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  1. Josh McDaniels will never be head coach again! He'll win another ring with Bellichick next season.
  2. True, but there is nothing funny about it.
  3. And I picked the team in your avatar to win every week because they were always in the playoffs in the past eleven years! They haven't had a losing record since Bellichick's first year in 2000. They had winning records when they missed the playoffs too. I get it too!
  4. The Titans stopped the Plague, for now. But you know that these cheaters will get back on top again next year, but we'll wait and see when the season comes.
  5. Bills: This could be another early exit for Houston. Patriots: The Plague will strike again. Saints: I can't believe they went undefeated in their plain white uniforms! Could happen again. Seahawks: Eagles have not much left to go back to the Super Bowl.
  6. Packers in an easy game Bills,but just barely The Plague will get a top seed Bears in an upset Chiefs as a lock Bengals in an upset Saints as a lock Falcons win this one Colts in an easy one Eagles win somehow Cardinals will do this week what they did to Seattle last week Steelers in an upset Titans on the road Raiders as a lock Cowboys win the East Niners win the West
  7. Texans, Plague, Niners, Steelers, Saints, Colts, Dolphins, Ravens, Jags, Redskins, Lions, Raiders, Cards, Cowboys, Bears, Packers
  8. Ravens, Packers, Plague, Seahawks, Texans, Dolphins, Eagles, Chiefs, Bucs, Cards, Raiders (hopefully), Vikings, Chargers, Cowboys, Niners, Bills, Saints
  9. Cowboys, Colts, Ravens, Lions, Niners, Bengals, Panthers, Dolphins, Jags, Patriots, Raiders, Cardinals, Seahawks, Eagles.
  10. Lions, Cowboys, Saints, Browns, Redskins, Bucs, Bengals, Colts, Eagles, Niners, Cardinals, Chargers, Chiefs, The Plague and the Seahawks.
  11. Colts, Lions, Raiders, l;eaning towards the Giants, Saints, Seahawks, Bucs, Bills, Steelers for the sweep, Titans, Patriots, Packers and Ravens.
  12. I did pick the Vikings over the Giants in week 5 though.
  13. Steelers, Redskins, Colts, Dolphins, Cowboys, Saints, 49ers, Patriots, Raiders and Chiefs with the Broncos, Falcons and Bears pulling off the upset.
  14. Raiders Saints Bills Chiefs Packers as a lock Cardinals Leaning towards the Giants Leaning towards the Lions Ravens as a lock Leaning towards Colts Steelers Cowboys Niners as a lock
  15. Niners Texans Bills Dolphins in an upset Panthers Colts Tough one, but I'm going with the Bears in an upset Chiefs in a lock regardless. Leaning towards the Raiders Bucs Packers: No way the Chargers are winning. Browns for now Same old Pats. Cowboys
  16. Redskins in an upset Tampa Bay NY Giants Colts Jaguars Bears Eagles Cardinals Bengals (Yes I'm the only one.) Ninnaahhs like Rondo says. The Plague Da Raidahs The Pack The Fins
  17. Actually, there are six if you count the Bengals wearing their Color Rush uniforms in London.
  18. The Chiefs most likely. Niners, I don't see an upset happening. Colts most likely. Jags nost likely. Leaning towards a Dolphins upset. Packers end Oakland's streak. Cardinals most likely. Lions for the upset. Falcons pull off the upset Saints most likely Leaning towards a Ravens upset. Cowboys as a lock Ditto for the Patriots
  19. Patriots: lock Panthers: lock Redskins: lock leaning towards the Texans Seahawks: lock leaning towards the Bengals Saints: lock Eagles: lock 49ers: lock leaning towards the Cardinals Titans: lock Cowboys: lock Steelers: upset Packers: lock
  20. What happened to the final leaderboard? Who won the week?
  21. Seahawks, because they are undefeated in their Action Green duds, so that's a lock! Eagles Falcons: Did you see what Carolina did to them at home? Ravens: The Steelers won because the Bengals are a bad team. The Plague I'm leaning towards the Titans here. Cardinals: They could take this one because of their owner passing away. Another lock! Bears Leaning towards the Vikings. Panthers, their run continues. Chargers hopefully Leaning towards the Pack. Chiefs Niners as a lock!