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  1. The one with the '25%'? I think it looks like Soho Slab-Serif (medium or bold version).
  2. Awesome format and projection. However, it would be better if the seedings were like a 'regional basis' (like in the NCAA tournaments of other sports like basketball). For instance, it would have 4 regionals, with the highest-seeded teams being their respective #1 seeds, based on the following: a.) East or East Coast (ACC, AAC [part], C-USA [part], SBC [part]) 1.) Florida St. 2.) Georgia Tech 3.) Clemson 4.) Louisville 5.) Duke 6.) Marshall 7.) Memphis 8.) Georgia Southern b.) Midwest (Big TEN, MAC, Big XII [part]) 1.) Ohio St. 2.) Michigan St. 3.) Mizzou 4.) Wisconsin 5.) Minnesota 6.) Northern Illinois 7.) Nebraska 8.) Cincinnati c.) South (SEC, AAC [part], C-USA [part], SBC [part], Big XII [part]) 1.) Alabama 2.) Baylor 3.) TCU 4.) Mississippi St. 5.) Ole Miss 6.) Georgia 7.) Auburn 8.) Oklahoma d.) West (Pac-12, MW) 1.) Oregon 2.) Arizona 3.) UCLA 4.) Arizona St. 5.) Utah 6.) USC 7.) Boise St. 8.) Colorado St. Your thoughts?
  3. So what about that team in south bend, Indiana? Your surely not moving them to the Go5 are you? Of course, not. Notre Dame would stay as the only FBS Independent in the P-5 (or P-4) group. The only team I didn't add within that core was South Florida (they would be downgraded to the Go5).
  4. mbannon, Well-deserved and well-earned with your full concept jersey project collection. You surely have put a great feat on redesigning 128 teams (excluding UNC Charlotte yet) based on your vision. But for now, enjoy your break after a longtime hard-working effort on your part for putting this series into a reality. When you have a chance to return back for the tweaks, hope you'll make them with a blast! For instance, I'm about to suggest you on the FSU concept. The original one you did looks amazing (with the white jersey having garnet numbers with gold trim, which was later fixed by the FSU equipment staff). But I was hoping for the black 'Unconquered' jersey that it should have the following small fixes: * Same sleeve color design as on the white and garnet jerseys * Garnet numbers with gold trim (same goes for its wordmark letters to match up) And if possible, for the garnet and white jerseys, hope you could try add a black drop shadow trim on the numbers within the white and garnet jerseys; but a gold drop shadow trim on the garnet numbers with white trim within the black jersey.
  5. mbannon - I was wondering something. Now that you finished this series with the concepts of all current FBS schools, have you thought of trying to make concept jersey designs on non-football schools who are in FBS conferences (i.e. UALR or UTA)?
  6. Amazing job with the final Sun Belt schools on your concept series. Gotta like the effects on some jerseys such as the ULM one, with the drop shadow trim effect on its wordmark letter/number font.
  7. @deked73 - Thanks. No wonder it looked futuristic and modern.
  8. Here's a different format of aligning the current Power-5 FBS conferences (plus the former old Big East): 1.) Atlantic Region 1.1.) Atlantic - North: Connecticut, Boston College, Syracuse, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Penn St., West Virginia, Maryland 1.2.) Atlantic - South: Virginia, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, N.C. State, Duke, Wake Forest, Clemson, South Carolina 2.) South Region 2.1.) South - East: Kentucky, Louisville, Cincinnati, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Florida, Florida St., Miami 2.2.) South - West: Georgia, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, Mississippi St., LSU, Arkansas 3.) Midwest Region 3.1.) Midwest - East: Illinois, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Michigan St., Michigan, Ohio St., Purdue, Indiana 3.2.) Midwest - West: Minnesota, Iowa, Iowa St., Nebraska, Mizzou, Kansas, K-State, Colorado 4.) West Region 4.1.) West - Pacific: California, Stanford, UCLA, USC, Washington, Washington St., Oregon, Oregon St. 4.2.) West - Desert: Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Arizona, Arizona St. The only team left out on this realignment would be South Florida (heading into the Go5, along with TCU and Utah). Your thoughts guys? P.S.: Hoping to make another variation of this soon, but with the Go5 FBS schools.
  9. Great job with the Sun Belt concepts. I gotta like the Idaho one (with its custom typeface of a wordmark font). But the ULL one, it nearly looks like Louisville's, but the number font makes it a bit more original to match up.
  10. Anything similar to the font like on the following pic?
  11. Enjoy your bye week mbannon. Can't wait what's in store next your way. By the way, once you complete all the concepts, will you accept tweak/re-modification suggestions from your past & current concepts on this thread/topic? If so or not, let us know.
  12. Is there a font close to the following photo? Disregard the number. It's the 'Virginia Tech' wordmark I'm curious about. I'm sure that it ain't Kabel.
  13. Amazing job on the concepts mbannon. Looking forward to your next set of concepts, in regards with the Sun Belt schools. So far, my faves from you on this topic are Boise State, Northern Illinois, and San Jose State. I also like the Florida State one because of the garnet numbers on the white jerseys and the white numbers on the garnet jerseys. But it would have been better if the 'Unconquered' black jersey had garnet numbers with gold trim, plus the striping colors on their sleeves should be the same as the home and road ones.
  14. Anyone knows this Western-style font? The one with the 'Mississippi State' wordmark. As well as the 'uniform tracker' type.
  15. Not sure about it exactly. But to me, it's nearly close to an extended or wide version of the West Virginia's Morgantown Bold Italic font.
  16. Did you try out this: https://fontsbyconrad.wordpress.com/2014/05/04/misc-fonts-pack-3/ Hope this helps.
  17. Found this pic of a rare Mississippi State men's basketball jersey. I wanna know which kind of font are the letters on its wordmark (not the numbers). I know it's not ITC Machine.
  18. Fabulous job with the concepts on the 1st 4 AAC schools. To review each one: a.) Cincy - Looks very perfect. Modern, but traditional at its own right. b.) UConn - Looks very fabulous, especially with the wide stripes on the sleeves. c.) ECU - Looks very amazing, but it would be better if the number font would be based on the previous ECU wordmark logo, such as: d.) Houston - Looks pretty cool, especially with the alternate helmet (the one with the cougar logo). But I wish it would have the former number/letter font from the Kevin Kolb early days, like this: Can't wait for the rest of the schools' concepts.
  19. The normal home & road uniforms of Michigan look very sleek and modern, despite showing its traditional ways. I like it to be honest. But with the TV numbers on the shoulders, it'll be just right. And if there was combos, it would be awesome to see an all-blue for an alternate home, and a white-over-blue for an alternate road.
  20. Despite the new font (whose name I don't know yet), this UNC concept jersey looks very traditional and sleek. Amazing job BK.
  21. Sounds fair enough to me with everything you've specifically said. It'll be worth the wait, and in the end of the day, you deserve to earn all the credit to put effort on those concept designs.
  22. Great job on the re-modified tweaks of your concepts. Despite not having each team's complete uniform combo sets (just to save space) only to rely on the simple important ones for now, they look pretty sleeker than ever before. Keep it up! P.S.: No UTA & UALR yet? lol I'm kidding. I know that those 2 schools are non-football, but since they're also part of the Sun Belt, I think it would be fun on how their football uniform sets would look like. ^.^
  23. I have a jersey template request. Can anybody who's an expert on concept jersey designs can create or develop a jersey template based on the NFL Elite 51 template, BUT with the Peyton Manning-style QB loose sleeves? No matter which photo media/vector format it shall be, I just wish that anyone can create it, which is all I ask. Thanks in advance.
  24. Not sure if this is the topic to upload concepts that are not sports-related. But here is a logo I designed by hand: It's about a gaming community I support called newLEGACYinc. You can check them out at: http://hitbox.tv/newLEGACYinc http://twitter.com/newLEGACYinc http://facebook.com/ilikenewlegacy They specify on playing wrestling games, but sometimes they play sports games; and all in a parody-like comedy manner. P.S.: The logo is based on one of the L.A. Kings' alternate logos, with the alphabet based on the FSU Glades Bold font.
  25. Hey BK95. Nice concept on Syracuse's football jerseys. And I can imagine now the uniform combo variations. However, I was hoping to see the number font that was once used on the Syracuse basketball jerseys (during the Carmelo Anthony era). Just kindly suggesting as a mini-tweak.