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  1. How ironic that the team who won the Super Bowl for Los Angeles will move out of California to Vegas.
  2. I understand. As far as the game and his team goes, I don't think that Brady and Bellichick will retire after this, but if they do let me know.
  3. Besides Gronk, all of them to win six straight Super Bowls.
  4. The Plague. I can't stand the Pats but the Rams have no chance, and besides the Patriots lost to Philly last season.
  5. No wonder the team and the orginization likes the stupid side panels and red piping on those jerseys.
  6. Everyone in the team and management is high on that stale look.
  7. If new England wins, they could either wear the same thing they are wearing now, or the alternate white pants from last year with the white jerseys.
  8. I'm afraid if the Patriots win. they will wear the color rush pants with their white jerseys and win.
  9. Another Super Bowl with the Plague. Hopefully New Orleans wins the NFC title.
  10. This game is so boring that I can't stand the human plague that is the Patriots. There will come a time where they won't dominate the league, but only if Bellichick and Brady are gone.
  11. Colts: No way Kansas City wins a playoff game at home. Cowboys: Dallas will win, and Cowboys fans will hijack the Coliseum. Patriots: They never fail at home. Saints: The Eagles run ends here.
  12. Colts made it. Cowboys over Seahawks Ravens over Chargers Bears over Eagles Second Round Colts to be the next victim of the Plague Cowboys or Eagles Hopefully the Plague-triots over the Saints in Super bowl 53.
  13. I would rather have this look instead, Even though Lamar played the game without sleeves or wristbands, I have a concept of him wearing them with the black over white look from last night's game instead of black over purple.