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  1. The Chiefs most likely. Niners, I don't see an upset happening. Colts most likely. Jags nost likely. Leaning towards a Dolphins upset. Packers end Oakland's streak. Cardinals most likely. Lions for the upset. Falcons pull off the upset Saints most likely Leaning towards a Ravens upset. Cowboys as a lock Ditto for the Patriots
  2. Patriots: lock Panthers: lock Redskins: lock leaning towards the Texans Seahawks: lock leaning towards the Bengals Saints: lock Eagles: lock 49ers: lock leaning towards the Cardinals Titans: lock Cowboys: lock Steelers: upset Packers: lock
  3. What happened to the final leaderboard? Who won the week?
  4. Seahawks, because they are undefeated in their Action Green duds, so that's a lock! Eagles Falcons: Did you see what Carolina did to them at home? Ravens: The Steelers won because the Bengals are a bad team. The Plague I'm leaning towards the Titans here. Cardinals: They could take this one because of their owner passing away. Another lock! Bears Leaning towards the Vikings. Panthers, their run continues. Chargers hopefully Leaning towards the Pack. Chiefs Niners as a lock!
  5. Didn't the Cowboys announce that they were wearing blue jerseys against the Packers?
  6. Green Bay (Battered and bruised teams like the Eagles don't do well on short rest) Agreed. Baltimore (Lamar Jackson is just that much better) I see Cleveland getting the upset. Indianapolis (There's the clown show Oakland was supposed to be..) Ditto for Oakland. Houston (I can trust Deshaun Watson more then Kyle Allen right now) Not likely. Washington (Do I have to pick a winner here?) Yeah, but not the Giants. Atlanta (Right now, they're the better team) Another upset alert. LA Chargers (About as close to a 'Money Game' you'll see in the NFL today) I have to settle for Miami because the Chargers have trouble winnning there recently. Kansas City (About time someone slapped the Lions back to reality) Leaning towards the Chiefs by just a bit. Buffalo (New England has been so busy feasting on cupcakes that they're going to get caught napping) Nope, same old Pats. LA Rams (Tampa is in for a world of hurt here...) This could be a letdown for LA. Seattle (Welcome to the NFC West, Kyler Murray) Agreed. Jacksonville (Even the mile high air can't save the Ponies from becoming glue) Same here. Chicago (Have we forgotten that Kirk Cousins doesn't do well against teams with winning records?) Ditto. Dallas (After such a big win last week, I think the Saints are due for a let down) Could be. Cincinnati (Steelers might go 0-16.)
  7. Titans Raiders=upset Bills Cheaters=lock Lions Chiefs Cowboys=lock Colts Packers=lock Giants=upset Cardinals=lock Saints=upset, only if Tayson Hill plays QB. Niners=lock Browns Redskins
  8. Too bad we can't have that for Madden, especially the Bengals 80's throwbacks and other uniforms that are not in the game. Only uniforms can be modded on PC.
  9. Tampa Bay Green Bay Seattle Indy Baltimore Buffalo LA Chargers Dallas Houston San Fran The Plague Oakland in an upset New Orleans Chicago Philadelphia Cleveland
  10. Have the Giants worn their alternate gray jerseys with the SF on the left side this season? If not, when was the last time they wore those jerseys?
  11. I wonder what the name of the font is that the Rams are using on their end zones and sites now.
  12. I just heard that JT Daniels got injured and carted off the field. They were doing so well until they let Fresno State got closer. Looks like they will blow this game after all.
  13. The stale look they have now is preferred, but those who kept the look from the past decade like Atlanta, Cincinnati, and Arizona are also preferred. But unlike new England, the last three teams never won a Super Bowl with that look. Cincinnati never won a playoff game with the crap they have now!