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  1. Sask has donned their throwback uniforms for the Labour Day classic for a number of years now, not sure exactly how many.
  2. really? clown suits?Yup, clown suits. I've called them that for years, and I'm pretty sure I picked up the nickname from someone else. So many stars. I dunno, dude. To me, that's what a hockey sweater should look like. It's dated because, well, it's an older design, but it looks sharp, and the colors really pop. I think it's nothing more than a few too many bumper stickers. Take off a few stars, put the modern logo on it, and you DO have a winner. From the concept forum
  3. I noticed in the pre-game show Ovi has the bottom half of his elbow pads wrapped in jersey material which you can clearly see here by the cuff hem pulled up
  4. This season http://extras.mnginteractive.com/live/media/site569/2013/1130/20131130__131201wild.jpg Last season http://2.cdn.nhle.com/avalanche/images/upload/gallery/2012/02/138104782_std.jpg
  5. Did they photoshop Tavares' stache off from the first pic?
  6. First post and great thread btw! On the Capitals' jerseys, the middle star in the logo I think should be blue to match the sleeve pattern.