Browns Steelers
  8. Patriots Cardinals Chiefs Bucs Broncos Cowboys (I hope) Titans Colts a definite lock Seahawks better win 49ers Saints Falcons Packers Steelers Ravens
  9. If Washington team sticks to that combo, they may go undefeated for the rest of the season and go into the playoffs. Don't like it. They never should've removed the stripes from the helmet though.
  10. Vegas baby! Jaguars in an upset. tough one, but I;m going with the Dolphins another tough one, I pick the Bears. Colts lock Saints another lock Titans another lock Seahawks lock Cardinals definitely a lock Packers see above Patriots a sure lock cuz' I don't trust the Chargers. Chiefs see above Pigskins. I don't like the name they have now but Washington, along with San Fran and Dallas are also my upset specials.
  11. I did not put in my picks for yesterday, but they were Houston and Washington. As far as the rest go...... Indy, Vegas, Cleveland, Cincy, Miami's a lock, so is Buffalo, Arizona, Carolina, San Fran, New Orleans, KC, Green Bay, Seattle and Baltimore for the upset.
  12. Cardinals Panthers Titans Patriots Pigskins Falcons Steelers Jets Dolphins Cowboys Packers Raiders Buccaneers
  13. Colts Panthers Eagles Pigskins Packers Broncos Cardinals Dolphins Bengals Seahawks 49ers Patriots Bears
  14. Packers Falcons Colts Texans Chiefs Lions Bears Pigskins Raiders Cardinals Cowboys Saints Patriots
  15. Falcons Bengals Raiders Colts Packers Chiefs Dolphins Steelers Broncos Saints Niners Cowboys (I hope) Bucs
  16. Eagles Steelers Pigskins Bills Saints Packers Bengals Lions Seahawks Jaguars Niners Chiefs Bucs Bears
  17. Lions Falcons Colts Panthers Pigskins Titans Steelers Ravens Patriots Dolphins Packers 49ers Chiefs Cardinals
  18. Buccaneers Jaguars Chiefs Bengals Panthers Patriots Pigskins Bills Cards Eagles Niners Colts Cowboys Seahawks Saints
  19. Broncos Bengals Cowboys Saints Cardinals Vikings Ravens Seahawks Buccaneers Giants Patriots Bills 49ers Packers And if it happens, the Titans
  20. Dolphins Teamsters Niners Bengals Patriots Bears Bills Texans Titans Colts Panthers Cowboys Cardinals Bucs Packers Chiefs
  21. Cincinnati San Francisco Miami Indy Green Bay Dallas Giants for the upset Eagles Titans Panthers Broncos Cardinals Chiefs Texans Patriots Saints
  22. Leaning towards Houston Bills in a rout. Ravens Seahawks too. Lions Raiders Leaning towards Washington Ditto for Dolphins-Patriots. Glad New England changed their uniforms though. Packers Colts Leaning towards Cincy Leaning towards New Orleans Niners Cowboys Steelers Titans
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